Lost Sales Report

I’ve started this occasional discussion of the helpful and important aspects of the Mail Order Manager order entry and order fulfillment system that are underused are not used, so that you can incorporate them into your company’s daily operations.

There’s no doubt that the Mail Order Manager and SiteLINK programs are feature rich and much of what you learn is in the system is incorporated into your use of the software over time. One of the features that’s in the basic package that can definitely be used more is the ‘Lost Sales Report.’

This report helps you understand why items or orders are cancelled. Is it because of pricing? A back-order situation? The list can go on and on, but ultimately, like the return codes, you define and set up these different reason codes.

The feature allows an operator to be prompted to enter a predefined code when an order is cancelled or a line item is deleted. So think about the reasons why an item or an order can be cancelled and then enter them into the Lost Sales Reason Codes section of the Miscellaneous tab in the Maintain Menu; System Information: Global Parameters.

Make sure to check ‘Enable report for tracking’ so that the screen prompt will appear in the order.

The Lost Sales Report, found in the Reports pull-down menu, allows you to see why items and orders were stopped or otherwise cancelled.

Stephen Miller

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