M.O.M. Customers Attending Dydacomp User Conference & IRCE Attendees Agree That Order Management Is “In”

Posted by: Laura Hills, VP Marketing

Having just returned from a weeklong trip to Chicago for Dydacomp’s 2013 User Conference and exhibiting at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exposition (IRCE), I wanted to share some feedback, tips and perspectives on the business of Order Management.

The Dydacomp User Conference brought together a variety of our Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) and SiteLINK eCommerce web store customers for a program featuring Dydacomp corporate and product updates along with wisdom shared by a panel of customers, industry experts, influencers and partners.  Not to mention the networking among customers that is always a highlight.

Fred Lizza, CEO, shared Dydacomp’s mission to simplify conducting and growing commerce for small and mid-size businesses.  He shared some impressive statistics based upon the aggregate of Dydacomp’s customer-base merchant accounts.  Over $2.6 billion sold and fulfilled in 2012 with more than 80,000 orders placed and shipped daily.  On an average day our customers invoiced and posted over $8 million and managed over $4 billion in inventory.  These businesses may be classified as SMB but nothing they do is small.  Their contribution to our economy and the impact they have on their customers is BIG.

Curt Barry, President of F. Curtis Barry & Company, delivered the conference keynote entitled You Can’t Improve Something You Haven’t Measured.  And When You Do – What’s Your Strategy? By sharing his wisdom related to measurements and strategies across merchandising, inventory management, marketing and fulfillment, Curt accomplished just what he set out to do –get our audience thinking, and more specifically, thinking about the metrics behind the business strategy.  Regardless of the business size, whether you’re an etailer, retailer or running a distribution or fulfillment business, what are the metrics that matter to you and what metrics help you determine if the business is going in the right direction?

Through the variety of  sessions and conversations at our User Conference followed by myriad conversations with attendees at the IRCE, one thing was apparent – “Order Management” is now a term that is top-of-mind.  After a couple of decades, it’s becoming understood and accepted for its place in business success – the “in” thing.

At our conference and at the IRCE, we heard time and again that the merchant’s website has become the center of their universe; even if their customers are catalogers or visit their retail stores.  Everyone was trying to figure out the true value of social media; particularly Facebook and Twitter.  They knew they ‘had to be there’ but are their customers really making buying decisions there?  No question that a social media approach is good for business, but is the chatter effective or just noise?

Everyone agreed that product videos have become effective sales tools, and the more homemade the video, the better.  Consumers love to hear the opinions of others – even better when you can see it in action.  One customer now has a video for every product on their website and it’s had a direct and measurable impact on business growth.

We learned so much from our time with our customers, partners and the internet retailers we met at the IRCE.  We are the multichannel order management provider with the longest and deepest experience in our industry.  We’ll share more wisdom and tips as time goes on.  In the meantime, you can follow us on Twitter (‏@Dydacomp) and/or like us on Facebook.


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