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Posted by Christopher Lang, SiteLINK Support Supervisor

Christopher Lang, SiteLINK Support Supervisor
This is going to be more of an unconventional blog. Most of the blogs you have seen so far are “success stories” about how Mail Order Manager Support has helped our clients resolve technical support issues, save money, and, overall, grow their business. You have also seen blogs from our CEO, John Healy, talking about growth in the industry as well as economic trends and the effect on business today. This blog is going to give you an inside look at how Mail Order Manager Support is growing and adapting in order to better assist you in your day-to-day business operations.

Over the past year, Dydacomp has completely changed the way that we view Support.  It went from a “issue resolution” model to a “business growth” model.  Allow me to elaborate on this a little bit. An “issue resolution” model is exactly as it sounds: a customer calls the Dydacomp Support line with an issue and Technical Support resolves the issue.  It works, it’s practical, but that is all you could rely on our Support department for.  

The “business growth” model is very different.  With Mail Order Manager Support now, we are with you from the initial purchase of the product all the way through until you are in full swing.  Even after that, we are still here to assist in growing your business.  We pride ourselves on being able to offer a product that grows as your company does. Our new product releases are based on suggestions that we receive from you, our customer.  We even have groups of customers beta test these new products before we release them to ensure that there is nothing else we should add to make it better.

On top of all of the above, Mail Order Manager Support has drastically changed the way we handle your issues for the better.  With an ever-growing product, we need an ever-growing group of technicians.  As many of you know, some people will be more knowledgeable about a certain area of the software then others. Taking this into consideration we now use a “skill-based routing” procedure to make sure that the issue you are reporting is handled by a technician with the most knowledge in that area. This greatly decreases the time spent resolving the issue. In turn, you save precious time and money which, with the current economy, are both vital things. 

We have also implemented an online version of the ticketing system that we use to track our Support logs. This gives you the ability to not only track all of your open issues without having to call and ask, but also add notes for the technician working on that ticket, and add attachments such as screen shots or files.  Also included with this is an Online Knowledge Base. This is the same Knowledge Base that our technicians use internally, so all the information available to us is available to you! There are currently over 5000 different articles. We also have all of our previous webinars and “how to” videos in this area, so if there was a webinar you wanted to attend but were unable to, you can check them out.

All in all, over the past year Mail Order Manager Support has taken a dramatic turn for the better.  We want you to succeed and will continue to prove that to you over the years to come with new, feature-rich products, new updates to our procedures, and all done based on suggestions from you.   So if you have a suggestion for us, please comment on this post or e-mail us  We look forward to hearing from you!

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