Move Your Business Forward with DYMO Endicia and Dydacomp

Posted by: Craig Abramson, Director of Marketing 

Are you interesting in improving your order management and shipping automation, but want to cut costs and improve operations? Let us show you how DYMO Endicia and Dydacomp worked together to help Longstreth, an online retailer of women’s field hockey, lacrosse, and softball products, significantly reduce the amount of time to process and ship orders.  Join us Thursday October 27 at 2pm EDT for a live webinar to show you how you can improve the management of your business from shopping to shipping.  Learn about Dydacomp’s features in their newest version of Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.). Attendees will also find out how DYMO Endicia’s technology fits into order management solutions like M.O.M.

Title:Move Your Business Forward with DYMO Endicia and Dydacomp

Date: Thursday October 27,2011 

Time: 2pm-3pm EDT

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This must-attend Webinar for any retailer will show you:

  • How to compete and thrive in the ecommerce marketplace
  • How to protect your bottom line from data breaches and fraud
  • How to increase revenue through new business channels
  • Why DYMO Endicia is considered the leader in Internet Postage
  • How DYMO Endicia integrates with partners like Dydacomp
  • How to take advantages of new offerings by the USPS


Hope to see you there.

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