Multichannel Order Manager Implementation: A Client’s Experience

Posted by: Molly Griffin, Social Media Marketing Associate

The idea of switching to a new order management solution can be a difficult decision for any small or mid-sized ecommerce or multichannel business as it can appear to be a very intimidating task. However, when a business begins to realize that their current business management software, systems and processes just are not able to meet business requirements and are ultimately hindering overall efficiency, it is time for a change. I recently spoke with a client here at Dydacomp who was undergoing such a change and she offered me insight into how the implementation process went for her business.

The Client:

World Champion Horse Equipment is a multichannel order horse equipment business that conducts business across two retail locations, ecommerce, and mail order. One location is a 10,000 square foot brick and mortar store in Shelbyville, Tennessee and the other is a mobile showroom that travels across the country to Saddlebred and Morgan horse shows. Their online store can be found at


Quick Company Overview: World Champion Horse Equipment
Years in business Over 30 years in business
Number of employees 12
Revenue range $3 million dollars a year in gross revenue
Number of orders per day About 50 – 75 packages a day

The Business Challenge:

Before finding Dydacomp and the M.O.M. order management solution, World Champion Horse Equipment had been operating on an old IBM AS400 computer system with custom programming for order fulfillment and inventory operations that was originally developed thirty years ago. During a conversation with Christy Parsons, World Champion Horse Equipment owner noted that a complete conversion “meant a complete change in the way we handled every single process within our business. It’s been an overwhelming change; however M.O.M. is going to be a huge improvement for us.”

Implementation Advise from the Business Owner:

1. Do you feel that you were given a sufficient amount of time for setup and M.O.M. training?

a.“Absolutely.  The Dydacomp Implementation team worked with me and a team of outside professionals who assist our company to coordinate a master plan. Together our IBM programmer, our hardware/software consultant, our internet programmer, our Quickbooks Pro Advisor and I as the business owner all brought our own knowledge to the table regarding the systems that were currently in place. Between Webinars, scouring the (Dydacomp) help sections, and daily meetings together, we were able to develop procedures for World Champion that made the best use of our Multichannel Order Manager system.”

2. Do you feel that the implementation timeline matched your expectations? If not, were your expectations shorter or longer than the actual implementation timeline?

a. “Although I realized the changes were going to be major, I did underestimate the time for the planning phase. However, in the end I think that’s what has made the implementation phase better than expected. I expected the actual implementation process for Multichannel Order Manager to be much more difficult and time consuming than it has been. There have been some frustrating points due to the simple little mistakes that are repeatedly made, but I try to remember that every person here has had to relearn every single process we perform. It’s challenging for people to relearn all of their tasks at once, but that’s the nature of the beast when you are going from such an old system to a completely new system. Once the implementation team and I started with a plan of regular phone calls, things really started rolling. I would recommend to anyone that although it seems daunting at first, schedule regular meetings and make a little progress every day. All of a sudden, it’s a lot of progress.”

Company’s Take Away:

“Dydacomp’s implementation team has been a Godsend. Our dedicated implementation representative has been patient and worked with me through my questions, misunderstandings, stupid mistakes, and specialized needs. I would highly recommend him and hope to have future projects to work together on. Another member of the implementation team even came down to Shelbyville for our onsite visit and he too was very patient and willing to look into whatever tasks I wanted to work on. In the end, we’ve really taken the Multichannel Order Manager system and fit it to the needs of our unique business. As a retail, mail order, mobile, web based commerce business we have some unique challenges. Our Multichannel Order Manager system is going to give me a management insight into that business that I’ve never had before. I feel like in this terrible economy for a retail hobby business, it’s been our lifesaver. I look forward to continuing to find new ways to use Multichannel Order Manager to improve our business. As pleased as I am, I think I’ve just scratched the surface at what Multichannel Order Manager will enable us to do. I hope to learn more and more,” Christy Parsons, Owner.

So there you have it straight from the horse merchant’s mouth.  Implementing a complete order and inventory management solution can seem like a daunting and overwhelming task for any business. However proper planning, active participation from implementation experts, and the right mix of support resources on both sides make this task more manageable for any business. In the end, the long term benefits outweigh the initial hard work and planning.

Our team here at Dydacomp is dedicated to working with businesses to ensure that the implementation process goes smoothly. Christy Parsons and her team at World Champion Horse Equipment were able to gradually shift over from a 30 year old system to a new system that was better suited to streamline all of their online and offline business processes from order processing, inventory management, customer relations management and more. Let us help you improve your business today with Multichannel Order Manager!

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