Must Have eCommerce Features: Week 2

Posted by: Al Pascale,  Manager of Ecommerce Services at Dydacomp

As promised, check out this week’s must-have ecommerce shopping cart features:

  • Easy Product and Department Maintenance:

Your ecommerce solution should allow you to easily manage and maintain the various products on your site,  add inventory items or edit current ones without effecting the integrity of your store, and offer inventory management capabilities such as setting minimum quantities and identifying back-ordered items. These features will help make it easier to manage your ecommerce store – adding a new product to your site shouldn’t cause unnecessary headaches and grief.  SiteLINK’s easy maintenance avoids the stress associated with difficult-to-use ecommerce platforms.

  • Product Reviews:

According to Comscore, “product reviews have proved as persuasive and ultimately as effective a sales tool as more costly display and television advertising.” This feature is highly effective as buyers are more likely to trust other customers who have  purchased the product. Even sites with  negative reviews have shown a higher sales compared to sites without the customer review feature . Our clients requested this feature so often we decided to include it as a standard feature for SiteLINK eCommerce.

  • Wishlist and Gift Registries

Survey data from The Knot Inc.  shows that “43% of engaged couples created a gift registry online in 2010 up from 33% in 2009,” with this number expected to grow in 2011. A larger percentage of couples, 79%,  used only the Internet to manage their registries, which means that couples are frequently checking ecommerce sites to monitor purchases or add and delete products. The added benefit of gift registries is that it drives traffic from consumers who might not normally visit your site to make registry purchases.  This not only introduces them to your business but also allows you to add them to your email marketing database as a customer. Wish lists are another important feature that enable customers to save favorite products for future purchase. Wishlist item “reminder” emails are a great way to encourage return visits.  Dydacomp’s SiteLINK eCommerce solution allows your users to easily create and manage both wish lists and registries.

Does your current shopping cart offer these key features? Have any other important ecommerce features you’d like to see us add to the list? Feel free to comment below and share your experiences.

Stay tuned for more critical features next week.

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