Must Have eCommerce Features: Week 1

Posted by: Al Pascale,  Manager of Ecommerce Services at Dydacomp

Recently, we have posted two blogs: one mentioned the value of web analytics for your ecommerce store and the other was a “Must Have” SEO checklist for your eCommerce site. With the vast number of diverse shopping cart providers and ecommerce solutions on the market it is often difficult determine what features are essential for your site.   Therefore, to help you better understand what your eCommerce site should include I decided to run a blog series that offer you the top 3 must have shopping cart features a week.

This week’s top shopping cart features are:

  • Selling Tools: Up-sell, Cross-sell, Substitutions, and Customer Also Bought:

This selling tools help to increase conversion rates on your site and close sales. Up-selling occurs when your offer customers a more expensive product than they are currently considering or offering additional features for the product they are currently buying to encourage customers to spend more. The cross sell feature will offer a complementary item for the product.  Substitution Feature will enable you to recommend a similar product to customers if the product they intend to buy is unavailable for any reason. This tool will help prevent the loss of revenue for back-ordered or out of stock items by offering customers a product that will be able to meet the same needs as the one the customer originally wanted. The Customer Also Bought feature is a great way to increase average order size by showing customers what other customers have purchased with an item. These are all important marketing tools that will increase the sales for your eCommerce site. Dydacomp’s SiteLINK offers all of these tools to seal the sales deals on your site.


  • Customer Service Feature

This feature is essential as it will help improve the relationship your csustomers will have with your site. These features will enable your customers to quickly and easily contact you if they have a question or run into any issues on your site. Without this feature, you are risking the loss of customers who have a question about a product on your site and are unable to get in contact with you. Dydacomp’s SiteLINK offers you the option of including LiveChat from LivePerson on your site, which will allow you to offer 24/7 customer support for your site.

  • Integrated Shipping:

Your shopping cart solution should allow you to integrate your site and offer various shipping providers such as UPS, USPS, and, Fedex. This will give your customers the ability to choose from a range of shipping options and ensure that there will be a shipping option that will meet their needs. You will also want the ability to markup shipping rates or set a flat shipping cost so you have the option to charge transparent handling fees.

Check back here next week for a continued list of  the must have features.

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