Multichannel Order Manager and Windows 7 Support Tip

Posted by: Kathy Ulloa, Premium/SQL Technical Support Specialist

Many clients have called support asking whether or not Multichannel Order Manager (versions 5.4, 6, 6.2, and 7i) will run on the Windows 7 operating system. This seems to be a major concern for many M.O.M. users and the good news is that all versions of M.O.M. will be able to run on Windows 7. However, there are a few requirements that must be met in order for your inventory management and order processing system to run successfully on Windows 7.

These requirements include:

  1. M.O.M. must be run on the 32 bit platform. If you are unsure if you are operating on a 32 bit system, the quickest way to check is to enter your computer’s Control Panel then System and see on the information if it says C:\Windows\System32 or C:\Windows\SYSWOW6. if  you see Syswow64 is there then they are 64bit.
  2. The Windows user must have full access rights to the momlocal6 or momlocal7 directory and the user must have full access rights to the local foxuser.dbf and foxuser.fpt
  3. Make sure you install and run workstations in compatibility mode. Some users report that they have been successful at installing M.O.M. in servers with 64 bit platform, provided they still follow steps 2&3.  However the Fedex SMS Server module won’t run on 64 bit platforms.
  4. Also remember to check the users firewall/virus scanner, especially if you plan on using the  Auto Update feature. Since M.O.M. is an internal database it can be by-passed in a viral scan and tell the user that you can create a tunnel for M.O.M. and exclude any blocks on the firewall. Bear in mind that the rule applies for any credit card payments that have to be processed in M.O.M. and sent to your merchant account.  The firewall needs to be turned off or else the approval data will not be sent to gateway.  

Please make sure you have a complete backup of your M.O.M. system and test the backup version to ensure you have a fully working copy of all your system data. This will be vital to your M.O.M. system should any issues arise and enable you easily recover your information. For more information on how to backup your M.O.M. system, visit this blog.

If you have any questions or have trouble updating, Dydacomp Support is available Mon–Thurs 9am to 6:45pmEST and Fri 9am to 4:45pmEST by calling 973-237-0300. You can also contact Support via the online ticketing system by clicking here.


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