Naming Conventions for Better Searchability

Posted By Stacy Miller, Dydacomp Search Engine Marketing Manager
Stacy Miller, Dydacomp SEM Manager

More often than not, I visit a Dydacomp client website for the first time to discover that product category naming conventions do not include the most important keyword. Sometimes the product name is also excluding that important keyword. This ‘missing link’ is usually the main keyword that defines the overall site theme which online business owners are afraid to use too much because it will appear too redundant from an aesthetic viewpoint.

In the context of search engine optimization (SEO), an optimal level of keyword redundancy must be used for the purpose of targeted search relevancy. Online business owners seldom have the same perception of their product base as their customers, especially when the searcher is not sure what they are trying to find on the internet.

Business ownership implies that you are the product expert in your industry, so assuming your potential customers know exactly what they are searching for is not realistic. As the product expert, you must tap into your educational skills to help your visitors navigate their way through links to find the product they are looking to purchase.

Example 1:  Client ABC sells accessories for trucks and has products for ‘truck bed panels’. In this case, the client lists their product as ‘bed side panels’ rather than including the main product keyphrase ‘truck bed side panels’. This client will miss out on the most relevant product search-ability that includes the term ‘truck’ due to leaving out the main product keyword, which ends up creating a URL like this:

Product Keywords

Example 2: Client XYZ sells equipment for a manufacturer who refers to their product as a ‘spine board’ rather than ‘medical backboard’. If both search phrases are not included in the meta data and content, client XYZ will miss out on the search-ability for both search variations of the product search.

Product Keyword Phrases

My suggestion to all online business owners:  make sure to engage yourself in thorough keyword and keyphrase research before you start posting your products on your ecommerce website, otherwise you will soon find out that without the optimal level of keyword usage in your category names and product listings, you will inhibit your product search as well as sales conversions.

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  1. Mike Chichester says:

    This is very interesting Stacy, thank you. What great advise for any MOM or Storefront customer who has a website. Having proper naming conventions could be the difference between having a successful business or not.

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