Need for Speed – A Slow Website Won’t Win in the Race for Customers

Posted by: Laura Hills, VP Marketing, Dydacomp

A recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Riverbed Technology[1] revealed online shopper behavior that every eCommerce retailer needs to be aware of. This survey is one of the most extensive to date on website performance and mobile shopping.

The survey found:

  • On average, online shoppers consult three websites before making a purchase
  • Poor website performance causes an online shopper to go to a competitor
  • 68% of adults expect to shop online for holiday gifts this season
  • Over 40% of adult online shoppers will evaluate their purchase with a local retailer

The survey also found that if online shoppers encounter website issues such as slow speed and reliability on their mobile device:

  • 67% of shoppers would stop using a website if pages loaded too slowly on their smartphone
  • 29% would buy from a brick and mortar store
  • 22% would buy from a competitor’s website
  • 20% would abandon the purchase

Speed and performance are important factors to online shoppers – and may even outweigh price considerations.  All of this underscores the importance of delivering a high performing website that is optimized across sales channels and is scalable to handle peak loads during your busy seasons.   Be sure that the checkout process can be quickly and easily accomplished and that your site integrates well with your back office systems.

For information about making sure your back office systems keep up with your shoppers’ demands, access our latest whitepaper: Is Your Back Office Keeping Up With Your Online Store?  

[1] New Harris Poll Reveals 67 Percent of Online Shoppers Will Leave a Website Due to Slow Performance –


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