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Posted By: Fred Lizza, Dydacomp CEO  

Many of the Dydacomp customers I meet with express interest in networking and connecting with other Dydacomp users in their local area; however many of you do not know where to go to find other Dydacomp users.  In response to these requests, we have created regional  forums in the Supported M.O.M. User Forum. Our aim is to facilitate networking and communication with Dydacomp users in your local area.

These new local user forums can be accessed from the support section of the Dydacomp website as a subsection of the Dydacomp user forum.  We have set up a group for 4 major regions (Northeast, Southeast, West, and Midwest/Southwest) and invite all M.O.M. and SiteLINK users start interacting in the discussions. We also encourage members of each regional group to share contact details to make communication and connecting offline easier.

Our objective is that these communications and networking opportunities will have a positive impact on your daily operations and help you build stronger, more profitable businesses. Please share tips, ask questions and take advantage of the networking potential found within Dydacomp community.

In the interest of further strengthening and building community for our customers we have also announced Dydacomp’s first  user conference.  Be sure to register for this event in June 4,2012 in Chicago, IL. Join the Dydacomp management team, Dydacomp support and product development team members, partners and other Dydacomp users from across the country at this one day event held just prior to the 2012 Internet Retailer conference.  To learn more information please visit: here to register!

We hope you enjoy visiting the community, return often, and become an active member and frequent contributor in your regional forum.


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