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We just finished another training seminar for the Mail Order Manager and SiteLINK software packages here at Dydacomp’s offices in Totowa.

The training seminar brought to light one of the themes that I’ve written about regarding the use of the M.O.M. system; many of us use the features that we need to get through our days and don’t always take advantage of the many other features that are available.

One of the features that we discussed among several of the clients was the ability to prioritize orders as ‘High Priority’ or ‘No Priority.’ Orders marked with a ‘High Priority’ on the Sales Information tab within an order are the first ones to print when running the batch order processing function in Mail Order Manager, and the orders that ‘float’ to the top of the orders in the Packer’s Workstation. Also, when one imports orders, the High Priority can be chosen as the default setup for the Import/Export Module’s defined settings.

High priority orders can get special attention, just like when you prioritize for shipment , your overnight and second day orders.

This feature and many others are those which can be incorporated into your daily use of the M.O.M. system. With the holidays coming up and the drive to process more orders more efficiently during a typically busy season, now is the time to try out some of these features already in M.O.M.

Stephen Miller

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2 Responses to “Order Priority Setting”

  1. WHGear says:

    We use this feature to process what we call “rush” orders later in the day after our normal batch has been shipped. These orders are usually requests for expedited shipping like UPS Next Day, 2nd Day Air etc.
    We have been wondering though if we can add additional Priority settings of our own or are we limited to just No and High?

  2. Administrator says:

    Thanks for writing.

    Yes, we’ve thought to add user defined priority codes and are working toward including that feature in a future release of the program. This kind of user definition is not in the next version upgrade, however. So, the enhancement of the feature is on our radar even if I don’t have a specific date for its possible release.

    We’ll list more information about the features in the next version of M.O.M. very soon.

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