Part 1: Top 3 Ways to Boost Online Sales

Posted by Craig Abramson, Director of Marketing, Dydacomp

Often when retailers open an ecommerce business or migrate their store to the online channel from an existing POS or catalogue-based model they choose a purely functional shopping cart.  Concern for cost or focus on the basic need to take orders online and download them for fulfillment leads retailers to choose core functionality over a more robust solution.  As their business grows and customer expectations of shopping experience are changed and set by larger online marketplaces like Amazon, those merchants find that they require more selling tools to maximize average order size and guard against site and cart abandonment.

Selling tools generally fall into three categories: cross-sell, upsell and substitution.  Each serves a specific purpose and adds to the customer experience, increasing sales, customer satisfaction and creating repeat customers.   

To be continued…

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