Part II: The Top 5 Business Issues You Need to Fix Today to Experience Double Digit Growth

Posted by Fred Lizza, CEO, Dydacomp

#4: Bottlenecks in Order Fulfillment and Shipping

As businesses start to grow, so do the bottlenecks in the processes. These bottlenecks begin to appear as companies start to process 12+ orders a day during the off-peak sales season. As your multichannel mix increases, such as adding online stores or point of sale, bottlenecks are also easy to get started. In addition, as the complexity of your operations increases, such as relying on drop shipping, so do the issues that slow everything down. These bottlenecks prevent orders from being fulfilled as efficiently as they could or should. Typically, these occur because as the order increase, the manual processes get bogged down and the inefficiencies become readily apparent. More work has to be done to obtain the paperwork and move an order out the door, resulting in delays. Unfortunately, this has a negative impact on customer service and it happens very quickly. And the last thing you need are angry customers calling customer service or posting negative reviews online because they had to wait for their orders.

Remember that the cost to obtain a new customer is high so you can’t lose them because of delays on their first order. After all, customer satisfaction is linked to the time to shipment and expected delivery time. You must be able to break through the bottlenecks to streamline your processes, increase efficiencies, and boost productivity. The result will be satisfied and repeat customers.

To be continued…

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