Part III: The Top 5 Business Issues You Need to Fix Today to Experience Double Digit Growth

Posted by Fred Lizza, CEO, Dydacomp

#3: Poor Customer Service

It only takes one poor customer experience to produce countless lost customers due to a negative review online. For an SMB, leveraging customer service can be a differentiator. You can stand out from the competition by being customer-centric and providing instant responses to requests for order information. Keep in mind that according to Consumer Reports, 64% of survey respondents have walked out of stores due to poor assistance and 67% have hung up on a call before their problems are addressed.

The questions you need to ask about your ability to provide top customer service include:

  • Do you have tools that provide visibility into your customers’ orders across channels?
  • Do you have a customer service team in place that can use these tools to quickly respond to customer inquiries and engage them?
  • Are you able to view the status of an order online or be able to call up and get information in real time?

Customer service is especially critical when, according to Forrester Research, we’ve launched into the age of the customer starting in 2010. In order to succeed in this age, businesses must be able to effectively engage with their customers. Businesses that they project to be the leaders are Facebook, IBM, and Apple because they empower their customers through the user experience. Companies like Best Buy and Amazon are able to selectively target customers by remembering what they previously ordered or even highlighting products that were abandoned in the shopping cart once you sign in. The company determines what a customer is interested in and then provides them with that information. And if the customer calls a customer service rep, they are able to pull up their information and quickly discuss their order. After all, it’s about the customer.

To be continued…

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