Part VII: The Top 7 Reasons You Need Effective Retail Promotions

Posted by Fred Lizza, CEO, Dydacomp

#6: Get Noticed

When it comes to effective eCommerce, it’s business and it’s personal!  Design promotional campaigns and the coordinated campaign landing pages so that they are specific and personal.  Use social media and digital marketing to generate a buzz around your brand and your products. 

When L.L. Bean, the web and catalog retailer of outdoor apparel and equipment, announced in 2011 that it would ship all orders for free to U.S. and Canadian shoppers, regardless of the amount ordered, retailers everywhere took notice. Prior to this, L.L. Bean offered free shipping with no minimum purchase only as a limited-time promotion, or as a benefit to customers who signed up for the L.L. Bean credit card.

If done right, your website and eCommerce campaigns can be very effective in leveling the playing field between large and small businesses.  Devise promotional campaigns that take the larger competitors head on.  Consider matching the price of the larger retailer and offer an additional percentage off based upon a purchase threshold or another variable. Add free shipping and return shipping.

Making social connections is important to establishing trust.  Make it easy to do business with you online with links to your brand or products from directories or events that you sponsor.  Encourage feedback and reviews to help you gauge reaction, adoption and improve the experience for your customers.

Employ multivariate testing in your campaign planning.  Multivariate testing is a means by which you can perform multiple [aka A/B] tests performed on one page or one campaign at the same time. A/B tests can help you assess the better of two content or design variations, ultimately determining the effectiveness of multiple offers/programs.

Use multiple channels to grow your business faster.  Maintain your product information in one place, but publish it to multiple channels to maximize market exposure and reach.  Use non-branded channels to discount select products while protecting price and margins through your branded channels.

To be continued…

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