Latest Payment Processing Offerings

New Payment offerings can help GROW your business. The adaptation of an internet based gateway processing system through M.O.M. can help streamline the way in which you charge credit cards. This saves you the time and aggravation of dealing with a third party software outside of the M.O.M. program and with worrying about a card declining in a batch after the customer hangs up or after they place their order online.

Along with this automated gateway processing system designed for credit cards, you can now add the new E-Check system or Electronic Check system. This system is being adopted by many M.O.M. clients and offers a new method of payment to your client who may not have a credit card. Entering the check information into M.O.M. will help expedite the order fulfillment process. The old way of processing a check takes too long. Your customer mails you a check, you bringing it to the bank for deposit, and you wait for it to clear. Instead, with the gateway model, you can enter the check information into M.O.M. which allows the check to start clearing the day you take the order. This means from date of taking an order instead of waiting what could take 2 weeks under the old manual way to process a check, you could know within 3-4 days if the check has cleared. This allows you to ship the product quickly knowing you’ve collected the funds. This eliminates NSF(not sufficient funds) and the need for COD’s.

For more technical information on how to adopt this gateway model or to add the E-Check feature to your current system, please give me a call at 800-858-3666 x235 today to find out more.

Thank you

Michael C. Nardini

Director of Payment Processing Services
(800) 858 – 3666 x235

4 Responses to “Latest Payment Processing Offerings”

  1. connie454 says:

    Hi. We’ve started to hear requests from customers who would like to use Paypal. Are any plans to add Paypal support to MOM and Sitelink?



  2. mike.n says:

    Hello Connie,

    Thank you for your reply. SiteLINK will have this integration shortly. If you email me your license number and company name, I can have you added to the list of who would like this initially. We will email you within a few weeks to let you know when it is ready. Thank you.

    Michael Nardini
    800-858-3666 x235

  3. connie454 says:

    Hi Mike,

    And sorry for the late reply. I haven’t been back here in a while. I am a prospect for MOM and Sitelink, not a customer. If you could give me an update on how soon you expect to support paypal (and copy my partner, Karen Worthington at I’d really appreciate it.

    Thank you so much!


  4. mike.n says:

    Paypal has actually been added to our MOM system. You wont be able to see the features in the demo, but once you purchase a full copy of MOM, you will see PayPal as an option. Adding your PayPal account into MOM is easy and will account for any web order placed paid via PayPal whether it’s a SiteLINK store or any other e-commerce host.

    Thank you.


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