Pinterest and Your Multichannel Business

Posted by: Molly Griffin, Marketing Associate
What is Pinterest:
Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. On this social networking site, users collect photos and link to products they love to share all the beautiful, funny, helpful, inspiring and informative things they find on the web.
  • Why is it important?
    • On a monthly basis, the number of unique visitors to Pinterest grew 54.6% in January over mid-December levels. Over the past six months, traffic growth has averaged 63.7% month over month. Figures at the end of 2011 saw it growing faster than the likes of Facebook and Tumblr and it featuring in the top 10 social media traffic sites.
  • Why you should get involved:
    • Branding – Pinterest is a good way to build your authority on a popular network. What you choose to “Pin” and share reflects on your business.
    • Social Referral – Many purchasing decisions, especially in the consumer space, are now  heavily influenced by social referrals and recommendations. Everytime someone pins your products or brand, they are also sharing you across their network – driving business to you!
    • Traffic – Pinterest is receiving record  setting traffic growth at the moment. With each Pin linking back to your websites, people are going to be discovering your products and clicking through to your business. There’s significant traffic opportunities if you share the right content your consumers will want to share on Pinterest.

How can you can participate:

Share Original and Attractive Content

  • Feature your best visual content. On Pinterest, a product can be easily noticed when the photo shows quality and creativity. With photos, you don’t have to ask people for feedbacks because it’ll come naturally. Try to reuse visual content you already have. Use a pin to highlight blog posts, new features products, and more. Promoting happy customers is always a great way to increase brand image so try including photos of customers.

Integrate Your Pinterest Account with Social Networks 

  • One of the reasons why Pinterest grew so fast is that logging in was a breeze.  Another thing that creates instant brand awareness for a product on Pinterest is that your Facebook contacts will see what your consumers are liking and pinning on Pinterest via friendfeed.

Stand out as a thought Leader

  • It’s easy to get caught up in “pinning” everything, and repining randomly. But think about what reflects best on your business and what is most likely to appeal to your audience and drive referrals and traffic. You  need to invest the time (especially in the beginning setting it up) and be consistent, pinning and reviewing regularly.

Learn how to use the widgets

  • Pinterest has a “follow button” and a “pin it” button. The follow button allows you to put a link on your site to allow shoppers to immediately follow them on Pinterest. Adding a “pin it” button to your product pages or blog posts will allow customers and readers to pin your products onto Pinterest.

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