Planning & Taking Action

While planning and foresight are crucial ingredients in the recipe of success for any business, there comes a point where action is necessary to make those plans real. In conversations with our own customers, we speak daily about the benefits of M.O.M. V6.0, the cost cutting achievements of ACVM’s address correction, and the power of ecommerce automation with SiteLINK. Through these exchanges we often recognize that it’s sometimes tricky for a business to jump in and make a technology change, even when the benefits are obvious.

Last year, we found ourselves on the decision making side of the technology implementation fence as we focused on improving various segments of our own operations for us and you, our customers. After much consideration and evaluation we installed an integrated phone system and built a new SiteLINK ecommerce data center, while at the same time launching a dedicated online M.O.M forum.

Fast forward to 2007 and we can now say that all the planning and effort was well spent. Dydacomp’s new phone system increased efficiency and resulted in a 30% decrease in departmental hold times. The construction of a new data center created greater redundancy and faster access for our SiteLINK ecommerce stores which helped our customers beat some well publicized comScore benchmarks for increased sales. And many client suggestions received through our User Forum are now part of Mail Order Manager V6.0.

Of course there’s always more work to do. But ultimately taking action is sometimes just as important as making plans.

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