Reaching for the Sky: How Cloud Based Retail Order Management Can Help Your Business

Posted by Fred Lizza, CEO, Dydacomp

If you’re running a small to medium-sized retail business, you are all too familiar with today’s challenges: a tough economy, changing shopping patterns, more competition and higher costs. But did you know that you can run your retail or distribution operations smarter and simpler with just a browser and Internet connection? Cloud based order  management is here and it can transform your business by handling the entire back-end process associated with your business operation. This primarily includes order processing, inventory management, fulfillment and shipping. There are three areas of order management in the cloud that can greatly benefit your operation.

Inventory Management:  The cloud can help you to adapt in near real-time to inventory fluctuations across all selling channels that you utilize including your Web store, Amazon, popular third-party e-commerce software such as Magento, offsite fulfillment centers and other shopping channels. It enables you to enhance your inventory management, allowing you to eliminate slow moving merchandise while increasing the amount of faster selling merchandise.

Improved Marketing: Order management in the cloud provides easy integration of your marketing efforts across all sales channels and customer profiles. Marketing to your existing customer base provides a prime opportunity to capture the value of your customer list to grow your business. This will enable you to segment your customer base, track specific campaign results and create targeted customer lists for marketing efforts.

Better Customer Service: Cloud computing has revolutionized customer service and support, allowing you to answer critical questions in a timely manner that will help you keep customers longer and keep them satisfied. However you interact with your customers, delivering excellent customer service is a key ingredient in developing and nurturing customer satisfaction and retention, and ultimately repeat business through loyalty. It only takes one poor customer experience to produce countless lost customers due to negative reviews and posts online.

If your company’s goal is to operate efficiently across multiple sales channels, provide the ideal customer experience and grow overall revenue, cloud based order management may be just what you need.  Click here to learn more about how retailers who leverage the cloud gain real-time, actionable insight into the details of their business, how they use this insight for growth and increased efficiencies and how they position their business to capitalize on opportunity.

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