Realizing Efficiencies

A client recently told me that since implementing M.O.M. they’ve experienced a 100% increase in their business without adding staff. The efficiencies gained by using M.O.M. can’t be better encapsulated than that – unless they experience a 200% or more increase in their business.

Clients have related to us that the ease of accessing customer information, to knowledgably service the client, is one of their chief time savers, and in turn money savers. Using the up sell/cross-sell/substitute/promotion feature is a way to turn that saved time into more money through enhanced product offerings. Back office time and effort savings are often realized through an integrated pick/pack and item scan capability which continually updates order information in the customer’s record. The loop of customer, product, and order information allows CSRs to aloways be informed, or for M.O.M. to inform clients through such tools as the order and shipping confirmation notices.

Many clients realize these efficiencies through their use of M.O.M., but the dirty secret of implementing the software is that staff can be reallocated or, well, there are plenty of different euphemisms for the more dire personnel options.

But the best story that I’ve ever heard about the efficiencies gained through the use of M.O.M. is from a monastery that uses the software to sell their food items. Their use of M.O.M. gives them more time for prayer.

How has M.O.M. helped your business become more efficient? What practices and processes have you implemented to make your operations run more smoothly and more streamlined?

Stephen Miller

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