Seasonal Implementation Made Easy Using IEM and Multi-Company

Posted by Dennis Ombati, Mail Order Manager XL Support Specialist

Dennis Ombati, M.O.M. XL Support SpecialistRecently, I had a chance to work with a major retailer of aquatic sports gear that needed their second SiteLINK store set up and fully integrated with Mail Order Manager in a relatively short period of time.  With the summer season fast approaching, their goal was to capitalize on the demand for their products and to double up their e-commerce revenue.

To accomplish this, they used the Multi-Company Controller Module which allowed them to establish a second company in the M.O.M. system.  By creating this second company, they gain the ability to integrate with multiple SiteLINK websites.  I walked the client through the process of building this second company and advised them on creating data files based on our stock file structure located in the M.O.M. Help file Data Dictionary.

The client provided the stock and inventory data for close to 2000 products in an Excel spreadsheet and we imported the data through the Import Export Module’s Stock Import Wizard.

Data Import Wizard

After a quick re-index and complete publish to their website, their second SiteLINK store was up and running.

Time was of the essence and this whole project would have taken them a whole month to complete due to the amount of products that needed to be created one by one.  With the use of all the additional modules involved (Multi-Company, IEM, and SiteLINK), the roll out time was shortened substatially.  The client was very happy that we were able to complete the project in less than a week thus saving them time and money.

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