Selling Through Multiple Channels:

If the “Can’t Miss? product that was featured on the first page of your 2005 Holiday Catalog isn’t making the big splash you expected this season – don’t hit the panic button just yet. You’ve still got an opportunity to unload that pile of overstock and have a positive impact on your sales by offering it on the web, auction sites such as eBay or Amazon or in your retail location.

That is, if you are prepared to meet your customers wherever, whenever and however they want to shop. These days, to acquire new customers and retain and strengthen relationships with existing ones, your business needs to achieve a new level of organizational and technological integration. This level of integration is a goal that recent research suggests many businesses have yet to achieve. Expanding to alternate sales channels is an easy way to keep your customers happy and minimize the risk of losing some share of your sales to more responsive competitors.

Picture this, many of the shoppers that receive your catalog and find a product they wish to purchase immediately jump on-line to ‘click-and-compare’ prices. While they attempt to validate your price they may stumble on the product (you know, the one that YOU got them interested in) on your competitor’s website. Since the price appears to be about the same it’s just as convenient for your customers to go ahead and make their purchases on your competitor’s site rather than calling you back. Increasing your exposure to alternate channels will increase the chance that yours is the business that is stumbled upon when shoppers look to validate their purchases and complete the sale.

Get your name out there, provide alternate channels for current and potential customers, and you’ll see your sales multiply exponentially.

The New Year is just a few weeks away. Are you ready?

John Woodhour
Sales Manager
Dydacomp (M.O.M.)

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2 Responses to “Selling Through Multiple Channels:”

  1. hegilliam says:


    One of the things we want to do in ’06 to expand our business is to offer large numbers of other companies’ products on our web site. These would not be products we stock, but rather those companies would drop ship for us. Is there a way to handle these drop-ship orders in an automated fashion in MOM or any add-on modules? That is, without having to manually enter/generate purchase orders as we do now?

    We currently have MOM 5.2 and custom made (non-Sitelink) web sites and import programs.

    Harry Gilliam

  2. John Woodhour says:

    Hello Harry,

    Thank you for the reply and I’m glad to hear that you are already looking at ways to expand your business next year.

    If a stock item in M.O.M. is designated as a Drop Ship item the purchase orders for your Suppliers will be automatically generated by the system as part of the order processing design. Further, if your Suppliers are set up to receive Purchase Orders in email format the system can generate and send those Purchase Orders eliminating the need to print or fax the orders.

    Give us a call at your convenience so we can learn more about your current Drop Ship process and we can make suggestions on the best way to manage that activity in M.O.M..

    Your Account Rep can be reached at 800-858-3666. Thank you again for the reply and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

    Warm Regards,


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