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Posted by Art Vivino, Dydacomp Technical Support Supervisor

Art Vivino, Dydacomp Technical Support SupervisorWe had a customer that uses our UPS LINK integration who started getting billed by UPS for an additional amount for all shipments in a given week. This began a few weeks back and was for only 1 week.  This customer was rather upset and puzzled as to why they were getting this bill.  All attempts to inquire about this with UPS Support were met with the response “Talk to your software provider.”

When the customer explained the issue, the first thing I checked was the date of the last shipping rate update.

 M.O.M. Global Parameters screen

As I suspected, the rates were showing 2009. The customer was very relieved and appreciative that the resolution was this quick and easy.

To prevent issues like this one, you can log into the Support section of our website and check to see if there are updates available with a more recent date than the one that appears in your Global Parameters.

M.O.M. Support Downloads

In speaking with some of our customers, they have told me of their experiences calling other companies’ support lines for other products that they use in their business. Much to my surprise, some of these companies are widely known global companies, yet the customer was surprised how unhelpful they were.

When I look at what M.O.M. Support has to offer, and knowing that supported clients, year-over-year, are doing 23% better from a sales standpoint than those that are not supported, I can’t see any reason why a client would go without a Support contract.  There are several new Support options available that make it even easier to get the support your company needs. We are not “perfect”, but overall, we’ve been making significant advances in helping our customers and meeting the needs of their businesses.

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