Shiprate Update

With 2006 just around the corner, I thought I might inform all of you about the upcoming shipping rate updates for the major carriers. Also, this would be a good time to consider making a backup of MOM for year-end.

Each New Year brings upon new shipping rate updates. The rate effective dates are as follows. UPS and FedEx will go into effect on Jan 2nd, USPS will go into effect on Jan 7th, and DHL will go into effect on Feb 5th. As of this writing, the ship rate update is now available on our website , as well as the instructions on how to install the update. As for DHL, we have not received any rate file from them as of this writing. Since their new rates will go into effect February 5th, we should have everything setup by then. As soon as we have all the rate information for DHL, we will make it available on our website immediately. For USPS, they have also changed their format of their postage statements. This will be updated in MOM very soon but for now, the current format is still acceptable. Please note that for those who have special customize shipping rates implemented in MOM, please do not run the shipping rate update. Doing so will override and delete the custom rates.

As another year ends, making a backup of MOM at the last business day of the year would be ideal way to preserve the data in terms of your current Inventory value in the Master Inventory Report. Or you can simply print a copy of the Master Inventory report and use it for accounting reporting. Making a backup of MOM is as simple as copying the Momwin folder to a blank cd, dvd or other storage alternatives. Make sure that all users are logged out before the backup routine is run. It is always good to make frequent backups of your Mom program. Not just at the end of the year. Happy New Year.

Alfredo Rabanal
Assistant Support Manager

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