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Posted By: Al Pascale, Dydacomp eCommerce Manager

Two key factors needed to run a successful eCommerce store are the ability to keep accurate inventory counts and the ability to fulfill/process orders in as close to real-time as possible. Multichannel Order Manager offers your business the ability to automatically download orders, while keeping inventory management accurate by automatically synchronizing online inventory in a batch. M.O.M. is able to check your SiteLINK eCommerce store every 5 minutes for new orders. If there are any new orders found, M.O.M. will then automatically download them.

To activate inventory synchronization for your SiteLINK store, you must have this option enables in M.O.M.. Once this option is enabled, M.O.M. will upload the updated inventory availability to your SiteLINK eCommerce site. It is necessary to keep accurate inventory management to ensure that your customers know before purchasing if an item is unavailable or backordered. The lack of synchronization can cause issues that lead to customer dissatisfaction and a loss of sales. Let us help you get as close to a real-time order download/inventory synchronization as possible to improve the quality of your online store.

To enable the Automatic Order Download and Inventory Synchronization:

1. The first step is to set up the Import/Export Module Default Settings. To do this go to the Options drop down menu, followed by the Order Import/Export Module option and then select Define Settings option.

2. Select the Auto Import File Path and enter the location where your files will be automatically imported to and stored. Note: DO not use the M.O.M. data dictionary for the auto import file path.

3. Select the Synchronize Inventory with SiteLINK and Automatically download new order from SiteLINK options and click SAVE.

4. Next, you must define the location for the auto-import files. To do this go to the Options drop down menu, followed by the Order Import/Export Module option and then select Automatic Import. Select the “This import is an internet feed file” option and enter your SiteLINK stores URL.

5. Enter your SiteLINK Ecommerce Store Credentials.

Utilize M.O.M.’s Automatic Order download/inventory sync for Your SiteLINK eCommerce Store today. Feel free to add comments or questions below.

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