SiteLINK eCommerce Update Post Hurricane Irene

Posted by: Al Pascale, Dydacomp eCommerce Manager

Hurricane Irene came and went without incident to our operations. All systems are running normally and were unaffected by the storm. There were no interruptions or degradation of service. Below is additional information provided by our data center:

“Although our facilities are fine there are still significant areas of flooding and power outages throughout the region. Our facilities and network operations teams remain on high alert prepared to deal with whatever potential problems may develop over the next couple of days. We will continue to keep extra fuel trucks on site and emergency fuel vendors on standby until all of the flood waters in the area have receded and the region is back to normal.”

Our SiteLINK eCommerce team can be reached after hours by calling 973-641-0901 or during normal business hours at 973-237-0300. They can always be reached via E-mail at

Thank you for being a valued SiteLINK eCommerce and Dydacomp customer.

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