SiteLINK eCommerce:Double Digit Growth in March

Posted By: Lisa Gittleman, Dydacomp Marketing Specialist

Lisa Gittleman, Dydacomp Marketing Specialist

TOTOWA, N.J., April 15, 2011 – Dydacomp, a leading provider of business technology platforms for ecommerce and multichannel merchants, announced today that the average SiteLINK eCommerce client experienced double digit growth in number of visitors, orders, and total revenue during the month of March 2011. The average SiteLINK eCommerce store saw a 34% increase in number of visitors to their online stores over March 2010. The number visitors to SiteLINK stores also increased 20% in March 2011 compared to February 2011.

“To ensure consistent growth merchants should look to an eCommerce solution with a track record of producing consistent results and increasing online revenues. That is what SiteLINK has proven time and time again,” said Al Pascale, Dydacomp Manager of eCommerce Services. “It is the combination of SEO features, selling tools, integrated cross-channel customer management, social media sharing, alongside Dydacomp’s longstanding commitment to customer growth that have improved SiteLINK clients’ online visibility while increasing online conversion rates.”

The average SiteLINK store experienced a strong 12% increase in their average number of orders per day over March 2010 and a 27% increase compared to February 2011.  The notable increase in traffic and orders contributed to the 12% growth in revenue per day over March 2010 experienced by the average SiteLINK eCommerce store. These online stores also experienced an impressive 25% increase in total revenue for the month of March compared to February 2011. As stores experience this steady increase in online orders, SiteLINK’s functionality continues to provide stores with the stability and efficiency needed to process and handle the demand.

“SiteLINK eCommerce stores are breaking records every month so far in 2011. These recent numbers provide reassurance to small and medium businesses that consumers continue to move online and that the overall online marketplace is expanding daily,” stated Pascale. “It is the time for businesses to consider investing in a complete eCommerce solution that will be able to compete in niche online marketplaces and allow them stand apart from the competition through integrated online marketing campaigns, retargeting, and excellent customer service. SiteLINK is able to do just this as this as it provides businesses with the tools they need to grow and increase their online revenue at costs attractive to merchants processing several dozen to several thousand orders a day.”  Pascale added, “And, we have the numbers to prove it!”

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