SiteLINK Store Harry Barker Shines on GMA!

Posted by: Al Pascale, SiteLINK eCommerce Manager

Congratulations to M.O.M. and SiteLINK customer, Harry Barker, who was showcased on Good Morning America this morning.  Harry Barker provides affordable and luxurious eco-friendly pet products that are sure to enhance your home environment, with everything from dog beds to pet shampoo.

Harry Barker has already seen some very impressive increases in online traffic and we hope for them to see more of that as a result. Thanks to some smart planning on their part in advance of the GMA broadcast, they were fully prepared to handle the spike in sales.  As part of their planning, they called Dydacomp to alert our SiteLINK and support teams of the possible increase in sales and to inquire into best practices. And while that may not have been necessary it was appreciated as it made sure that teams across both companies were fully aligned on making this day (and the ones that follow) successful for Harry Barker.

This most recent event and the precaution Harry Barker took by alerting Dydacomp services is a good reminder for all of our customers.  If your SiteLINK eCommerce site is expecting an increase in traffic (significantly more than an average day) due to a promotion or other big event please don’t hesitate to contact SiteLINK support to let us know. Our SiteLINK team is happy to work with you to prepare for such an event and our team is very knowledgeable about what is needed to ensure the stability and success of your SiteLINK site during special promotional periods.

From everyone here at Dydacomp, we are excited about Harry Barker’s success and are fully prepared to help other SiteLINK users prepare for high volume days.

Don’t forget to check out Harry Barker’s GMA deals today at: www.Harry

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