Social Media Starts With Your Site

Posted by John Healy, CEO of Dydacomp

Everyone wants their company to be on Facebook and Twitter and I say go for it but make sure your webstore has a couple of key social elements on page that will definitely help with conversion.  The first is to be able to post buyer reviews.  You’ll see in the research below that this has a positive effect on over ½ of the audience that would typically visit your site:

The second is to have a “share this” box ( on your site as well that allows your visitors to post to FaceBook or many other social sites as well as email product page information to a friend for their feedback.  Many of you already employee this feature but it is one that you shouldn’t overlook.

One last thought on the social experience and your site.  Sometimes a visitor needs more than buyer reviews or the ability to share product page information: they need to talk to someone.  We find that a “live person” chat experience placed on interior pages of your site and triggered to pop up after 10 seconds or so improves the visitor experience as well.  The interesting part of live chat on the web is a customer services representative can handle multiple chats at once where someone the phone can only handle one call at a time.

Let us know your experiences with getting more social on your site.  Feel free to forward this to a friend as well.  All of these ideas are available on SiteLINK.



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