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What to Look for in a Cloud Based Order Management System

Friday, June 19th, 2015

cloud based order management quick tips before switching
Migrating to the cloud is more than just a motto in today’s technology-driven world. Cloud based order management systems are quickly growing in popularity, as more than 78 percent of U.S. small businesses are expected to fully transition to cloud computing by 2020.

By adopting a cloud based order management system, you can significantly increase your business visibility to grow revenue, save money, fulfill orders faster, gain happier customers and more.

With a cloud based order management system, communication with your suppliers can dramatically evolve, which can ultimately improve customer service and lower inventory costs. When you consider switching from an on premise solution, or even a manual process, it is normal to be overwhelmed with the numerous cloud based systems out there.

Take a look below for some quick tips to look out for when choosing a cloud based order management system.

Look for Multichannel Visibility

The possibilities with a cloud based order management system are endless, as you gain the ability to view your inventory, orders and more in one place. One main reason SMB’s (small to medium-sized businesses) switch to the cloud is to gain visibility of orders and inventory across multiple sales channels.

If you’ve been using the order management features in your accounting or eCommerce system to manage multichannel sales, your visibility may be lacking. With a multichannel solution, you should be seeing an enhanced experience compared to your traditional system. You would be able to track orders, inventory levels, replenishment thresholds and top selling products, all while determining which sales channels are the best sellers.

Managing your customer's experience - Visibility

Consider the Costs

Another reason to consider a cloud based solution is affordability throughout the purchasing process and beyond. A cloud based or SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution is generally priced on a subscription basis, where you pay per user per month, rather than incurring a large software purchase fee up front. It’s somewhat analogous to leasing a car vs. buying a car; i.e. paying monthly for use versus purchasing the system outright. SaaS solution updates are automatically made available to all customers using the solution. While on premise solutions can be beneficial, there are some things to keep in mind.

On premise solutions may require you to make the updates and, depending upon the level of enhancement, would require you to pay separately for them.

Pay Attention to Order Processing Times

Your cloud based solution should be extremely quick and non-disruptive. The main advantage to switching to the cloud is the seamless integration with all of your orders. With an automated order management system, data integration happens in real-time or near real-time, and offers seamless integration to other integrated applications, such as a QuickBooks Inventory Management Software solution.

Recognize the Technology Benefits for SMB’s

Technology is ever-expanding, and you do not want to be left to wrestle with countless updates a traditional system would require. A cloud based solution can effortlessly evolve with your supply-chain, no matter what size company you have. SMB’s can greatly benefit from cloud based solutions because of anytime, anywhere access, which allows you to keep track of inventory in one place. The only thing you need is an internet connection.

Keeping Track of Your Business with Visual Reporting

Your cloud based solution should offer you the ability to display reports with images, interactive data, etc., to give you multichannel visibility across sales channels and to keep you up-to-date on cross-channel orders and inventory. Real-time dashboards and reporting eliminates dated reporting. It’s important to keep in mind what is best for your particular business and future goals ahead.

But, now that you have a basic overview of what to look out for, find out exactly how a Cloud Based Order Management systems can save you time and money in the long-run below.

Cloud Based Order Management Infographic

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IRCE 2014 Recap & 4 Key Take-Aways

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Posted by Laura Hills, VP of Marketing

Dydacomp participated as a sponsor in recent 2014 Internet Retailer Conference Exhibition (IRCE) in Chicago. This year IRCE celebrated its 10th year as the world’s largest eCommerce conference and exhibition and our staff had a fantastic experience at the show!

We spoke with many retailers, fulfillment, distribution, and wholesale businesses of various sizes who were eager to discuss the latest developments in internet retail. Our days at the conference were filled with informative meetings and great conversations about the challenges and opportunities businesses face when managing their continued growth.

So what was the buzz at this year’s show? Here are our top 4 key take-aways from IRCE 2014:


#4 Opportunities abound for best-in-class inventory and order management software solutions with multichannel retailers. At IRCE we heard how order and inventory management automation, efficiency, and insight have delivered real value to the bottom line of many multichannel sellers. These businesses shared experiences of how their multichannel operations continue to expand the needs emanating from their ‘back office silos’. The successful businesses view order and inventory management operations as essential solutions that drive their business’ ability to compete and win from the point in which a customer engages with them through their shopping cart to the receipt of their orders at their door, and beyond.

#3 The Magento Community fully embraced a tightly integrated cloud-based OMS solution. Visitors to Dydacomp’s booth at IRCE were excited to experience Freestyle Commerce first-hand! Freestyle is Dydacomp’s latest innovation—a cloud based online inventory and order management system that complements Magento eCommerce platforms and Amazon. Those who had the chance to see Freestyle in action were quickly delighted with the benefits its tight integration provided, including:

• Unification of the workflows for ALL Magento and Amazon sales channels orders into a single stream for expedited pick, pack, ship and bill processing.

• Complete visibility into on-hand stock levels, and the tasks involved with purchasing, receiving and updating new inventory counts across sales channels; combined with the ability to manage drop ship supplier operations.

• Connected customer insight and business intelligence tools to help make more informed business decisions and help manage the growth of businesses to their full potential.

#2 SMB retailers focus on drop shipping to drive efficiencies and cost savings. For many start-up and established small to medium-sized (SMB) growing businesses drop shipping was a hot topic. Drop shipping provides a way for savvy business owners to aggressively expand their product offerings without incurring the upfront costs of purchasing new inventory or having to directly manage the pick, pack and ship process for those orders. To further support these businesses, we were able to demonstrate how easy it was to include drop shipping operations into their order management mix through our solutions to meet their business objectives and growth goals without the overhead costs of maintaining inventory locally.

#1 Experience matters when it comes to technology solution providers. Many SMB retailers who sought us out at IRCE were looking for a solution provider that could relate to their specific business needs and who had the experience and the know-how to take businesses like theirs to the next level of success. We were proud to share our own personal success story. Many were surprised to learn that Dydacomp is a technology company that was started by retailers with solutions for retailers. Today, thousands of multichannel merchants rely on our Freestyle Commerce™ and Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.®) solutions to automate their retail back office operations and drive business growth. In total, our clients collectively generate nearly 10 million in gross merchandise sales every day! So how can we help you?

We hope to see you at next year’s IRCE but don’t wait until then to get started!

For additional information on operational improvements through automating order management, read this eBook entitled “Drive Your Retail Sales Growth With Operational Efficiencies.”


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