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Ecommerce Success This Holiday Season

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Posted by: Molly Griffin, Marketing Associate

Online sales continue to reach record levels as the end to the 2011 holiday season quickly approaches.  Comscore reported today that total holiday eCommerce spending for the first 46 days of the November – December 2011 holiday season has reached $30.9 billion, a 15% increase versus the same time in 2010.  Free Shipping Day 2011 (Friday December 16) ended with an astonishing $1.07 billion in eCommerce sales, a 14% increase from 2010.

Free Shipping has been a major eCommerce trend from the start this holiday season. Dydacomp CEO Fred Lizza was recently quoted in a recent article for eCommerceTimes discussing the power of free shipping. Fred stated:

“We’ve seen statistics suggesting that over 50 percent of retailers are offering free shipping this year. Retailers have found room in their budgets to provide this to lure more consumers to shop with them. And it’s working…” Click here to continue reading the eCommerceTimes article.

Accurate inventory management was another influential factor on eCommerce sales this holiday season.  It enables eCommerce business run efficiently and ensure customers received their orders on time.  Fred was quoted in a BizReport article advising merchants on the importance of inventory management during this busy holiday season:

“Inventory tracking is a ‘gotta-have’. In today’s economy, there’s a very high price for lost sales because of out-of-stock conditions, and absolutely nobody wants to carry excess inventory. Shoppers will not tolerate ordering a product, then being told later it’s out of stock. They want to know at the time of placing an order – online, by phone or in-store – that the items is available, in-stock and when it will be shipped and delivered. That’s especially critical as the holidays get closer…” Click here to continue reading and to learn more eCommerce tips to end this holiday season a high note.

Be sure you also take a minute to review Fred’s top five tips, from an article in Retail Online Integration, to ensure your eCommerce site is optimized and ready to finish the holiday season strong.

What tips do you have to share with other merchants on what enabled you capture eCommerce sales this holiday season?

Good luck and we hope wish you a  successful end to 2011 holiday season.

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Cyber Monday 2011 Heaviest U.S. Online Spending Day in History

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Posted by: Molly Griffin, Marketing Assosciate

The holiday season has finally arrived and online holiday shopping sales kicked off with a bang over the past holiday weekend. According to IBM’s analytics online retail sales were up double digit growth on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday compared to the same time last year.

According to comScore, on Friday alone consumers spent $800 million online shopping which is a 29.3% increase over eCommerce Black Friday sales in 2010. Meanwhile, IBM’s online retail benchmark study found that online sales on Cyber Monday were up 33% compared to 2010. Merchants also saw a higher average order value up from $193.24 in 2010 to $198.26 for an increase of 2.6%. IBM found that online shopping peaked at 2:05pmEST.

Throughout this past Cyber Monday, 10.8% of people used a mobile device to visit a retailer’s site (up from 3.9% in 2010) with mobile sales reaching 6.6% of online sales. This year shoppers were slightly influenced by social networks as shoppers referred from social networks generated 0.56 percent of all online sales on Cyber Monday versus 0.53 percent on Black Friday.

 Holiday eCommerce sales are predicted to increase over the next few weeks.  But we want to know how our store performed this holiday weekend? Did you see an increase in online shoppers on Cyber Monday compare to 2010? Let us know!

Multichannel Order Manager provides your eCommerce business the tools and flexibility you need to successfully run your eCommerce store this holiday season. Check out our holiday tips and tricks webinar to learn how to streamline your business processes during your busiest time of year.

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Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Posted by: Michael Nardini, VP of Customer Satisfaction

From all of us here at Dydacomp we hope you had a  successful holiday season, and we wish you  happy holidays with an even better New Year in 2011.

Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, the holidays are coming to a close as the year slowly winds down in the final 2 weeks of the December.  The holiday rush has proved successful this year with the ComScore reporting that consumers have spent $27.46 billion since November 1st, a 12% increase over holiday sales last year. Have you seen similar results for this holiday season?

I also wanted to take this opportunity to share our holiday hours:

Wednesday, December 22 – Dydacomp will close at 4pm ET for a company meeting. A limited number of Support staff will be available to handle system down and critical issue calls.

Friday, December 24 – Dydacomp will be open for a half day on Christmas Eve from 9am to 12pm ET.

Monday, December 27 and Monday, January 3 – Dydacomp will be closed in observance of Christmas and New Year’s, however; limited staff will be available to board tickets from 10am to 4:30pm ET.

System down tickets will be responded to within the hour; however, non-critical and “how-to” issues will be deferred to the next business day. As always, in the event of a site down when the office is closed, SiteLINK Support is available at (973) 641-090. This is an emergency line for site down issues only. All non-critical issues will be handled by SiteLINK Support on the next business day.

Good luck in the last 2 weeks of 2010 and we look forward to working with you all to share a successful 2011!

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Free Shipping 2010

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Posted by Michael Nardini, VP of Customer Satisfaction

As I mentioned in my previous blog, free shipping has been on the mind of many retailers this holiday season as just one of the many promotion techniques in their arsenals. This was to help drive consumers to loosen their grip on their wallets and spend more than last year online.  Recent numbers released from ComScore indicate that free shipping orders reached their peak on Nov. 21 last year with approximately 50% of all orders receiving free shipping but declined abruptly the following week.  This November, however, saw its peak a week later and higher at 55.1% during the week of November 28 with only a modest decline to 51.4% for the week ending December 5.  Tomorrow’s “Free Shipping Day 2010”, with over 1,500 major merchants participating, may create another statistical spike.

ComScore also noted that the average order totals were higher when free shipping was offered. The average order total for transactions with paid shipping averaged $86.58, while orders with free shipping averaged $125.20. This is just one of the many indicators of the importance of free shipping to consumers.  For further information, check out the article on ComScore blog .

Did you offer your customers free shipping? If you did, have you experienced similar results? Let us know! If not, what other kinds of promotion worked best for you this year?

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The Cyber 5

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Posted by Rob Coon, President of Dydacomp

Black Friday marked the start of the holiday shopping season for retailers and shoppers alike. This year consumers began their holiday shopping on Thanksgiving Day with about $407 million in sales and  continued into Black Friday with sales totaling about $648 million. ComScore is reporting that e-retailers netted $1.028 billion in sales on Cyber Monday. They also reported an increase of 19.9% in spending from last year and a 31.1% increase in spending on Monday over that on Black Friday. Another positive number from Cyber Monday’s sales is that the average online order value increased from last year 8.3%, the average order value rose from $180.03 to $194.8.   Many retailers are referring to the Thanksgiving weekend (Thursday through Monday) as the Cyber 5 due to the high volume of ecommerce sales over that entire weekend.

These numbers are a promising reminder that consumer confidence is growing. Even though consumers are more willing to spend money this year, they are entering the situation more educated than in past years. Consumers are shopping smarter with the help of various online resources, such as shopping comparison engines, to help them seek out and find the best deals available. Ecommerce retailers should focus on continuing to providing shoppers with promotions, gift ideas, visual navigation, and other ways tot make shopping easy and efficient. Customers want to be able to go to your store, find a gift, and complete the order quickly so retailers must ensure that their site offers an enjoyable shopping experience. Stores must remain on top of their game and should try to change up the sales promotions and keep them running throughout the holiday season to ensure that the customers will continue to spend.

Free shipping has been one of the biggest trends this holiday season as most of the large online retailers began announcing free shipping for online orders the week before Thanksgiving. According to ComScore, free shipping has become a more prominent promotion for online purchases and 77% of online consumers indicated free shipping was important.  This is just one of the ways stores are hoping to continue to attract consumers throughout the holiday season.  The Cyber 5 have come and gone and the challenge now lies in keeping consumers shopping throughout the month. Ecommerce retailers should continue using promotions that are attractive to consumers without hurting the chances of a profit.

The Cyber 5 hopefully serves as a preview of the remaining holiday season, but, it is up to the retailers to stay on top of their game and continue to drive traffic to their online shopping carts.  How did your ecommerce store do during the Cyber 5? What strategies worked for you?

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