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4 Useful Tools For Managing eBay Inventory

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

Learn key tools for managing inventory on ebay

Staying on top of all of your orders and returns for after the busy holiday retail season can be extremely overwhelming, so why not look into some added help to ease your anxiety?

One way to prepare for the upcoming holiday season is to efficiently manage your eBay inventory. Implementing an eBay inventory management integration solution is a great starting point to boost sales and visibility for your orders. Below are some useful tools to help you find out how simple selling on eBay can be.

Take a look at the list below to better manage eBay inventory for the busy season ahead.

4) eBay Pulse

Have you ever heard the question, what’s trending? Of course you have. This widely used phrase is not only used throughout all social media and Google, but it has become the key to marketing in today’s world. Managing eBay inventory can benefit from a little trending action as well. eBay Pulse helps retailers by implementing a snapshot of the top trends, relevant searches, average selling prices, keyword performance and more. Whether you are searching by category or all of platform, using this free tool can help figure out where your eBay inventory stands out among the rest.

3) Supreme Lister

Along with managing eBay inventory, comes figuring out how to sell your items, place them, etc. Supreme Lister allows you to upload multiple listings, save money with free image hosting, create designs and schedule out listings. Understanding the competition for your business is important, but looking into other features to support and organize your listings will only assist your selling efforts in the long run.

2) Manage eBay Orders in One Place

Picture this. Your orders are starting to trickle in more and more, which is nothing short of holiday season prepping. Sure, having a way to seeing what’s trending and list out your pictures can be helpful, but what next? In order to efficiently handle eBay inventory management, managing your orders in one place is key.

1) Sync All Inventory

With eBay inventory management integration, you will not only be able to see and track all of your orders in real-time, but you can start syncing products through multiple sales channels. Start getting real-time access into your eBay, Amazon and Bigcommerce orders sooner than later, so you can have the time to set aside for other vital business ventures.

Managing your inventory does not have to be complex. Find out how to fulfill orders faster in the free eBook below.

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Ebay Inventory Management Made Simple: Sell on eBay with Ease

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

ebay management made simple

The day may soon arrive where you recognize the benefits of selling on eBay, so why not be fully prepared for its arrival? With 157 million active buyers, eBay may be the answer to your inventory problems. Of course, selling on eBay can have its downfalls, but we’re here to help you find solutions around potential problems, while giving some insights into the pros as well.

As we’ve spoken about in a previous post, managing your eBay inventory for eCommerce can create a number of errors when using manual reconciliation, but selling your products on the eCommerce platform is no stranger to concern either.

Staying Ahead of the Game

Selling your products on eBay can be a breeze if you go about it with some key concepts in mind, such as spotting price fluctuations, knowing when to use specific features and more.

Competing with the many retailers out there can be complicated, especially if you are trying to manage multichannel sales, but with some eBay inventory management and selling tips, you will be on your way to maximizing your profits.

Selling on eBay

You already sell your products on Amazon and your online store, so why bother with eBay? Selling on Amazon and eBay can increase sales, but it is important to be aware of the drawbacks that can come up. Check out the following ways to sell your eBay products with ease and what to look out for when managing your inventory.

  • Bundle Your Items: eBay provides a product bundling feature, located under “seller information.” Bundling can be a great way to get your products out fast and save on costs while you’re at it. Using eCommerce kits and bundles can boost sales, help get rid of excess inventory, and they are especially useful if you sell multiple products that would fit well together. You can also look into eBay’s marketing and merchandising tools to further promote your own website.
  • Be Honest: This might sound like a given to the masses, but a simple white lie in your eyes could bring up a slew of issues on the auction site. Showing clear and large images of your products can prevent future returns, and negative customer reviews. Check out some eBay online photo tips from the pros to enhance your listings and increase sales.
  • Be Aware of Pricing: The eCommerce platform does not take customer reviews lightly, so if there is a complaint about your product, eBay can hang onto your money until it is resolved. This could create an issue in managing other parts of your business if your money is tied up. Since it is an auction site, prices can vary, be sure to occasionally adjust your fees to stay on top.ebay inventory management made simple
  • Know What’s in Stock: Since eBay takes customer ratings very seriously, you can sometimes lose your “top seller” status, leaving you in eBay’s hands. Be sure your inventory is managed as seamlessly as possible.
  • Be Cautious: Scammers have been a definite issue on eBay and eCommerce platforms alike. Although it can be difficult to see this coming, be sure to report potential buyers who win and never pay to eBay’s support center. Negative feedback is one direction you do not want to travel down in general, but the eBay community backlash could be even more disastrous.

If you decide to sell on the platform, implementing software designed for eBay inventory management can help you get rid of excess inventory and increase sales for your business. By combining these tips with an eBay inventory integration solution, you can stay on top of your orders in one place and significantly eliminate the amount the potential backlash eBay can hold.

Find out how to eradicate the challenges of order management when it comes to growing your omnichannel presence in the free eBook below.

is your oms hindering your ability to grow ebook cta

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Integrating eBay Inventory Management for eCommerce

Friday, July 31st, 2015

ebay inventory management
When one of your customers places an order on eBay, are you left scrambling to prepare the order, hoping you have enough in stock?

If you actively sell your products on eBay, you know the dreaded process of keeping your inventory in-sync with your store and just how time-consuming it can be. With manual inventory management, you not only have less control of what products you have on-hand and when they go out for delivery, but there is a high probability that you’ll lose tracking visibility into the orders along the way.

Do any of these problems sound familiar? Not to worry…There is one simple, streamlined solution beyond manual order processing; namely, implementing eBay inventory management software.

Beyond the proven data that selling on multiple channels increases sales, there is much more to managing your business when it comes to successfully fulfilling those eBay orders.

Why It Makes Sense to Connect eBay with an Order Management System

Managing inventory manually often times requires a daily focus, which can open the door for error in order processing, fulfillment and the purchasing process. It can especially get complicated when you are attempting to manage a hefty quantity of orders on a daily basis.

Here is where eBay inventory management comes in. Applying eBay inventory management software gives you the organization and visibility into all of your orders in the same place. With real-time data, you’ll always know what’s in stock, so double-selling will be a thing of the past.

  • Manage Orders In One Place
  • Sync Inventory Levels Across all Channels
  • Track Sales & Customer Data in Real-Time
  • Get Automated Inventory Updates: Change One and Done!

Everyone wants immediacy in the ever-evolving world of retail. Customers will not hesitate to find another product if they want something like free shipping, or just a way to get products to their door faster. With eBay inventory management, you can keep up with more orders faster, making your customers come back for more.

This software will help you on your way to succeed as an eBay seller. Plus, using eBay inventory management gives you the always appreciated extra time to focus on the exciting and strategic stuff.

Learn more about syncing up your store and eBay inventory management made simple to stay ahead of the game.


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