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Creating Better Order Flow

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Posted by Hector Feliz, Dydacomp Implementation Specialist

Hector Feliz, Dydacomp Implementation SpecialistLast week I was helping a home-based business that recently purchased the Mail Order Manager software along with our SiteLINK eCommerce cart.  They sell environmentally friendly therapeutic wraps and tasked me to create a better flow for applying discounts and processing orders.  They had a stand-alone website which was capturing orders, but they also attend many trade shows and capture those orders on plain paper.  With orders coming in from multiple channels without any centralized means to manage the orders, fulfillment would take some time.  They also needed a means to easily offer special pricing and/or discounts to both new and existing customers.

Having purchased SiteLINK along with M.O.M., the client immediately centralized their order processing and gained a set of marketing tools they did not have before.   For example, I showed them how to make effective use of the order promotions tool in M.O.M. to offer their customers incentive discounts.

By setting up a source key; which is the offer code the customer can enter in their SiteLINK store, the order promotion results in the appropriate discount being applied to the customer’s order when checking out.

The special situation pricing also allowed the client to easily accommodate pricing for distributors who are selling their products.  Within product maintenance in the ‘Pricing’ tab the client could set what unit price (or applicable discount) any customer with a Type Code 1 value of ‘P’ received.  In this case customers with a Type Code of ‘P’ were distributors.   The special situation price also allowed them to easily set a clearance price for slow moving or discontinued products.

The client eliminated paper-based order tracking, simplified their fulfillment process by shaving it down to mere minutes, gained customizable reporting tools that allowed them to get a clear picture of how their business is performing, as well as build out new marketing tools that gives them the access to target their customers and communicate with them personally and efficiently.  Having implemented M.O.M. and SiteLINK as a complete order management system and integrated shopping cart, the client was happy with the features and functionality as well as how we were able to work with them and get the system up and running within weeks of their purchase.

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M.O.M. Enterprise to M.O.M. 7i XL Conversion

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Posted by Katherine Ulloa, Dydacomp Senior Technical Support

Katherine Ulloa, Dydacomp Senior Technical SupportI am very passionate when I work with users who are ready to convert to the SQL version of M.O.M. 7i.  I know that it is a big step for them, so I am committed to be there throughout the entire process.

It wasn’t too long ago that I worked with a very delightful world-class musical instrument web retailer.  They have been a Dydacomp customer for over 10 years using our Enterprise version running on a Visual FoxPro backend.  This web retailer badly needed an updated version of M.O.M. due to reaching the 2GB limit imposed on Microsoft Visual FoxPro files.  Their problems, due to this capacity limitation with the database file size, escalated to making regular and long M.O.M. Technical Support calls which constantly disrupted their business.  Thus they decided to make the move to M.O.M. XL.

Regarding the conversion process, my suggestion is to always do a test conversion first, so they will have the time to examine the new M.O.M. 7i system running on a SQL Server. During that time of testing, I make myself available to answer any questions or provide support to any issues that they may encounter while in this testing phase.

I know that a good reference document is always important, therefore, at the end of the test conversion I sent them an outline containing detailed steps that we had taken to make that conversion a success.  The client implemented this step-by-step process a couple of times by themselves until they were comfortable enough to accept the final conversion process.

MOM XL Conversion document

At times, there are customers that prefer a dedicated SQL specialist to be with them during the entire live conversion.  In this particular situation, the customer felt more comfortable running their live conversion on a Friday, during non-operational hours.  Here at Dydacomp we value our customers and we know that they expect the Mail Order Manager Technical Support team to be there when they need us the most, so I made sure this live conversion was a total success by assisting this customer even after hours and customer stating they felt self-assured at running the conversion themselves.  This is a testimonial from this success story:

“I have never received a follow up phone call from a support team like I did this time.  Katherine was concerned about the success of the conversion even after the whole process was already a proven success.”

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Coordinated Implementation

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Posted by Paul Mendelsohn, Dydacomp Director of Implementation & Professional Services

Paul Mendelsohn, Dydacomp Director of Implementation

Recently I was working with a new client who sells a product that shields credit and debit cards and passports from being read by wireless RFID Readers.  The client needed to put up a SiteLINK Store and Mail Order Manager back end quickly to handle the high demand for his product he anticipated would follow an upcoming interview scheduled on a national news program and a product placement in a major motion picture.   

The Dydacomp Implementation department not only worked directly with the client to set-up and implement his M.O.M. system, but also coordinated with other departments to ensure that his entire system was up and ready to fill the upcoming orders.  The SiteLINK team was able to create his SiteLINK Store the same day he purchased M.O.M. and SiteLINK.  They set him up with FTP access so he could easily modify the pages of his site and transferred his domain and installed his SSL shortly thereafter. 

Dydacomp Payment Processing took the client through the Credit Card Gateway application, acquisition and setup to ensure that once M.O.M. and SiteLINK were fully implemented he could receive payments.  From start to finish, the client’s implementation, including his SiteLINK eCommerce store, Gateway account, M.O.M. setup and training, was completed in just two weeks.

Because his M.O.M. system and SiteLINK eCommerce store were up and running so quickly, the client was able to publish his entire store, complete with product information, testimonial pages and YouTube video of the news interview to make the most of this great opportunity.

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