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Why Your Order Management System Needs to Do More

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

inventory and order management

Customer loyalty greatly relies on how effective your order management system is. Responding quickly to your customers is a given, but what else can you deliver?

An effective and streamlined OMS plays a pivotal role in your sales and delivery operation and gives you the upper-hand in customer service.

“95% of leaders say providing a good customer experience is the top priority, but only 37% have the budget and means to implement ways to improve the experience.”
– Forrester Research Study

Discovering the ins and outs of how your solution can truly benefit you is the next step to success.

The back-end order fulfillment processes are often seen as an afterthought when building a functional website. You want to be sure to focus on the ‘inside’ too when managing your orders. After all, customer expectations are dramatically increasing, and will only need to get stronger as time goes on.

Processing orders can be overwhelming for all businesses, and even more so as growth comes. A comprehensive order management solution is more than convenient for a few reasons. When all features and functionality are utilized, it can improve your business processes and help increase your online sales.

Find out exactly what you need in an order management system to ward off
the competition in the OMS eBook below.

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How to Keep Up with Ever-Demanding Apparel Sales

Friday, September 11th, 2015

keep up with apparel sales

Watch out retailers. Both women and men’s apparel sales are on the rise, according to Mintel, Lightspeed GMI and Quartz.

With an estimated increase of 14.5% between 2014 and 2019, women’s apparel profits are expected to rise from $121.8 billion to $139.0 billion.

But Are Men Shopping More than Women?

Women love to shop. There isn’t a soul who doesn’t know that, but women are not the only ones hooked on fashion. Men’s online apparel sales are growing faster than not only women’s apparel, but beer and electronics too. Yes, you read that right. Men are purchasing clothes and accessories more than computers, cameras and beer.

online apparel sales growth

Some apparel retailers are starting to diversify inventory, in order to sell more online and accommodate the demand for men’s apparel. This gives fresh ways for men to purchase apparel items at their fingertips. To keep up with these eCommerce trends, it would be beneficial for apparel retailers to follow suit and embrace the growing numbers of male fashion consumers.

So how does a multichannel retailer keep up with trends and technology? I know what you may be thinking. Who has time to look into new technology advancements, while running a business?

How to Use this Knowledge to Increase Sales  

One thing you can do is follow the lead of the larger apparel retailers – those that are dressing up their back office processes to achieve their business goals faster and more efficiently.

If you’re a multichannel apparel retailer, you have specific demands for keeping track of orders from multiple sales channels, from the moment a customer purchases your product to order fulfillment and more. Managing inventory across those channels and supporting shipping methods with some added TLC will only help your business thrive in the long-run.

Here are some benefits to gain from automating back-office multichannel operations:

using apparel sales to your benefit

  • Capture & Stage Orders Automatically
  • Manage Inventory Across All Sales Channels
  • Automatically Download Orders from All Sources
  • Publish Product Information & Keep Inventory in Sync
  • Support Configurable Products with Size, Color, etc.
  • Further Expand Your Reach to Sell Across More Sales Channels
  • Process Order Fulfillment Easier  

What Else Should an Apparel Retailer Take Into Consideration?

Picture this: The orders are really starting to flood in, but your payment methods are not exactly up to par. Mayday, because this is where many errors can arise. Don’t let that happen in the order processing or fulfillment stages.

Being able to process multiple and mixed payment methods, like PayPal, credit and store cards, gift certificates and more is a must. But, having the ability to automatically queue orders for processing based on your stock levels is a luxury many retailers could benefit from. Managing the inventory purchasing process can be quick and simple.

You want to be sure you can track all orders by stage, from picking and packing to delivery as well, all while keeping your customers up-to-date every step of the way. It’s no longer a ‘nice to have.’ It’s vital to always know what’s in stock to better serve your customers.

Today’s connected shopping environment enables even the smallest apparel and specialty retailers to reach vast audiences for their products while meeting demand, but you’ll need the proper tools to do so.

So, what’s the technology that can help you make it all come together? A cloud based, multichannel order and inventory management system (OMS). With an OMS, inventory and order processing has never been so simple. Find out why implementing one is a crucial requirement to supporting your growing SMB.

Check out some emerging trends in the retail industry, how you as an apparel or specialty retailer can benefit from an OMS and the processes you can expect in the eBook below.

apparel retailers ebook

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The Ultimate Guide to Omnichannel Orders & Selling

Friday, August 28th, 2015

the ultimate guide to multichannel orders-

Omnichannel orders and selling is the way of the world for all retailers. As eCommerce purchasing grows, immediacy becomes more of a necessity. Consumers will continue to crave faster results as eCommerce tools become more accessible.

2015 e-commerce sales (Q2) increased by 14.1% from the second quarter of 2014, while total retail sales increased 1% in the same period.

U.S. Census Bureau

While eCommerce represented 7.2% of total sales for the second quarter (2015), it contributed to half the growth.

In order to capitalize on these ever-growing numbers, retailers must fully embrace omnichannel orders and learn how to take advantage of selling in the most efficient way. To take full advantage of multichannel retail sales opportunities, there are a few solutions to address your order and inventory management needs, starting with multichannel orders.

Get Your Product Listings in Order

Managing your product listings can differentiate you from the rest. It’s vital for omnichannel sellers of all sizes to compete with the big box firms. Some ways to ensure you have searchable, detailed and relevant product listings throughout your eCommerce website is by turning to platform providers like Magento.

Magento is an ideal choice for eCommerce and a leading provider for many years, offering affordable yet highly efficient platforms, scalability and more.

Other eCommerce platforms are available, but Magento continues to outshine the competition with affordability and their open source platforms and features.

multichannel orders and magento platform

Use Product Returns to Your Advantage

Product returns can be detrimental to your sales goals and your consumer ratings. So, in order to keep your customers happy and keep sales on track, it can be beneficial to implement a quick but effective product return management system.

Learning how to properly manage your product returns for flexibility and resilience is just one click away.

Get the Right Support for Your SMB

With managing multichannel sales, comes finding the best way to sell your products and on what sales channels. Giving customers the support and functionality they need to purchase products is key.

get the right technical support

Efficient Inventory Management

Another way to efficiently manage your inventory is to utilize EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). EDI for multichannel orders will help you take advantage of eCommerce B2B opportunities while giving you improved analytics, increased margins, fast turnaround time on payments and more. You will also never have to worry about re-keying data when processing orders again!

Look into a Reliable OMS

Managing your orders throughout the payment stages is just as important as managing them through the fulfillment points. Whether you are using drop shipping or shipping from a warehouse, offering free shipping or standard shipping, you need to have a reliable order and inventory management system to keep up with multichannel orders. Reducing the inventory management burden allows your business to be more responsive to customers and therefore prosper faster, giving you the opportunities to grow your brand.

With a centralized order management system (OMS), you can expect to:

  • Experience More Accurate Tracking Capabilities Across Sales Channels
  • Gain Control of Ecommerce Kits & Bundles
  • Never Re-Key Orders Again
  • Better Manage Drop Ship Orders
  • Improve Picking & Packing Accuracy with Barcode Scanning

Are you reaping all of the benefits an order management system can provide? Find out what 5 critical capabilities your OMS may be missing in the free eBook below.

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How to Take on the Holiday Retail Season Like a Pro

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

How to Take on the Holiday Retail Season Like a Pro

With consumers spending more and more online each year, you want to learn the best ways to get your website up to speed, recover from the high-volume shopping days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday and most of all, keep your customers content and coming back.

Keeping Your Customers Happy

The holidays tend to create anxiety among consumers. They are no longer only trying to find the best deal, but with the never-ending buying options, they need the quickest and most seamless shopping experience out there. Think about your strategy for the upcoming holiday retail season and consider implementing the following:

  • Email Marketing & Planning

Having a successful email marketing strategy can really help during the holiday retail season. Feel free to get creative with promotional emails that highlight specific deals for certain holidays. Most importantly, gather as many emails as possible so you can promote more when the busy time hits.

Start planning ahead by finding a way to bring customers back. Avoid shopping cart abandonment by looking into adding extra features to your business model, like Bigcommerce’s cart closer app. You can learn to keep up with the competition this holiday retail season if you take some time to implement the proper planning and tools necessary. You’ll be glad you did in the end.

  • Offer Promotions, Without Going Overboard

Offering crazy deals during the holiday retail season is a given, but if you can’t afford to run deep promotions, don’t feel pressured to. Always do what makes sense for your budget and customers. Even though it may be tempting to run a high discount, planning ahead for targeted promotions is your best option. You can always try to offer free shipping, or even incorporate eCommerce kits and bundles for a chance to stand out from the competition and offer discount pricing at the same time.

how to take on holiday retail - mobile shopping

  • Mobile Commerce

Mobile traffic made up 45% of all online circulation during last year’s holiday season, which was a 25.5% increase from the previous year.

Mobile sales increased 27.2% and made up 22.6% of all online sales as well. Keeping these numbers in mind, if your site is not fully optimized and mobile-friendly, now is the time to do so.

With the increase in mobile sales comes highlighting the critical days during the holiday retail reason. Compared to last year, online orders from small and medium sized businesses increased by 24% between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday, according to a Bigcommerce report. With online sales continuing to rise and mobile purchasing becoming more common, numbers are expected to grow for the upcoming holiday retail season.

  • Load Testing

Is your website ready for the traffic spikes the holidays can bring? Businesses are easily targeted during this time of the year, so it is better to be safe than sorry. Testing load time for API’s, site security and more is always beneficial to avoid running into any issues.

Avoiding Shipping Woes

Fulfillment and managing the purchasing process around the holidays are often overlooked, leaving room for error, and keeping your customers waiting. Shipping woes tend to come up during popular shopping days, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Issues with shipping have been known to arise no matter what distributor you are using, such as UPS or FedEx. UPS attempted to avoid the holiday shipping delays, and by doing so, contributed to a $175 million rise in operating expenses last year.

If you have your own drop shipping business, make sure you are keeping up-to-date on back orders and any other deterrents that are extremely common during the holiday rush. Always revise your shipping methods for updated protocol and the most budget-friendly approaches.

Staying on Top of Your Inventory

Do you process and send out orders through multiple sales channels? With the holiday craze, managing multichannel sales can be difficult, as keeping track of certain products can get complex. But, it doesn’t have to be with a streamlined order flow. Implementing an inventory software can help avoid running into any problems when the holiday flood gates open.

Unnecessary errors in your order process can be easily avoided with a simple solution to inventory management for retailers. With very little effort, you can be on your way to centralizing your sales channels, allowing for more accurate calculations, and giving you one less thing to worry about for the holiday retail season.

Check out the free eBook below to find out what you may be missing.

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6 Ways Successful Businesses Manage Inventory

Friday, February 6th, 2015

Posted by: Laura Hills

In working with thousands of small to medium-sized online retailers, time and again experience shows us that the customer experience doesn’t end at checkout. Efficient and effective back office inventory operations are crucial elements to any online retailer’s successful operation.


Asked about their top challenge in 2014, 43% of retailers ranked inventory management 1. That’s more than accounting, compliance, tech implementation, e-commerce integration, order management, or payroll. *Intuitive Accountant Survey

Here are six proven ways to reduce the retail inventory management burden.

1. Track Inventory From All Sales Channels
In the “Amazon Age” of retail, multiple points of demand and fulfillment require real-time visibility into multiple sources of inventory.

2. Gain Control of Kitted & Bundled Products
Adding kits to your product mix is a great way to increase sales, but can complicate things if you don’t have good inventory control in place.

3. Better Manage Drop-Ship Orders
In a drop ship scenario, the merchant is the middleman between the supplier and customer, integrating Purchase Order management, streamlining and speeding up the process so customers get their orders faster.

4. Beat Back Backorders
With real-time inventory management across sales channels, you can avoid out of stock situations by always posting accurate available-to-sell levels on all sales channels.

5. Enable Bin & Lot Tracking
Recall anomalies can wreak havoc on inventory accuracy.

6. Implement Barcode Scanning
Barcode scanning improves picking and packing accuracy while dramatically reducing the time required to process orders.

Click here to view the full Infographic entitled 6 Ways Successful Businesses Manage Inventory.

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Managing Inventory & Order Fulfillment – Exciting, No. Necessary, Yes!

Friday, September 5th, 2014

inventory managementPosted by:  Megan Castillo 

Managing inventory and order fulfillment isn’t the most exciting part of becoming an eCommerce merchant, but it can make or break a web store’s operations. If you’re not managing inventory efficiently, you risk tying up funds in excess inventory or worse -losing out on a sale due to a stock out situation and ultimately letting your customers down. When done well, efficient inventory and order management can help streamline your business processes, optimizing your cash flow and improving your bottom line.

Efficient & Intelligent Inventory Management

Managing inventory is a delicate balancing act for businesses of all sizes, small and large. If you have too much invested in inventory in stock, you’ll have less money to run the rest of your business.  If you have too little on-hand, you could lose out on sales and risk losing potential customers. The tips below offer some advice on how to find that happy balance.

  • Determining Inventory Amounts – To help you determine the right amount of inventory to keep on-hand it’s important to carefully track sales, monitor trends and analyze your performance over the past few years to help you more accurately forecast inventory needs relative to sales cycles.  Other things to consider include what sells and what doesn’t, what items are more seasonal than others, and what the inventory turn is on your most important products (the time it takes to sell that product and restock it).
  • Get Your (Ware)house In Order – You have to get your house in order, or in this case your warehouse, in order to run a smooth operation. Making sure your products are stocked efficiently and that you have clear guidelines on how to pick/pack/ship items will ensure items get shipped quickly and tracked accurately.
  • Make Sure Marketing & Operations Are Aligned – When determining your stock levels it’s also important to make sure your purchasing and operations teams are aware of the promotional calendar marketing has in place. For example, if marketing is running a promotion next week or next month, you may need to order and stock more of a particular item(s) to meet the anticipated demand.
  • Have Backup Vendors – As a customer, there’s nothing more disappointing than to place an order and then later find out it’s been put on backorder because the item isn’t in stock! As the merchant you can take preventive steps to avoid this situation by having a backup vendor as your ‘go-to’ if your primary vendor runs out of stock.  You may not have a backup for every product you sell, but for those you consider to be the ‘hot sellers’, whether all the time or during peak seasons, it would be beneficial to have a backup vendor.
  • Get Help! – The best way to ensure you manage your inventory and order fulfillment processes efficiently is to automate the process using an inventory and order management software solution.  With our inventory and order management solutions for small to mid-sized businesses you can manage your inventory, orders, and returns across multiple sales channels, send purchase orders to suppliers, process shipments including drop ship items, produce management level reporting, and more.  Our solutions provide you with the tools to streamline your operations by automating your processes.  In addition, our solutions seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks, the preferred accounting solution choice of small to mid-sized retailers.

Sign Up for a Free Trial of our Inventory & Order Management Solutions today! 

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Solution Spotlight – ‘Kit’ aka ‘Bundled’ Products in Freestyle

Monday, August 18th, 2014

Posted by:  Megan Castillo

Freestyle supports the online inventory management and order fulfillment of ‘Kit’ aka ‘Bundled’ products!

KittingFor those of you who aren’t familiar with these types of products a ‘kit’, or what Magento refers to as a ‘bundled’ product, is a product that is made up of various components or items and are sold as a set or group.  Managing the inventory associated with each kit can be difficult, especially when one item is used as a component in more than one kit.  However, with Freestyle, managing the inventory and order fulfillment process of kit products just got easier!

Benefits of Using Freestyle to Manage Your ‘Kit’ Products

  • Create & Edit Kits Easily:  Setting up kits in Freestyle is easy to do and manage.  At any time, you can switch, add and/or remove a component.
  • List One Item Multiple Times:  Sell one item in multiple ‘kits’ and on its own?  Freestyle allows you to connect all of those different listings to the inventory of a single item. One sale on any of the listings automatically updates the quantity on all other listings for you.
  • Manage Inventory Automatically:  Freestyle automatically publishes the ‘Available’ inventory back to Magento, which is a sum of the ‘Can Be Assembled’ & ‘Pre-Assembled’ inventory levels. These levels are calculated based off the inventory of the lowest component.
  • Avoid Shipping Mistakes:  Freestyle recognizes the SKU of the entire kit, and also knows each of the individual items that make up the kit. This insures all of your items get shipped out correctly.
  • And more…

How Selling Kits Can Increase Your Sales

There are a number of ways you can increase sales by adding kits to your product mix.  First, you have more opportunities to sell each product.  Not only can the product be listed on its own for sale, but now you can add that product to one or more kits, increasing the number of listings you and your chances of selling that particular product.  Plus, each kit is made up of multiple items, so your sales price is higher.

Some other advantages of selling kits include:

  • Offering Unique Products: Your kit is a combination of whatever products you choose, offering you the opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • Opportunity Offer Discounts: Since your customer is buying more than one product with each kit, you may decide to offer a discount on the price.  Everyone loves a deal!  This can be a strategic way to drive more sales.

To learn more about Kit Products and how Freestyle can help you manage the inventory and order fulfillment processes associated with each kit product:

Watch the recording from the Freestyle Commerce Solution Spotlight:  Kitting product demo.

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Top 5 Features To Look For In An Inventory Management Solution

Friday, August 8th, 2014

Posted by:  Megan Castillo 

Are you having trouble managing your inventory?  Have you run into the dreaded ‘out of stock’ situation more than you’d like?  Or on the flip side, do you have so much excess inventory on-hand that it’s affecting your profit margins?

If any of these sound familiar, it may be time to start looking into an inventory management solution to help you get your order and inventory processes under control.  But with all the options available today, how do you know which solution will work best for you and your business?  And what features should you be looking for?

Top 5 Features To Look For In An Inventory Management Solution:

At Dydacomp, we’ve been helping retailers solve their inventory issues for over 25 years, providing small business inventory and order management solutions to a variety of industries. Our experience has been gained from helping thousands of retailers over the years; giving us insight into the features retailers need, and want, in an inventory management solution.  The top 5 features retailers need include:

  1. Basic Inventory Control
        – What this means is having a systematic way to truly ‘manage’ and control your inventory across all of your sales channels.  Very often we find that new businesses work with spreadsheet(s) where formulas can break, and a lot of manual effort is required to keep inventory on track. For them, using a spreadsheet is the first level of business automation.  These ‘first-time automators’, as we refer to them, may be growing rapidly and need a better, more efficient way to manage their current business, and position themselves for future growth.  They’re not always aware of the systems that are out there that are tailor-made to address their growing needs
  2. Integration with Sales Channel
        – Adding sales channels or marketplaces is a fast and effective way to grow your business, if you have the tools to manage them successfully. Having the ability to bring orders from all channels into one solution, where you can process the orders, manage the inventory, and publish updated ‘available to sell’ levels back to your sales channels, ensures you don’t oversell a low inventory level product.  It also saves you time by centralizing your workflow and eliminating the need to update various systems.  With an effective order management solution, inventory and order updates would be automatically published back to all sales channels.
  3. Barcoding & Scanning
        – Increasing the number of daily orders you receive is exciting, but it can also lead to bottlenecks if you’re not positioned to process and fulfill those orders efficiently. Retailers who are processing a higher volume of orders look to streamline their processes even more by implementing barcoding and scanning at the pick/pack/ship stages.
  4. Accounting Integration
        – While an accounting system can’t do the work of a specialized order an inventory management system, it is necessary to run a successful business. Having a direct integration to your accounting package from an order and inventory management system makes all the difference.  It enables you to easily post to your General Ledger account and keep track of all your other business expenses outside of inventory.
  5. Support For Kits (aka Bundled Products; kitting)
        – Many retailers have added kits or bundles to their product mix, meaning the product for sale is not a single item, but a combination of products sold as a kit or bundle such as a gift basket or a collection of items in a set.  Managing these types of products is more complex from an inventory standpoint. With an inventory management solution that supports kitted products, you can see how many kits can be assembled, what ‘kit’ items need to be re-ordered, etc.

If you think you can benefit from implementing a solution with the features listed above, give us a call.  Or Sign Up for a Free Trial of our Inventory & Order Management Solutions.

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Inventory Management Solutions – 2014 Buying Trends

Friday, July 11th, 2014

Posted by: Megan Castillo

At Dydacomp, we’ve been providing retailers with inventory and order management software solutions for over 25 years. We’ve been successful for so long because we totally get it.  Dydacomp was founded by retailers to provide software for retailers.  We understand the challenges you face because we’ve been there ourselves.

Working with thousands of retailers over the years has given us good insight into the buying trends as well as the top reasons retailers seek an inventory management solution. I recently came across an article by Software Advice, a website that researches and reviews inventory management software, which supports our findings.  Highlighted below are some of those key buying trends for 2014 and what retailers are looking for in an inventory management solution.

Buyer Profile

Very often the retailers we speak with are evaluating an inventory management solution for the first time.  They are what we refer to as ‘first-time automators’, those who are either running their business using manual methods such as maintaining spreadsheets, or using an accounting program that wasn’t designed to manage inventory and requires a lot of manual intervention. They realize the need to automate their order and inventory processes to not only alleviate the headaches and inaccuracies associated with the manual efforts, but to position themselves to continually grow their business.

According to Software Advice, 95% of the prospective buyers they spoke with were also first-time buyers.  Of that, 36% were using accounting software to manage their inventory, while 35% were using Excel or another spreadsheet method.  Another 11% were using what they called “manual methods”, which often referred to the good old pen and paper method.  Those buyers using any of the above methods are the kinds of people we speak to daily who love the fact that their business is growing, but hate the headaches this growth brings if they don’t have the proper systems in place.  They are looking to ease these pains so they can enjoy their success!


Buyers’ Current Inventory Management Methods


Software Advice: Inventory Management Software BuyerView | 2014


Do you fit into this category?  If so, it may be time to start reviewing your options.  Neither spreadsheets nor accounting software were designed to manage inventory and will only support your business growth to a certain extent.  You don’t want to stand in the way of your own success, right?  As a savvy business owner, you know there’s a better solution out there.   You just may not have the time to explore your options – because you’re too busy reconciling and correcting spreadsheet errors – sound familiar!

Do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to explore your options.  I guarantee you’ll gain that time, and more, back in the future once you start automating and streamlining your processes.

Top Requested Inventory Management Features

So what features are buyers looking for?  For most, it starts with basic inventory control.  By that I mean having a systematic way to truly ‘manage’ and control your inventory across all your sales channels.   Being able to rely on a solution to do the work for you, and rest assured the calculations are correct, rather than working in spreadsheets where your formulas can break and cause an inventory nightmare.

Those running a slightly more complex organization from an inventory standpoint are in search of a solution with more advanced features like: bar coding and scanning, demand forecasting, drop shipping, lot tracking and kitting.  And because there is still a need for an accounting solution to complement your inventory management solution, ideally retailers would like to find two of the best solutions that can seamlessly integrate with each other.  Again, it’s not that you don’t need an accounting solution, it’s just that an accounting solution was meant to do just that, manage your finances, and not manage and track inventory.  It’s not unlike using an electrician to fix a plumbing problem.  Yes they are both professionals, but it’s not the electrician’s specialty.  In this case, you’re using a piece of software that wasn’t designed to manage your inventory, and managing inventory is an integral part of a retailer’s business.

Since many small to mid-size retailers use QuickBooks for accounting, a direct integration to QuickBooks is an attractive feature to offer.  This enables retailers to easily post to their General Ledger account and keep track of all their other business expenses outside of inventory.


Top-Requested Inventory Management Features

Software Advice: Inventory Management Software BuyerView | 2014

Retailers’ Reasons For Evaluating Inventory Management Solutions

So why are retailers evaluating inventory management solutions? What’s pushing these first-time automators to invest in their back office operations? Most of the reasons go hand-in-hand and all go back to the fact that using spreadsheets or accounting solutions to perform tasks they weren’t designed to do just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

In the poll done by Software Advice, 35% of the prospective retail software buyers they spoke with said they were looking for a more modern solution for their inventory management needs.  Essentially, they are looking for an actual software solution designed to handle inventory needs rather than using spreadsheets, etc. The other reasons found also have to do with using a solution that wasn’t designed for inventory management control – having limited functionality, inability to support company growth and lacking the ability to automate business processes.

Automation is one of the top reasons we find retailers reaching out to us. Our solutions provide retailers with the ability to automate both inventory and order processes to not only streamline their operations, but free up time to focus on strategy efforts – like how to grow their business!  The streamlining of their processes is essential to support their current and future growth.  With manual processes in place, there tends to be a lot of bottlenecks that occur as business takes off, which can actually hinder your growth.


Buyers’ Reasons for Evaluating Inventory Management Software

Software Advice: Inventory Management Software BuyerView | 2014



When it comes down to it, there is one common goal in implementing a solution for the first time, or a replacement solution – finding a way to run your business better to not only manage current growth, but allow for the ability to support continued growth in the future!

So where do you fit in all of this?  If you’re in that category of retailers who are still using spreadsheets or non order and inventory specific solutions to run your business, there’s no time like the present to start exploring your options.  Like I said earlier, we’ve helped thousands of retailers to improve their processes and grow their business, and we’re here to help you too!  See for yourself, sign up for a Free Trial of our Inventory & Order Management Solutions today.



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IRCE 2014 Recap & 4 Key Take-Aways

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Posted by Laura Hills, VP of Marketing

Dydacomp participated as a sponsor in recent 2014 Internet Retailer Conference Exhibition (IRCE) in Chicago. This year IRCE celebrated its 10th year as the world’s largest eCommerce conference and exhibition and our staff had a fantastic experience at the show!

We spoke with many retailers, fulfillment, distribution, and wholesale businesses of various sizes who were eager to discuss the latest developments in internet retail. Our days at the conference were filled with informative meetings and great conversations about the challenges and opportunities businesses face when managing their continued growth.

So what was the buzz at this year’s show? Here are our top 4 key take-aways from IRCE 2014:


#4 Opportunities abound for best-in-class inventory and order management software solutions with multichannel retailers. At IRCE we heard how order and inventory management automation, efficiency, and insight have delivered real value to the bottom line of many multichannel sellers. These businesses shared experiences of how their multichannel operations continue to expand the needs emanating from their ‘back office silos’. The successful businesses view order and inventory management operations as essential solutions that drive their business’ ability to compete and win from the point in which a customer engages with them through their shopping cart to the receipt of their orders at their door, and beyond.

#3 The Magento Community fully embraced a tightly integrated cloud-based OMS solution. Visitors to Dydacomp’s booth at IRCE were excited to experience Freestyle Commerce first-hand! Freestyle is Dydacomp’s latest innovation—a cloud based online inventory and order management system that complements Magento eCommerce platforms and Amazon. Those who had the chance to see Freestyle in action were quickly delighted with the benefits its tight integration provided, including:

• Unification of the workflows for ALL Magento and Amazon sales channels orders into a single stream for expedited pick, pack, ship and bill processing.

• Complete visibility into on-hand stock levels, and the tasks involved with purchasing, receiving and updating new inventory counts across sales channels; combined with the ability to manage drop ship supplier operations.

• Connected customer insight and business intelligence tools to help make more informed business decisions and help manage the growth of businesses to their full potential.

#2 SMB retailers focus on drop shipping to drive efficiencies and cost savings. For many start-up and established small to medium-sized (SMB) growing businesses drop shipping was a hot topic. Drop shipping provides a way for savvy business owners to aggressively expand their product offerings without incurring the upfront costs of purchasing new inventory or having to directly manage the pick, pack and ship process for those orders. To further support these businesses, we were able to demonstrate how easy it was to include drop shipping operations into their order management mix through our solutions to meet their business objectives and growth goals without the overhead costs of maintaining inventory locally.

#1 Experience matters when it comes to technology solution providers. Many SMB retailers who sought us out at IRCE were looking for a solution provider that could relate to their specific business needs and who had the experience and the know-how to take businesses like theirs to the next level of success. We were proud to share our own personal success story. Many were surprised to learn that Dydacomp is a technology company that was started by retailers with solutions for retailers. Today, thousands of multichannel merchants rely on our Freestyle Commerce™ and Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.®) solutions to automate their retail back office operations and drive business growth. In total, our clients collectively generate nearly 10 million in gross merchandise sales every day! So how can we help you?

We hope to see you at next year’s IRCE but don’t wait until then to get started!

For additional information on operational improvements through automating order management, read this eBook entitled “Drive Your Retail Sales Growth With Operational Efficiencies.”


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