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Added LivePerson to your SiteLINK eCommerce Store yet?

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Posted by: Christine Amodio, Dydacomp Technical Writer and Trainer
Christine Amodio, Dydacomp Technical Writer
Did you miss the LivePerson Webinar? Still interested in learning about how adding LivePerson to your SiteLINK eCommerce store can:
• Increase in conversion rates and average order values
• Decrease in service operational costs by 25%
• Increase customer satisfaction rates by 85-90 percent.

Click here to view the webinar on demand on the M.O.M. User Forum.

LivePerson is offering a special deal to Dydacomp clients. To get your trial account and 20% discount, or to set-up a demo with a sales rep to see how LivePerson can help your own website increase sales and decrease cart abandonment,email Rachel Fefer at

For more information on how Live Chat can influence for your eCommerce store, check out this blog written by Al Pascale, Dydacomp eCommerce Manager.

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Intelligent Engagement Increases eCommerce Sales

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Posted By: Al Pascale, Dydacomp Manager of eCommerce Services

It might sound repetitive, but it is important to reiterate the value of customer engagement for your business. One way to increase customer interaction on your online store is to offer live chat for your eCommerce website.

LivePerson allows you to easily integrate live chat for your SiteLINK ecommerce store. This feature will allow your online visitors to get real-time information when they need it and before they become frustrated, abandon their shopping cart, and leave your site. LivePerson offers a fully integrated live chat solution that allows you to provide visitors with support and other assistance directly from your Dydacomp storefront.

LivePerson offers your business an intelligent engagement solution that will proactively target visitors to your site at the right time and match them with right agent who will be able to address their issue. It ensures that your customers speak to the right agent to help resolve an issue or answer a question that can help close the deal on a sale.  This service also helps make your customer’s online shopping experience more personal. This engagement has been proven to boost website conversions and average order values by monitoring and engaging your visitors in real-time. There has never been a better way to increase online sales, provide customer support, and reduce operating costs.


Live Person’s live chat has the statistics to reinforce its effectiveness:

• Visitors who chat are three times more likely to buy from your online store.

• Visitors who chat have an average order size is 35% higher than non-chatters.

• Chatters are twice as likely to return to your site within a day.

• 85-90% of chatters rate their service experience as “good” or “excellent“, which will help increase customer satisfaction.

• Shifting service requests from phone to chat can reduce the average cost per interaction by 80%.

Isn’t it time you offer Live Chat to help personalize and improve your customers shopping experience on your ecommerce store? Click here to learn more and get 20% off LivePerson.

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Best Practices: Live Chat

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Every eCommerce retailer is constantly in search of ways to decrease cart abandonment and increase sales. Statistics indicate that 80% of the information your customers are searching for is already on your site, but frustration and impatience frequently drive them to move on.

Live chat is an increasingly popular and effective solution to the cart and site abandonment problem. According to a recent survey of the 100 top Internet retailers conducted by The E-Tailing Group, 32% offer live chat. Retailers report that they set their live chat window to pop up after 15-20 seconds of inactivity, engaging customers before they abandon.

Making a live customer service agent available to answer any visitor questions and to push links to the visitor in real-time removes barriers to purchasing and allows you to offer incentives to “fence sitters” to close the sale. Not convinced?

  • Visitors who chat are three times more likely to buy
  • Average order size is 35% higher than non-chatters
  • Chatters are twice as likely to return to the site within a day
  • 85-90% of chatters rate their service experience as “good” or “excellent”
  • Shifting service requests from phone to chat can reduce the average cost per interaction by 80%
  • 25% of visitors who chat opt-in for mailing lists to receive further communications
  • As a SiteLINK 6.0 client, you are entitled to a free test drive of LivePerson that can be activated right from the admin screen. It’s a risk free, 7-day trial that can be fully activated at a 20% discount if done through the admin page. You can also visit the Live Person site or a quick demo of the affordable and easy-to-use live chat, email management, VoIP click-to-talk, and self-service/knowledgebase products.

    Our SiteLINK staff is available to answer questions about how to use LivePerson and other tools to help drive more customers to your site and keep them on it. They can be reached by email at or by phone at (973) 237-0300, option 2.

    Not using SiteLINK? SiteLINK is the only 100% customizable eCommerce solution tailor-made for and completely integrated with M.O.M..For a complete list of SiteLINK’s features and benefits visit To schedule an online demo, contact your solution specialist at (800) 858-3666, option 3.

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