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New ACVM Data is in the Mail

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Posted by: Christine Amodio, Technical Writer and TrainerChristine Amodio, Dydacomp Technical Writer

Dydacomp has just mailed the most recent Address Correction Validation Module (AVCM) update.  All Multichannel Order Manager users with ACVM should keep an eye out for the  disk with the new updated data  in the mail. You should expect the data by the end of this week or beginning of next week.

The July 2011 release will expire on October 28,2011 and the new data from the USPS will provide the most accurate addresses to date. These updated addresses will be valid from October 28,2011 until January 28, 2012 when we will be send out the next batch of updates.

Interested in adding the Address Correction Verification Module for your M.O.M. system? ACVM will compare key-entered, imported shipping and mailing addresses against actual USPS® data in real time. This comparison will help ensure that all of the addresses you send packages to are valid and accurate.

For more information about Dydacom’s ACVM module, click here. To contact sales to learn more about adding ACVM to your M.O.M. system today at (800) 858-3666 or email us at

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New M.O.M. Executable Available!

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Posted by: Michael Nardini, VP of Customer SatisfactionMichael Nardini, VP of Client Satisfaction

As a continuing effort to improve the quality of Dydacomp Technical Support, we will be releasing bi-weekly executables ( updates twice a month) that include a number of fixes and minor enhancements for supported M.O.M. users.

Beginning today, new executables will be available for download from the support section of  our website every two weeks. This week’s executable (dates 10.4.11) includes minor fixes such as:

  • An Updated Blackthorn interface to support the latest version of Blackthorn.
  • Enable the ability to toggle Fedex Ship Manager Server logging toggle to off or on
  • Export wizard now allows selection of order by field
  • Apply  a payment amount to a specific  part of an invoice
  • Enable the auto activation of Channel Advisor module

For a full list of the fixes included in the update please log into Dydacomp Support Online.

If you have any questions or trouble updating, The Dydacomp Support team is available Mon – Thurs 9 AM – 6:45 PM EST and Fri 9 AM – 4:45 PM EST by calling 973-237-0300. You can also contact Support via the online ticketing system by clicking here,

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How an Integrated Multichannel Order System Can Nurture Your Business

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Posted by: Craig Abramson, Director of Marketing

Many small and mid-size retailers are frustrated with inefficient back-office processes that often require repeating certain tasks for online and offline channels. Whether retailers realize it or not, such a lack of coordination can hinder their ability to effectively compete in a multichannel world. While integrated solutions are available, mid-size retailers believe such platforms have been designed for larger businesses, making them either too expensive or beyond the capabilities of a smaller retailer. A single solution expressly designed for small and mid-size retailers, such as Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.), can give retailers the support they need to be more productive and to stay on top of quickly changing retail technology and regulations. By using M.O.M., retailers are not only able to provide a better customer experience but, they can also put more of a focus on what they do best – selling products.

It’s a fact of doing business today that retailers need to be in a variety of channels. For many small and mid-size retailers, this could mean operating a consumer-facing website and catalog as well as a multichannel order wholesale business. M.O.M.’s powerful database gives retailers the ability to easily view any customer’s complete history with the brand across all channels. The result is that customers have a more consistent experience with your brand and customer service representatives are less frustrated.

Using M.O.M., retailers can also integrate inventory across channels so they’ll always know what’s in stock. There’s an order entry and processing module as well that processes orders via the Web, phone or catalog and integrates with shipping systems. An e-commerce add-on SiteLINK enables retailers to create and manage their Web site.

To learn more about how a multichannel order management system can improve your business, click here to view the Dydacomp special report.

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ACVM Update

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Posted by: Michael Nardini, VP of Customer Satisfaction.Michael Nardini, VP of Client Satisfaction

The Dydacomp Team has been hard at work to resolve the recent issue that arose with M.O.M.’s Address Correction and Validation Module and USPS. The issue has been successfully identified and Dydacomp developers are currently finishing up final testing on the resolution.

Keep an eye on your email inbox as the release will be available early next week and we will distribute instructions for resolving the error. New ACVM disks will be sent out next week as well.

Again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused your business.

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Shipping and Your Multichannel Order Manager: Harvey CPS Webinar

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Posted By: Christine Amodio, Dydacomp Technical Writer and TrainerChristine Amodio, Dydacomp Technical Writer

Looking for a shipping solution for your Multichannel Order Manager System?   Join us for a webinar to see how to improve and simplify your shipping processes using Harvey Software Inc.’s Computerized Parcel System (CPS) for your M.O.M. system. The webinar is scheduled for June 23, 2011 at 2:30PM EDT and will show how easy it is to integrate and use Harvey’s CPS with your M.O.M. system and how this combination can help you reduce your shipping costs. A guest speaker from Harvey Software will be on the call, so bring your questions Space is limited so make sure you reserve your Webinar seat now at:

Title: Make Shipping Easier with CPS and M.O.M

Date: Thursday, June 23, 2011

Time: 2:30PM – 3:30PM EDT

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Don’t Forget to Backup SiteLINK too!

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Posted by: Daniel Cirasuolo,  SiteLINK eCommerce Support Specialist

The Dydacomp team is always reminding customers about the importance of backing up your Multichannel Order Manager system and hopefully customers have taken our advice to back up their M.O.M on a daily basis. Backing up your M.O.M. system is a crucial step to help ensure the integrity of your data, but many people don’t realize the importance of backing up your web design pages for your SiteLINK eCommerce store. This back up helps ensure that if you make changes to the design of your web store, you will always have a copy of the original to restore if issues arise.

The SiteLINK eCommerce team here at Dydacomp have received a number of calls because clients have forgotten to save their website (.asp) pages before making adjustments and lost custom work and other designs. Failure to back up your SiteLINK eCommerce pages can result in the loss of your custom work that could hurt the functionally of your website. It is important for SiteLINK clients to save their .asp pages before making any changes to your SiteLINK store to ensure you have a back up copy to restore if you accidently change specifics of your site.

I recommend that clients make a copy of any  SiteLINK eCommerce .ASP page they are going to be editing.  Copy and paste the .ASP file to an area on your computer that you will be able to access if needed.  I usually recommend to SiteLINK clients that they should create a new folder called BACKUP within their FTP site, and copy and paste any .ASP files they make changes to. This will help prevent the loss of your web design in the future.


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Shipping Integrations in M.O.M. and SiteLINK Webinar

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Posted By: Michael Nardini, VP of Customer Satisfaction

Have questions about how to set up shipping integration in your Multichannel Order Manager ? Looking to add another shipping method to your SiteLINK eCommerce store?  We invite you to join us for an overview of shipping in M.O.M. webinar to be held on May 19,2011 at  2:30pm EDT. This webinar will cover shipping method setup and shipping options. We recommend you bring your questions, there will be a live Q&A session at the end of the presentation with M.O.M. shipping experts. We look forward to seeing you there.

Shipping Overview Webinar

Date: Thursday May 19, 2011

Time: 2:30-3:30 PM EDT


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Intelligent Engagement Increases eCommerce Sales

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Posted By: Al Pascale, Dydacomp Manager of eCommerce Services

It might sound repetitive, but it is important to reiterate the value of customer engagement for your business. One way to increase customer interaction on your online store is to offer live chat for your eCommerce website.

LivePerson allows you to easily integrate live chat for your SiteLINK ecommerce store. This feature will allow your online visitors to get real-time information when they need it and before they become frustrated, abandon their shopping cart, and leave your site. LivePerson offers a fully integrated live chat solution that allows you to provide visitors with support and other assistance directly from your Dydacomp storefront.

LivePerson offers your business an intelligent engagement solution that will proactively target visitors to your site at the right time and match them with right agent who will be able to address their issue. It ensures that your customers speak to the right agent to help resolve an issue or answer a question that can help close the deal on a sale.  This service also helps make your customer’s online shopping experience more personal. This engagement has been proven to boost website conversions and average order values by monitoring and engaging your visitors in real-time. There has never been a better way to increase online sales, provide customer support, and reduce operating costs.


Live Person’s live chat has the statistics to reinforce its effectiveness:

• Visitors who chat are three times more likely to buy from your online store.

• Visitors who chat have an average order size is 35% higher than non-chatters.

• Chatters are twice as likely to return to your site within a day.

• 85-90% of chatters rate their service experience as “good” or “excellent“, which will help increase customer satisfaction.

• Shifting service requests from phone to chat can reduce the average cost per interaction by 80%.

Isn’t it time you offer Live Chat to help personalize and improve your customers shopping experience on your ecommerce store? Click here to learn more and get 20% off LivePerson.

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Why Choose M.O.M. XL

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Posted by: Paul Mendelsohn, Director of Implementation

Three Reason to Consider Upgrading to a M.O.M. XL SQL Solution

What is SQL? SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is the world’s standard database platform. Microsoft SQL Server is used by the large business edition of Multichannel Order Manager, M.O.M. XL, to provide the power for advanced order processing. M.O.M. XL adds high-end refinements to the powerful and popular feature set of the Enterprise Edition of M.O.M.

The three main issues a business should consider when deciding whether to upgrade to M.O.M. XL are:


M.O.M. XL /Microsoft SQL server allows your IT technicians real time access to your database tables without requiring exclusive use of your M.O.M. system. This unlimited access to the M.O.M. data allows your IT team to update your data tables without the risk of corruption or loss of data integrity. Databases can be “published” to another server for reporting with the use of replication. If your business is growing and becoming more demanding in terms of technology the M.O.M. XL solution is the one for you.


The stability of your files in M.O.M. is related to your file sizes. When files grow to large sizes in M.O.M. Enterprise data can become corrupted, resulting in the need to ‘re-index’ your FoxPro system during your business day. This re-indexing process requires exclusive use of your M.O.M. system effectively stopping production. M.O.M. XL is built to handle larger files sizes and will create a bulletproof database with no file corruption and no need for re-indexing (in SQL, indexes are a physical part of the file).


M.O.M. XL can create extremely large sized files, compared to M.O.M. Enterprise, which has a 2G table limit. If you consistently process 500 orders a day or more, XL is more suited to handle your volume. Order volume will create large files, as will a large amount of inventory. Stock record sizes will increase as more details are added (descriptions, images, etc.). With M.O.M. XL, file size will never be a concern.

Do you feel like it’s time for your business to upgrade to the next level of M.O.M.? Click here to find out more information about M.O.M. XL.


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Customer Notices Made Easy

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Posted by: Dennis Ombati, Dydacomp M.O.M. XL Support Specialist

Dennis Ombati, M.O.M. XL Support Specialist

Multichannel Order Manager provides customers the ability to quickly create customer notices with the help of keywords. Some M.O.M. users choose to create elaborate customer notices using HTML, but if you are looking to quickly create a customer notice M.O.M. has an straightforward solution. Using specific keywords you will be able to compile all the necessary order information and include it in a customer notice. Please remember to make sure these keywords are used at the beginning of a line for them to work effectively.

The Top 6 Keywords that can create effective customer notices in M.O.M. are:

  • %%ALLORDER : This keyword will compile a preformatted list of the customer’s entire order.
  • %%SHIPORDER: This keyword will compile a preformatted list of the items being shipped in an order or order part.
  • %%SHIPALL: This keyword will compile a preformatted list of the shipping information for an entire order (all invoices ) and includes; shipping tracking number, shipping method, shipping date.
  • %%SHIPTRACKALL This keyword will compile a preformatted list similar to %%SHIPALL except it will contain the link for the customer to track the package on the internet. You are able to set up this link in the General Tab of the Shipping Method Maintenance screen.
  • %%SHIPMENT: This keyword will compile a reformatted list of shipping information for that particular invoice (order part) being shipped. Includes; shipping tracking number, shipping method, shipping date.
  • %%SHIPTRACK Preformatted list similar to %%SHIPMENT except it contains the link to track the package on the internet. You are able to set up this link in the General Tab of the Shipping Method Maintenance screen.

These keywords will help you effortlessly create comprehensive customer notices and ensure that they include all the  necessary order information for your customers. For support question, please contact our online support resource or our M.O.M. User Forum.

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