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Is it Time to Expand Into Multiple Magento Stores?

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

You have your Magento store, and it’s doing well, but how can it do even better? Maybe you’re thinking your business could benefit from adding some additional Magento stores. Or, perhaps you are a multichannel seller, and you’re simply trying to decide if Magento is the right solution for you.

Knowing what platform(s) to pick to grow your eCommerce business is not always an obvious choice. With all of the options out there, things can get confusing.

Magento has certainly exuded a long-standing positive reputation among retailers. The Magento eCommerce platform has a market share of 26.3%, making them a global leader, according to Alexa Top 1M data.

Find out if adding one or multiple Magento stores is right for your business.

Having multiple Magento online stores is a similar concept to opening other brick and mortar locations; only without the real estate and operational overhead costs. Some e-tailers open multiple stores to sell the same products to different demographics, while others use the multi-store approach to segment product lines to target different buyer personas.

Managing Multiple Magento Stores Does Not Have to Be a Juggling Act

Separating brands, products sets and buyer types are just some reasons to add multiple stores. With these, you have the ability to distinguish between different audiences, products and more.

This multi-store approach gives you greater insight into buyer behavior and product preferences through website analytics and traffic patterns. You will need to consider how your SEO efforts and branding will come into play.

Say you are a retailer selling fishing rods, hunting gear and tons of other unique products. You probably don’t want to have all of your distinctive items on the same store website. Why you ask? Let’s take a closer look.

If you use Magento or are looking to add their platform in the future, you have the ability to view multiple stores in one Magento instance. By splitting your inventory up into two or more stores, the benefits may seem obvious. But, just in case, here are some highlights.managing multiple magento stores

Benefits of Multiple Magento Stores:

  • 1 Single Admin View = 1 List of Orders & Hosting Plan

  • SEO Advantages through Targeted Keywords & Phrases

  • View all Products in Less Categories

  • Organize Categories by Name & Description

  • Aid Customer Navigation & Overall Satisfaction

Utilizing multiple Magento stores gives you the ability to operate as many online stores as you need, all within a single installation. By doing so, you can also eliminate having to log into the Magento admin multiple times. If you will be selling products on multiple domains, you can easily track your sales and customers, without logging in to each website’s admin area.

Once you establish the multiple stores through Magento, you can fully customize your Magento store(s) by selecting from a number of responsive themes. Free Magento themes are readily available as well. After you select your theme, you can have the flexibility to separate your stores so efficiently, you may soon find out why so many retailers embrace Magento.

After you have full visibility into your specific stores, managing and fulfilling your orders comes next.

Considering an OMS with a direct integration to Magento will help SMB retailers effectively manage their Magento stores, giving them the access they need, all while seeing their stores on the platform. When you are selling specific, unique products, you are bound to have some distinctly different clientele. So why not make it easy for your customers to find you and easily navigate your site once they arrive?

By giving your customers the flexibility to search your online store for specific items, you will be on your way to increasing sales and customer retention rates.

An inventory management system gives you a holistic view of orders and inventory across all of your sales channels, which allows for improved customer service, better reporting and analytics functionality. If all your order and inventory information is visible from one central location, you can quickly and easily compare and contrast the performance of each channel, eliminating the use of complicated spreadsheets.

To find out more on how to optimize your business for multichannel selling, watch the quick webinar below.

multichannel selling

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6 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Magento

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

magento inventory management solutions

With the wide variety of eCommerce solutions to choose from today, it can be confusing to pick the right one for your business. Selling on multiple channels can be a giant leap in the right direction for your business, and while website platforms like Bigcommerce and Mozu can be extremely helpful, Magento is definitely worth looking into as well.

Magento makes it easy for SMB’s (small to mid-sized businesses) to fully optimize their eCommerce solutions, get product listings sorted out for multichannel orders and more. Larger retailers like Samsung, Nestle, Olympus and others rely on Magento for their web designs and operations. Not to mention the millions of small to mid-sized companies that trust Magento for their eCommerce solutions. Here are a few key reasons why these businesses say yes to Magento.

6) SEO Friendly & Ready

Your website looks fantastic. It has great appeal, your products are ready to fly off the shelves, and you’re positioned to start selling on multiple channels like Amazon and eBay. Before you start selling online, there’s more to consider. Don’t watch all that hard work go down the drain by not optimizing your eCommerce pages. Making sure you incorporate the right copy, product reviews and offers are of course vital to attract consumers and to keep up with the competition, but Magento can help with much more.

Making sure your products are easily found on search engines such as Google is the key to increasing online sales for your business. Magento‘s eCommerce platform gives you the ability to fully customize meta-tags into multi-layered navigation, as well as optimize content pages, product copy, URL’s and site maps. You can fully customize criteria on Magento to rank higher on Google, ultimately giving you the chance to drive more traffic and increase revenue.

5) Fully Responsive

Understanding the importance of responsive web design is an important first step in creating an effective eCommerce site. Since mobile site traffic is constantly expanding, and consumers are finding easier, quicker ways to shop, it is vital for your website to keep up.

magento inventory

Selling on multiple channels is another way to expand your online business footprint, and Magento can help get you there with advanced product listings and a fully responsive, clean website design to engage with shoppers directly or while they’re shopping from mobile devices.

4) Extensive Features & Easy Integrations

To increase sales even further, adding more features through your eCommerce platform is definitely a win-win situation. Some product extensions found in Magento Connect are extensive on their own, with detailed editing functionality, front-end management, landing page additions and many more.

With Magento, integrations are also easily accessible via shipping, database applications and payment gateways. As a Magento merchant, you can take advantage of a seamless integration into your orders and inventory, to give you the in-depth management capabilities necessary to run back office operations efficiently. With inventory management developed specifically for the Magento eCommerce platform, you will be on your way to experiencing rapid and integrated shipping, faster order processing, gaining real-time visibility into business metrics through reporting and dashboards and more.

3) Highly Scalable 

Magento is highly scalable, flexible and versatile for retail operations both large and small. Many major brands trust the platform to run their eCommerce stores, including Nike, Nicole Miller, Ghiradelli and Easton to name a few. Some of these are recognized as the best Magento website designs based upon research findings and social media presence.

Magento’s flexibility is in large part attributed to their architecture and the ability to offer multiple extensions, and modules designed specifically for the eCommerce merchant. If you need to add multiple payment options, languages or stores, for example, Magento can help you take advantage of all of these and much more through a wide variety of applications found in the Magento Connect extension marketplace.

2) Affordable  

According to Google Trends, Magento is the most popular platform in the United States. One of the reasons for this is the platform’s affordability. There is an initial charge for customization and installation, but when all things are considered, Magento ranks as an extremely cost-effective solution.

affordable magento inventory management

1) Open Source Haven with Community Support

Most importantly, Magento is an open source platform, with two versions available, Enterprise and Community Edition. The Magento Community Edition is free to use, and there are no hidden fees when if you choose this option for your Magento development.

Having an open source approach is the main reason so many large and small businesses choose Magento for their eCommerce platform. A large community of developers are also readily available around the world to help, as this is an open source eCommerce solution.

Final Thoughts

Order and inventory management go hand in hand. Understanding the key aspects of the pick/pack/ship fulfillment processes are essential, such as learning some shipping insights for eCommerce and managing your customer’s experience.

With a fully integrated order and inventory management system (OMS) developed specifically for the Magento eCommerce platform, Freestyle Commerce helps you take care of all of your back-office operations and help you expedite the processing of your orders much faster. Here are some highlights of what you can look forward to with Freestyle Commerce’s Magento inventory management integration.

Learn more about how you can benefit from Magento inventory management with Freestyle through our live demonstrations or webinars or check out the video below.

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