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Seasonal Implementation Made Easy Using IEM and Multi-Company

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Posted by Dennis Ombati, Mail Order Manager XL Support Specialist

Dennis Ombati, M.O.M. XL Support SpecialistRecently, I had a chance to work with a major retailer of aquatic sports gear that needed their second SiteLINK store set up and fully integrated with Mail Order Manager in a relatively short period of time.  With the summer season fast approaching, their goal was to capitalize on the demand for their products and to double up their e-commerce revenue.

To accomplish this, they used the Multi-Company Controller Module which allowed them to establish a second company in the M.O.M. system.  By creating this second company, they gain the ability to integrate with multiple SiteLINK websites.  I walked the client through the process of building this second company and advised them on creating data files based on our stock file structure located in the M.O.M. Help file Data Dictionary.

The client provided the stock and inventory data for close to 2000 products in an Excel spreadsheet and we imported the data through the Import Export Module’s Stock Import Wizard.

Data Import Wizard

After a quick re-index and complete publish to their website, their second SiteLINK store was up and running.

Time was of the essence and this whole project would have taken them a whole month to complete due to the amount of products that needed to be created one by one.  With the use of all the additional modules involved (Multi-Company, IEM, and SiteLINK), the roll out time was shortened substatially.  The client was very happy that we were able to complete the project in less than a week thus saving them time and money.

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Avoiding Unnecessary Backend Manipulation

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Posted by Ryan Galicia, Mail Order Manager XL Support Supervisor

Ryan Galicia, M.O.M. XL Team Leader

A long time M.O.M. user specializing in selling automotive parts recently wrote into our support mailbox with the following question: “We have thousands of quotes in our database and we would like to be able to bulk cancel most of them (i.e.: quotes entered before 2009).  Does M.O.M. support this or will I have to do it through SQL using a stored procedure?”

While the request was simple enough, a common practice often found by the M.O.M. user community is to look for operations that can be accomplished through backend manipulation.  For the above email, I wrote back to the user explaining that a backend stored procedure is not necessary for what he was looking to accomplish and he simply needed to use the Database Purge Module’s option to Purge Quotations prior to a certain date.

M.O.M. quote purge 

The cited email was just a small example of how some of our more long time and advanced users look immediately for a backend procedure to accomplish a goal.  As seen, a lot of these cases do not require the backend manipulation that they originally think is needed. 

The Mail Order Manager system is designed as a relational database system (meaning the data within the tables are linked together) and any type of manipulation on one table can have adverse effects on other tables in the database design if not they are not updated properly.  Additionally, unsupervised backend data manipulation not conducted by Mail Order Manager Technical Support is not covered under a user’s Support contract and the technical support team will not be able to assist with any unforeseen errors that a user encounters. 

On a case by case basis, some issues do require manipulation of the backend data to reach a resolution; however, it should not be attempted or conducted without consulting M.O.M. Technical Support.  Examples of these issues can vary and range from an incorrect inventory value on a report or screen to a field containing a value so high it reaches the maximum size of that field and produces what’s called an ‘overflow’ error. 

As many of our M.O.M. users can attest to, the recent including of web based support services (available only to our Resolution Support or Business Operations Support tiers) allows a M.O.M. tech to conduct a remote session on a user’s machine and run any necessary backend modifications to a client’s system.  This is the proper procedure to follow when backend data modifications need to be made as a technician will cover all necessary areas and tables to make sure the data that has been modified reports corrected in the front-end of M.O.M.

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Dydacomp on YouTube

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Posted by Christine Amodio, Dydacomp Technical Writer

Christine Amodio, Dydacomp Technical WriterDydacomp is expanding our communication channels for our customers, and those that are interested in becoming part of the Dydacomp family.  We are proud to announce we have created a YouTube accountOur most recent video is an overview of Mail Order Manager Technical Support.  We have uploaded some other videos to the account, and plan to continue to build out more content.  Our objective is to have videos that not only give you an overview of what we do at Dydacomp, but also provide you with videos that give you tips and train you on the software.

We notice that when you are a supported customer and we provide training services, your business does better.  The YouTube videos we will be creating are going to be developed as a training aide for you, in addition to our webinars that can be found on the Support section of our website.  Another thing to remember, we host training seminars multiple times a year for you to attend in person or remotely.   

When you visit YouTube, don’t forget to subscribe so you can easily find the new videos as we post them.

Subscribe to the Dydacomp channel

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Time to Appreciate your MOM (System, That Is)

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Posted by Michael Chichester, Dydacomp Payment Processing Team Leader

Michael Chichester, Dydacomp Payment ProcessingThis past Sunday was Mother’s Day.  I’d like to extend a belated Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there.  As we all take time out to appreciate our mothers, I was thinking what a great time to take a deep breath and appreciate your M.O.M. system.  All of us here at Dydacomp feel we have a superior product and work hard to provide a great customer experience.  Here in the Payment Processing Department, we are excited about the opportunity to save you money on credit card processing.  I love my job because I get to save our customers money every day.  It’s an awesome feeling and I highly recommend you try it sometime.

Last week I was speaking with the owner of an automotive shop who processes about $150,000 per month in credit cards.  They have 6 workstations and process via phone and internet. This customer was convinced that we could not help them save money because they already had “rock bottom prices” for credit card processing.  It took some convincing, but the merchant finally agreed to send me 3 months worth of credit card statements so I could do a full cost analysis for them.  In doing the analysis, I discovered several areas where switching to our Bundled Services Package could save them money.  I spoke with our First Data Rep and was able to negotiate a sweetheart deal for this customer, which included a FREE First Data Global Gateway.  Including the elimination of the gateway costs, we were able to save them $185 per month right off the bottom line! 

It was with great pleasure that I was able to call the owner back and present them with the savings.  This individual could not believe that we found them any savings, much less $185 per month.  With the extra money in the budget, they plan to purchase the Address Correction and Validation Module (ACVM) and upgrade to a higher tier of Mail Order Manager Support.  This, in turn, will save them even more time and money.

So, take a minute to appreciate your M.O.M. system.  We are all working hard to help make your business as successful as possible.

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Creating a M.O.M. Backup

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Posted by Art Vivino, Dydacomp Technical Support Supervisor

Art Vivino, Dydacomp Technical Support Supervisor

In my many years of supporting Mail Order Manager, one of the most important items that is often overlooked or emphasized is the importance of daily backups. If you are running your business on any software solution, it is essential that you have a backup in case of an unforeseeable event such as a PC crash, hard drive failure, or data corruption, etc.

Too many times I have spoken to customers who experienced one of these events where a full restore was necessary but did not have a recent backup.

Also, customers may have contracted out to an IT firm to install an automated backup system, but either the backup was never tested to determine if the data being saved contained a fully working copy of the entire MOMWIN folder, or they were never instructed on how to restore if needed.

To eliminate any possible issues regarding automated backups, a manual nightly backup should be done. There is no such thing as overkill when it comes to backups. Having redundancy often saves many businesses a lot of time and money.

This is a very simple task:

  • After all users are logged out, locate the M.O.M. folder on the server.
  • Create a folder on another hard drive on the network.
  • Right click on the M.O.M. folder and select COPY, then open the MOMBACKUP folder and paste the copy there.
  • Along with storing the backup on another PC, it is advisable that the copy be saved on portable media such as a USB drive or external hard drive.
  • The best method of periodic backups would be to create 2 or more folders so you can have a backup from more than 1 day (ex: create 5 folders on your backup location labeled MOMbackupMon, MOMbackupTue, MOMbackupWed, etc.).
  • Keep a separate backup for each day of the week. At the beginning of the following week you can begin overwriting the previous week’s backup.
  • Locate the MOMWIN folder, right click, and hit COPY


  • After creating your daily folders, select the day you are backing up, open this folder. The location below is a USB drive, however, it can be on any other hard drive on your network.

Select Backup Folder

  • Simply right click in this location and hit PASTE.  The date that this folder was created will be recorded based on the time/date of your PC.

Paste MOMWIN folder

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about creating back-ups, please submit a comment on this post and we’ll be happy to address them.

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M.O.M. Enterprise to M.O.M. 7i XL Conversion

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Posted by Katherine Ulloa, Dydacomp Senior Technical Support

Katherine Ulloa, Dydacomp Senior Technical SupportI am very passionate when I work with users who are ready to convert to the SQL version of M.O.M. 7i.  I know that it is a big step for them, so I am committed to be there throughout the entire process.

It wasn’t too long ago that I worked with a very delightful world-class musical instrument web retailer.  They have been a Dydacomp customer for over 10 years using our Enterprise version running on a Visual FoxPro backend.  This web retailer badly needed an updated version of M.O.M. due to reaching the 2GB limit imposed on Microsoft Visual FoxPro files.  Their problems, due to this capacity limitation with the database file size, escalated to making regular and long M.O.M. Technical Support calls which constantly disrupted their business.  Thus they decided to make the move to M.O.M. XL.

Regarding the conversion process, my suggestion is to always do a test conversion first, so they will have the time to examine the new M.O.M. 7i system running on a SQL Server. During that time of testing, I make myself available to answer any questions or provide support to any issues that they may encounter while in this testing phase.

I know that a good reference document is always important, therefore, at the end of the test conversion I sent them an outline containing detailed steps that we had taken to make that conversion a success.  The client implemented this step-by-step process a couple of times by themselves until they were comfortable enough to accept the final conversion process.

MOM XL Conversion document

At times, there are customers that prefer a dedicated SQL specialist to be with them during the entire live conversion.  In this particular situation, the customer felt more comfortable running their live conversion on a Friday, during non-operational hours.  Here at Dydacomp we value our customers and we know that they expect the Mail Order Manager Technical Support team to be there when they need us the most, so I made sure this live conversion was a total success by assisting this customer even after hours and customer stating they felt self-assured at running the conversion themselves.  This is a testimonial from this success story:

“I have never received a follow up phone call from a support team like I did this time.  Katherine was concerned about the success of the conversion even after the whole process was already a proven success.”

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Mail Order Manager Support is Here to Help!

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Posted by Christopher Lang, SiteLINK Support Supervisor

Christopher Lang, SiteLINK Support Supervisor
This is going to be more of an unconventional blog. Most of the blogs you have seen so far are “success stories” about how Mail Order Manager Support has helped our clients resolve technical support issues, save money, and, overall, grow their business. You have also seen blogs from our CEO, John Healy, talking about growth in the industry as well as economic trends and the effect on business today. This blog is going to give you an inside look at how Mail Order Manager Support is growing and adapting in order to better assist you in your day-to-day business operations.

Over the past year, Dydacomp has completely changed the way that we view Support.  It went from a “issue resolution” model to a “business growth” model.  Allow me to elaborate on this a little bit. An “issue resolution” model is exactly as it sounds: a customer calls the Dydacomp Support line with an issue and Technical Support resolves the issue.  It works, it’s practical, but that is all you could rely on our Support department for.  

The “business growth” model is very different.  With Mail Order Manager Support now, we are with you from the initial purchase of the product all the way through until you are in full swing.  Even after that, we are still here to assist in growing your business.  We pride ourselves on being able to offer a product that grows as your company does. Our new product releases are based on suggestions that we receive from you, our customer.  We even have groups of customers beta test these new products before we release them to ensure that there is nothing else we should add to make it better.

On top of all of the above, Mail Order Manager Support has drastically changed the way we handle your issues for the better.  With an ever-growing product, we need an ever-growing group of technicians.  As many of you know, some people will be more knowledgeable about a certain area of the software then others. Taking this into consideration we now use a “skill-based routing” procedure to make sure that the issue you are reporting is handled by a technician with the most knowledge in that area. This greatly decreases the time spent resolving the issue. In turn, you save precious time and money which, with the current economy, are both vital things. 

We have also implemented an online version of the ticketing system that we use to track our Support logs. This gives you the ability to not only track all of your open issues without having to call and ask, but also add notes for the technician working on that ticket, and add attachments such as screen shots or files.  Also included with this is an Online Knowledge Base. This is the same Knowledge Base that our technicians use internally, so all the information available to us is available to you! There are currently over 5000 different articles. We also have all of our previous webinars and “how to” videos in this area, so if there was a webinar you wanted to attend but were unable to, you can check them out.

All in all, over the past year Mail Order Manager Support has taken a dramatic turn for the better.  We want you to succeed and will continue to prove that to you over the years to come with new, feature-rich products, new updates to our procedures, and all done based on suggestions from you.   So if you have a suggestion for us, please comment on this post or e-mail us  We look forward to hearing from you!

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