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Mobile Device Shoppers Taking the Lead in Online Spending – Are They Finding You?

Friday, October 18th, 2013

Posted by: Laura Hills, VP Marketing

In the second quarter of 2013, consumers using smartphones and tablets increased their online spending by 24% over 2012 reports comScore Inc., the global leader and preferred source for digital business analytics.  Internet Retailer estimates that total online sales increased 16.2% to $54.54 billion for the same time period.

comScore also reports that the 2013 second quarter sales marks the 15th consecutive positive quarter for eCommerce and the 11th consecutive quarter of double digit growth.   “Increased spending growth for the second quarter not only reflects the long term shift towards digital commerce, but also the near-term signals of sustained improvement in consumer sentiment,” says Gian Fulgoni, comScore chairman.

This is definitely positive news for online retailers, but only if shoppers can easily find them online. Etailers need to be sure to focus on getting in front of their ideal customers and prospective customers through direct site, paid search and search engine access. It is easy to identify just how easy (or difficult) it is to find your business by doing your own searches to see where you are listed on the popular search engines.  And don’t hesitate to look for help if needed to boost your rankings – not everyone’s an SEO specialist.

With over 5 billion Google searches per day, more than half done on a mobile device, your business may be hard to find.  Know the keywords that people are using to find you, and be sure your site is optimized for SEO rankings. offers the top 10 factors that positively affect your search engine rankings: [1]

1.        Keyword Use in Title Tag

2.        Anchor Text of Inbound Links

3.        Global Link Popularity of Site

4.        Age of Site

5.        Link Popularity within the Site’s Internal Link Structure

6.        Topical Relevance of Inbound Links to Site

7.        Link Popularity of Site in Topical Community

8.        Keyword Use in Body Text

9.        Global Link Popularity of Linking Site

10.     Topical Relationship of Linking Page

In addition, be active on social networks where your customers are likely to be.  Update your site content and offer promotions and/or links that direct them to relevant content, giving visitors reasons to visit often while keeping the search engines running. Your site should be optimized to be displayed and function across all popular devices.  Make sure that there is no loss of integrity or functionality on mobile platforms as more and more shoppers are using them to making their online purchases.

For additional tips on managing your retail back office operations, read this white paper entitled:  “Is Your Back Office Keeping Up With Your Online Store?”

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Simplify Mobile Commerce with SiteLINK 7

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Posted By: Al Pascale, Ecommerce Manager at Dydacomp 

Mobile Commerce is quickly growing as more and more shoppers turn to their mobile devices to browse retail sites. According to its findings displayed in an online art retailer’s infographic, 5.9 billion out of the 7 billion people (87%) worldwide already have mobile phones and mobile commerce is expected to experience significant growth by 2015 from the six previous years — jumping 99-fold from $1 billion in sales in 2009 to more than $100 billion. It is more important than ever for small and medium-sized businesses to stay on top of these trends and offer shoppers mobile optimized sites.

Dydacomp recently released SiteLINK 7 to provide  M.O.M. users with mobile optimized templates and PCI compliance to help enhance their online presence.  A recent report from Limelight offers  5 guidelines to help online retailers improve their site mobilization strategy.  These five tips include:

1.  Don’t Sacrifice Your Brand on Mobile:

Make sure you provide consumers with  a consistent look and feel to reinforce your brand image on both your mobile and traditional website. SiteLINK 7 enables merchants to match their mobile logo and color scheme to their main site’s template to ensure customers have a consistent experience.

2.     Know Your Mobile Platforms:

Maximize your customer reach by ensuring your online content is formatted for the Apple iOS and Android platforms, which are used most by mobile users. According to the report, between 1/2011 and 4/2011, 95% of mobile browsing  came from iOS and Android devices.  SiteLINK 7 has been tested and ensures that mobile content will work on  both iOS and Android devices.

3.     Take Advantage of Tablets:

Tablets create a more interactive and advanced platform for delivering content to consumers. As tablet use expands, consumer expectations also increase as they expect online retail sites to offer attractive and entertaining shopping experience. Businesses must not sacrifice style or function to meet the limitations of the lowest level mobile platforms. With this in mind, SiteLINK 7 enables merchants to render the full template site for tablet devices.

4.     Use a Single Source for Content:

Using a single content source will help businesses streamline content updates and ensure consistency. Using a single content source makes it easy for merchants to syndicate, share and publish content across multiple website domains and device platforms.  All of the images and data for SiteLINK 7 full and mobile templates come from one  source to make content updates easy for merchants.

5.     Always Deliver Performance:

Consumer expectations for site performances on any device as increasing as internet connections get faster. This means merchants must strive to increase site performance to meet these growing expectations. With SiteLINK 7, we have limited the amount of content being delivered over the mobile template to improve load time.

Let SiteLINK 7 increase your online presence and ensure that you are capitalizing on your site mobilization strategy. For more information about upgrading to receive mobile templates in SiteLINK 7, contact Dydacomp Sales at 800-858-3666.

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