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Miss the M.O.M. v8 Webinar?

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Posted by: Craig Abramson, Marketing Director 

Did you miss the M.O.M. v8 webinars? Find out how Dydacomp is giving you the keys to drive your business with M.O.M. Version 8 by viewing the on-demand Webinar. To view the on demand webinar, click here.  There are no boundaries on what platforms you want to implement as you use our solution to enhance productivity, streamline processes and boost sales. You’ll also learn more about our 50% discount* to upgrade now!

M.O.M. V8’s new open API gives you the power to compete and thrive in the ecommerce marketplace, while our comprehensive fraud protection features ensure order authenticity. We’re also opening up the business channels available to you by including a built-in connection to Amazon Marketplace so you can tap the company’s 130 million customers. And we’re providing you with the tools to customize your invoices, take advantage of paperless invoicing, enhance General Ledger exports, and much more.

View our webinar to discover how you can:

  • Connect to virtually any ecommerce shopping cart or 3rd party system to free internal resources and expedite accurate order fulfillment
  • Carve out suspicious transactions so you can protect your bottom line by catching fraudulent orders before they ship
  • Compete with the largest ecommerce retailers in the market
  • Ensure that your customer data is safe and that your business meets PCI requirements
  • Accelerate revenue growth by opening up the business channels available to you in order to reach 130 million potential customers
  • Take advantage of new system flexibility to customize your invoices, utilize paperless invoicing, enhance General Ledger exports, and more
  • Receive 50% off the cost to upgrade directly to M.O.M. Version 8 in September

Click here to view the on-demand Webinar!

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Dydacomp Adds Powerful Fraud Protection and Published API Features with Multichannel Order Manager v8

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Posted by: Dydacomp

September 7, 2011 (Totowa, NJ) –

Dydacomp, a leading provider of business technology platforms for eCommerce and multichannel merchants, today announced the release of Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.), Version 8, the only PCI compliant order management solution built for eCommerce, multichannel and distribution businesses. The new release arms small and medium-sized merchants with powerful features that enable them to ensure order authenticity, connect to virtually any eCommerce shopping cart or 3rd party system, protect their bottom line from fraud, customize the system to their unique needs in ways never available to them in earlier releases, and open new sales channels to accelerate revenue growth.

M.O.M. Version 8 reflects the strategic changes Dydacomp has made to provide SMBs with the complete solution needed to compete and thrive in the eCommerce marketplace. By incorporating an open API in the release, clients are able to continue using their established eCommerce platforms while integrating a complete order management solution. Merchants who have an established eCommerce store can now easily implement an order processing solution, which is needed to compete with larger online merchants.

“There are three main market forces we recognize and are addressing in M.O.M. Version 8, “said Fred Lizza,  Dydacomp’s CEO. “First, the majority of new sales growth for small and mid-size merchants now comes from Internet sales. Second, we are seeing an across the board increase in fraudulent transactions. Finally, our customers asked us for more flexibility to allow them to adapt the system to their unique business needs. By focusing on these areas, we’re really giving our clients the keys to drive their business.”

Through M.O.M. Version 8’s powerful API, clients can now interface with any eCommerce system and import orders as well as handle point-of-purchase or telephone orders, order workflow automation, inventory and customer information, freeing internal resources and expediting accurate order fulfillment. “You can use the system best suited to your needs and target audience. There’s no need to switch in order to take advantage of M.O.M.’s back-office functionality,” Fred continued. “In addition, we’ve enabled M.O.M users to immediately take advantage of new revenue streams through business channels such as Amazon Marketplace and eBay. We also added controls to allow each customer to automatically identify and carve-out suspicious transactions so they can protect their bottom line by catching fraudulent orders before they ship. And M.O.M. Version 8 delivers new user-driven features that enable them to customize as needed without losing the benefit of a fully-supported system and future upgrades.”

By offering a built-in connection that meets Amazon‘s 2012 requirements, M.O.M. Version 8 gives clients the ability to reach the company’s 130 million customers. The Amazon feature opens the door for SMBs to easily sell through Amazon Marketplace to increase revenue and brand visibility. Additional features in M.O.M. Version 8 improve customer communications through customizable invoices and paperless invoicing as well as enhance General Ledger exports for accounting systems.

“The latest version represents Dydacomp’s commitment to providing solutions that directly address the changing needs of the small to mid-sized multichannel merchant. Clients are able to achieve a significant return on investment, while gaining the tools and functionalities they must have in order to run efficient and effective multichannel businesses that compete with the largest eCommerce retailers in the market,” added Fred.

For more information about M.O.M. v8, register for a M.O.M. 8 webinar today. For M.O.M. 6 and below users, register here.

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IT’S HERE: M.O.M. 7.1 Release

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Posted By: Michael Nardini, VP of Customer SatisfactionMichael Nardini, VP of Client Satisfaction

Dydacomp is excited to announce the release Multichannel Order Manager v7.1 build which  is now available for your M.O.M. system. We have made important updates for M.O.M. v7 that offer number of fixes for errors that improve the order management modules and ecommerce interfaces including eBay, Shopsite, Yahoo.  The adjustments were made to ensure that your business has the tightest integration between M.O.M. and ecommerce activity to improve functionality.

This update will also allow the use of seasonal M.O.M. seats. Therefore, when your busy season hits you can be prepared and purchase extra seats only when you need them.

M.O.M. 7.1 also includes an enhancement to the inventory management aspect. This enhancement in 7.1 is a new screen for the Adjust Inventory for Stock Item function. This Screen will allow you to make stock item adjustments for multiple stock items. Check out this article on the M.O.M. User forum for more information about this enhancement.

We recommend that you make a back up of your system prior to the update. This update will function like any normal program update and  exclusive use of the system is required for this update. If you have auto update enabled, the update will be applied to workstations at log in.  If you do not use the auto update, be sure to update all workstations using M.O.M. with the new update.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dydacomp Technical Support at (973) 237 0300 or through the online ticketing system.

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Sounding Like a Broken Record on PCI Compliance

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Posted by John Healy, Dydacomp CEO

The clock is running out on PCI compliance for payment applications…

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) has given all of us until 7/1/10 to have our payment applications officially PCI compliant and listed as approved on the PCI site.John Healy, Dydacomp CEO

I think everyone knows that PCI is the credit card industry’s effort to eliminate card not present credit card fraud globally. They have the total backing of all of the major credit card issuers. What you may not know is the definition of a payment application, so I thought I would share that with you and our source is the PCI Compliance Guide:

Q: What constitutes a payment application?
A: What constitutes a payment application as it relates to PCI Compliance? The term payment application has a very broad meaning in PCI. A payment application is anything that stores, processes, or transmits card data electronically. This means that anything from a Point of Sale System (e.g., Verifone swipe terminals, ALOHA terminals, etc.) in a restaurant to a Website e-commerce shopping cart (e.g., CreLoaded, osCommerce, etc) are all classified as payment applications. Therefore any piece of software that has been designed to touch credit card data is considered a payment application.

So both your order management system and shopping cart have to be PCI compliant. One or the other does not qualify. One study we looked at showed the majority of credit card fraud in North America comes from merchants using third party payment applications so this is something that the folks at PCI are very interested in having happen.

What it really means is that on 7/1/10 PCI and credit card issuers are probably going to start to clamp down hard on non compliance, especially if a breach occurs. Here is what the PCI Compliance Guide had to say on non compliance penalties:

Q: What are the penalties for noncompliance?
The payment brands may, at their discretion, fine an acquiring bank $5,000 to $100,000 per month for PCI compliance violations. The banks will most likely pass this fine on downstream till it eventually hits the merchant. Furthermore, the bank will also most likely either terminate your relationship or increase transaction fees. Penalties are not openly discussed nor widely publicized, but they can catastrophic to a small business.
It is important to be familiar with your merchant account agreement, which should outline your exposure.

To upgrade your software at least for Mail Order Manager and SiteLINK, if you haven’t already, is fairly painless and inexpensive. It is something you want to make sure you have done today and should not be put off.  By the time you read this note you are two more minutes closer to the deadline.
The clock is running out on PCI compliance for payment applications…

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A Growth Idea That Pays for Itself in a Month?

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Posted by John Healy, Dydacomp CEO

John Healy, Dydacomp CEOWhen you are looking for ways to grow the number of transactions you generate for your business, a very big and inexpensive idea is to be on the latest version of your technology provider’s solution.  If you need any more proof, here is the performance as measured in transactions of merchants on an old (version 6 or less) vs. new the release of Mail Order Manager (version 7) and SiteLINK (SL6) through April:

retail transaction growth by technology 

This actually makes perfect sense when you realize that all the enhancements Dydacomp makes to our Mail Order Manager and SiteLINK software come from our clients who every day are trying to figure out how to grow transactions.  Dydacomp meets with as well as surveys our clients (including you) to enhance Mail Order Manager and SiteLINK with your growth generating ideas.  The only other enhancements Dydacomp comes up with are regulatory (like PCI Compliance) and changes that Microsoft makes to the base code of the tools we use.

It’s easy to see that being on the latest version of Mail Order Manager and SiteLINK, on average is worth 5.75% in transaction growth from the chart above, but let’s go through an example of what it could mean to your business. 

Your company is doing $900,000 a year in sales, averaging $100/transaction for a total of 9,000 transactions a year.  You also have 5 seats of an older version of Mail Order Manager and SiteLINK and your list price to upgrade to Version 7 of Mail Order Manager is $5,000.  That also includes a free upgrade to the next version of SiteLINK.  If you had upgraded on January 1, your April year to date sales would be $300,000 and 3,000 transactions.  Being on the latest version of Mail Order Manager and SiteLINK would have improved the number of transactions you processed by 5.75% or an additional 172 transactions through April.  At an average order size of $100, the increase in transactions would have been worth a total of $17,250 as compared to the $5,000 it cost to upgrade at list price.  This means that your payback for upgrading to Dydacomp’s latest technology as measured in months would have been just a little over a month!

If you are trying to save money by not moving to the latest Mail Order Manager upgrade, it is going to cost you more in overall business lost than the short term savings generated in deferring the purchase.  I know it sounds totally self serving and I accept that, but I can’t think of anything I could recommend to you that would have such a positive effect on your business with that fast of an ROI.  Dydacomp’s core purpose is to make it easier for you to profitably run and grow your business and our technology enhancements play a huge role in delivering on that promise to you.

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M.O.M. Enterprise to M.O.M. 7i XL Conversion

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Posted by Katherine Ulloa, Dydacomp Senior Technical Support

Katherine Ulloa, Dydacomp Senior Technical SupportI am very passionate when I work with users who are ready to convert to the SQL version of M.O.M. 7i.  I know that it is a big step for them, so I am committed to be there throughout the entire process.

It wasn’t too long ago that I worked with a very delightful world-class musical instrument web retailer.  They have been a Dydacomp customer for over 10 years using our Enterprise version running on a Visual FoxPro backend.  This web retailer badly needed an updated version of M.O.M. due to reaching the 2GB limit imposed on Microsoft Visual FoxPro files.  Their problems, due to this capacity limitation with the database file size, escalated to making regular and long M.O.M. Technical Support calls which constantly disrupted their business.  Thus they decided to make the move to M.O.M. XL.

Regarding the conversion process, my suggestion is to always do a test conversion first, so they will have the time to examine the new M.O.M. 7i system running on a SQL Server. During that time of testing, I make myself available to answer any questions or provide support to any issues that they may encounter while in this testing phase.

I know that a good reference document is always important, therefore, at the end of the test conversion I sent them an outline containing detailed steps that we had taken to make that conversion a success.  The client implemented this step-by-step process a couple of times by themselves until they were comfortable enough to accept the final conversion process.

MOM XL Conversion document

At times, there are customers that prefer a dedicated SQL specialist to be with them during the entire live conversion.  In this particular situation, the customer felt more comfortable running their live conversion on a Friday, during non-operational hours.  Here at Dydacomp we value our customers and we know that they expect the Mail Order Manager Technical Support team to be there when they need us the most, so I made sure this live conversion was a total success by assisting this customer even after hours and customer stating they felt self-assured at running the conversion themselves.  This is a testimonial from this success story:

“I have never received a follow up phone call from a support team like I did this time.  Katherine was concerned about the success of the conversion even after the whole process was already a proven success.”

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Deadline Looms: 7.1.10

Friday, April 16th, 2010

One of the biggest complaints I am recently getting at Dydacomp is around the confusion of the PCI Deadline.  For those not completely familiar with the term PCI, it stands for Payment Card Industry that is an organization that is backed by all the major credit card issuers who through this Council, have a stated goal of eliminating credit card fraud globally.

PCI Security Standards Council

Pretty lofty goal, but the Council is well on its way.  The UK reported credit card-not-present fraud is down for the first time ever in 2009.  The deadline everyone wants to know about is actually for your vendors, not you as a merchant.  Merchants were already supposed to be PCI compliant a while back, but that is pretty hard to do when your vendors have a different deadline.  Anyway on 7.1.10 your vendors whose technology deals with credit cards (storing, processing, etc.) have to be PCI compliant.  The good news is that Mail Order Manager has been PCI compliant for a while now.  So clients can meet almost all of the requirements of PCI by simply upgrading to M.O.M. Version 7.

The other deadline is for your merchant bank.  For them, they have to ensure that all of their new clients that they take on are PCI compliant.  The merchant bank in essence, has become the PCI police.  If your database is compromised, you will not be fined by PCI, Visa, AMEX, etc., but your merchant bank will and they will pass the fine on to you right out of your settlement account, possibly with notice but not permission.  Remember where your merchant bank sits in the whole payments landscape:

Mail Order Manager Settlement Process

So I have been saying it for a while, but merchants need to be pro active.  We have heard through the grapevine that things will really heat up in terms of fines after the vendor deadline.  So  the first thing you need to do is talk to your bank about PCI.  They are going to tell you that you need to be compliant.  The easiest way to do that is to upgrade to Mail Order Manager v7.  It’s up to you to find out more on this one… fast!

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Identifying a Customer Report/Invoice Error

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Posted by Ryan Galicia, Mail Order Manager XL Support Supervisor

A Mail Order Manager customer recently called into Dydacomp Support very upset that after upgrading from M.O.M. Version 5.4 to M.O.M. Version 7i they were encountering the following error when attempting to print their invoices.

M.O.M. Version 7 message

The owner of the company felt very frustrated because without being able to print proper invoices, their business was at a standstill.

Upon reviewing the error they were encountering, I noticed many keywords that stuck out to me and helped identify the problem. Because a specific report file name beginning with the letter ‘D’ is being referenced in the error message, I was able to identify that the error was due to a custom report (see reference 1). Additionally, reading the error text itself, I noticed that the variable being referenced, ‘DESC’, is a field that existed in M.O.M. 5.4 but the name was changed from Version 6.x and up to accommodate program flexibility between our different Visual FoxPro and SQL back-ends (see reference 2).

I brought this to the attention of the company’s outside IT consultant and he was unaware they had implemented a custom invoice at some point in the company’s history. Reviewing our own logged sales history for this license, we found no record that this custom invoice was purchased through Dydacomp services.

Although Dydacomp does not work with custom programming not developed by us, I understood the critical situation they were in and knew that the coding needed to correct their custom invoice was fairly simple to correct for a knowledgeable Visual FoxPro programmer. I requested their custom invoice files and provided them to one of our programmers for review, explaining to the consultant that Dydacomp Support could not guarantee a definite fix could be made but we would attempt it. Our programmer was able to successfully make the changes needed to their files for their invoice to print without error and align properly.

Understanding that we went a little outside our normal Dydacomp Support guidelines to troubleshoot and correct programming not developed by Dydacomp to make their upgrade a success, both the IT consultant and owner were very happy with the extra effort we provided to get them past the initial difficulty they experienced in what is normally a virtually seamless routine.

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