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IRCE 2014 Recap & 4 Key Take-Aways

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Posted by Laura Hills, VP of Marketing

Dydacomp participated as a sponsor in recent 2014 Internet Retailer Conference Exhibition (IRCE) in Chicago. This year IRCE celebrated its 10th year as the world’s largest eCommerce conference and exhibition and our staff had a fantastic experience at the show!

We spoke with many retailers, fulfillment, distribution, and wholesale businesses of various sizes who were eager to discuss the latest developments in internet retail. Our days at the conference were filled with informative meetings and great conversations about the challenges and opportunities businesses face when managing their continued growth.

So what was the buzz at this year’s show? Here are our top 4 key take-aways from IRCE 2014:


#4 Opportunities abound for best-in-class inventory and order management software solutions with multichannel retailers. At IRCE we heard how order and inventory management automation, efficiency, and insight have delivered real value to the bottom line of many multichannel sellers. These businesses shared experiences of how their multichannel operations continue to expand the needs emanating from their ‘back office silos’. The successful businesses view order and inventory management operations as essential solutions that drive their business’ ability to compete and win from the point in which a customer engages with them through their shopping cart to the receipt of their orders at their door, and beyond.

#3 The Magento Community fully embraced a tightly integrated cloud-based OMS solution. Visitors to Dydacomp’s booth at IRCE were excited to experience Freestyle Commerce first-hand! Freestyle is Dydacomp’s latest innovation—a cloud based online inventory and order management system that complements Magento eCommerce platforms and Amazon. Those who had the chance to see Freestyle in action were quickly delighted with the benefits its tight integration provided, including:

• Unification of the workflows for ALL Magento and Amazon sales channels orders into a single stream for expedited pick, pack, ship and bill processing.

• Complete visibility into on-hand stock levels, and the tasks involved with purchasing, receiving and updating new inventory counts across sales channels; combined with the ability to manage drop ship supplier operations.

• Connected customer insight and business intelligence tools to help make more informed business decisions and help manage the growth of businesses to their full potential.

#2 SMB retailers focus on drop shipping to drive efficiencies and cost savings. For many start-up and established small to medium-sized (SMB) growing businesses drop shipping was a hot topic. Drop shipping provides a way for savvy business owners to aggressively expand their product offerings without incurring the upfront costs of purchasing new inventory or having to directly manage the pick, pack and ship process for those orders. To further support these businesses, we were able to demonstrate how easy it was to include drop shipping operations into their order management mix through our solutions to meet their business objectives and growth goals without the overhead costs of maintaining inventory locally.

#1 Experience matters when it comes to technology solution providers. Many SMB retailers who sought us out at IRCE were looking for a solution provider that could relate to their specific business needs and who had the experience and the know-how to take businesses like theirs to the next level of success. We were proud to share our own personal success story. Many were surprised to learn that Dydacomp is a technology company that was started by retailers with solutions for retailers. Today, thousands of multichannel merchants rely on our Freestyle Commerce™ and Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.®) solutions to automate their retail back office operations and drive business growth. In total, our clients collectively generate nearly 10 million in gross merchandise sales every day! So how can we help you?

We hope to see you at next year’s IRCE but don’t wait until then to get started!

For additional information on operational improvements through automating order management, read this eBook entitled “Drive Your Retail Sales Growth With Operational Efficiencies.”


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Dydacomp Adds Powerful Fraud Protection and Published API Features with Multichannel Order Manager v8

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Posted by: Dydacomp

September 7, 2011 (Totowa, NJ) –

Dydacomp, a leading provider of business technology platforms for eCommerce and multichannel merchants, today announced the release of Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.), Version 8, the only PCI compliant order management solution built for eCommerce, multichannel and distribution businesses. The new release arms small and medium-sized merchants with powerful features that enable them to ensure order authenticity, connect to virtually any eCommerce shopping cart or 3rd party system, protect their bottom line from fraud, customize the system to their unique needs in ways never available to them in earlier releases, and open new sales channels to accelerate revenue growth.

M.O.M. Version 8 reflects the strategic changes Dydacomp has made to provide SMBs with the complete solution needed to compete and thrive in the eCommerce marketplace. By incorporating an open API in the release, clients are able to continue using their established eCommerce platforms while integrating a complete order management solution. Merchants who have an established eCommerce store can now easily implement an order processing solution, which is needed to compete with larger online merchants.

“There are three main market forces we recognize and are addressing in M.O.M. Version 8, “said Fred Lizza,  Dydacomp’s CEO. “First, the majority of new sales growth for small and mid-size merchants now comes from Internet sales. Second, we are seeing an across the board increase in fraudulent transactions. Finally, our customers asked us for more flexibility to allow them to adapt the system to their unique business needs. By focusing on these areas, we’re really giving our clients the keys to drive their business.”

Through M.O.M. Version 8’s powerful API, clients can now interface with any eCommerce system and import orders as well as handle point-of-purchase or telephone orders, order workflow automation, inventory and customer information, freeing internal resources and expediting accurate order fulfillment. “You can use the system best suited to your needs and target audience. There’s no need to switch in order to take advantage of M.O.M.’s back-office functionality,” Fred continued. “In addition, we’ve enabled M.O.M users to immediately take advantage of new revenue streams through business channels such as Amazon Marketplace and eBay. We also added controls to allow each customer to automatically identify and carve-out suspicious transactions so they can protect their bottom line by catching fraudulent orders before they ship. And M.O.M. Version 8 delivers new user-driven features that enable them to customize as needed without losing the benefit of a fully-supported system and future upgrades.”

By offering a built-in connection that meets Amazon‘s 2012 requirements, M.O.M. Version 8 gives clients the ability to reach the company’s 130 million customers. The Amazon feature opens the door for SMBs to easily sell through Amazon Marketplace to increase revenue and brand visibility. Additional features in M.O.M. Version 8 improve customer communications through customizable invoices and paperless invoicing as well as enhance General Ledger exports for accounting systems.

“The latest version represents Dydacomp’s commitment to providing solutions that directly address the changing needs of the small to mid-sized multichannel merchant. Clients are able to achieve a significant return on investment, while gaining the tools and functionalities they must have in order to run efficient and effective multichannel businesses that compete with the largest eCommerce retailers in the market,” added Fred.

For more information about M.O.M. v8, register for a M.O.M. 8 webinar today. For M.O.M. 6 and below users, register here.

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How an Integrated Multichannel Order System Can Nurture Your Business

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Posted by: Craig Abramson, Director of Marketing

Many small and mid-size retailers are frustrated with inefficient back-office processes that often require repeating certain tasks for online and offline channels. Whether retailers realize it or not, such a lack of coordination can hinder their ability to effectively compete in a multichannel world. While integrated solutions are available, mid-size retailers believe such platforms have been designed for larger businesses, making them either too expensive or beyond the capabilities of a smaller retailer. A single solution expressly designed for small and mid-size retailers, such as Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.), can give retailers the support they need to be more productive and to stay on top of quickly changing retail technology and regulations. By using M.O.M., retailers are not only able to provide a better customer experience but, they can also put more of a focus on what they do best – selling products.

It’s a fact of doing business today that retailers need to be in a variety of channels. For many small and mid-size retailers, this could mean operating a consumer-facing website and catalog as well as a multichannel order wholesale business. M.O.M.’s powerful database gives retailers the ability to easily view any customer’s complete history with the brand across all channels. The result is that customers have a more consistent experience with your brand and customer service representatives are less frustrated.

Using M.O.M., retailers can also integrate inventory across channels so they’ll always know what’s in stock. There’s an order entry and processing module as well that processes orders via the Web, phone or catalog and integrates with shipping systems. An e-commerce add-on SiteLINK enables retailers to create and manage their Web site.

To learn more about how a multichannel order management system can improve your business, click here to view the Dydacomp special report.

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Dydacomp Clients Break Cyber Monday Shopper and Sales Record

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

TOTOWA, N.J., November 30, 2010 — Dydacomp, a leading provider of business technology platforms for ecommerce and multichannel merchants announced today that their cloud hosted SiteLINK ecommerce shopping cart clients collectively registered almost 1.6 million shoppers on Cyber Monday which translated to a 21% increase over last year on a per store basis.

“It is really good to see our SiteLINK clients growing the number of shoppers visiting their stores on Cyber Monday 2010 at a double digit rate,” said John Healy CEO of Dydacomp.  Healy went on to say, “SiteLINK clients have taken advantage of all of the conversion and upsell features we have put into our cloud hosted solution for them and it is paying off.”

Additionally, total revenue per store using Dydacomp’s SiteLINK SaaS ecommerce solution grew 15.7% this Cyber Monday compared to 2009, while conversion improved to 1.9% from 1.8%.  While Cyber Monday transactions were up 21% per SiteLINK store, average order size was down slightly from a year ago suggesting shoppers found what they were looking for and purchased products at a price that was competitive.

Rick Bednarik, Dydacomp VP of Technology  added, “our software and infrastructure worked exactly as designed allowing our SiteLINK clients 100% uptime on Cyber Monday.”  Bednarik added, “In fact, our most active clients generated close to 100,000 visitors alone on Cyber Monday without any latency issues.”

Dydacomp launched one of the first online shopping carts in the late 90’s and drew from its rich order management system heritage to build cloud hosted SiteLINK.  Rob Coon, President of Dydacomp closed by saying, “Clients have a choice in partners for both their order management and shopping cart needs and they are seeing the value in having those systems synchronized and provided by one company that continues to invest in technology to ensure their future success on Cyber Monday as well as the other 364 days of the year.”

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Want to Increase Your Search Ranking? Take a Look at the Your Product Pages Today!

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Posted by Rob Coon, President of Dydacomp

Google can do a lot but it can’t look at the photos and videos on your website and know what they contain so they can serve your content up when they get a visitor searching for a product like yours.  They can count key words on your product pages which was the original premise of Google way back when.  So if you are looking to increase your search rankings, let’s start with the descriptions on your product pages.

If you get a chance this weekend, take a look at your top 50 product pages and see what the words and terms say about the product.  Are they very descriptive?  Does the description include the way someone may search on that product?  Does it link to other pages on your site for more information?  We looked at the 200 pages on the Dydacomp website and rewrote most of them using this formula.  Take a look at a before and after of one of the pages:



Now there are many other things you can do to improve your rankings like naming your pages with the product’s name the page describes, getting more links to your site from reputable third party sources and blogs, but our recommendation is to start with content and by the looks of many of your sites this might be a fast and inexpensive pick up for you.  We can help if you don’t have time to do it.  We’ll improve the key word density of the top 50 pages of your site for $995.  Over a couple of month period as your click throughs improve from this exercise,  Google will start to reward you for “being found”  and the more Google visitors that click on you the higher your ranking goes as well.  Caution:  You will also need to continue to refresh this content to remain relevant to the search engines.

All of this information applies regardless if you are using our cloud hosted SiteLINK ecommerce solution or another shopping cart that you have plugged into Multichannel Order Manager.

I didn’t mean to give you a homework assignment for this weekend but it is one that I think will get you a really good grade for your website.

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Wall Street Journal Reporting Double Digit Growth for 2010 Holiday Season

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Posted by John Healy, CEO of Dydacomp

The Wall Street Journal Online reported today sales from the Holiday Season will be in the low to mid teens compared to last year.  Click here to read this article.

The article also goes on to say that promotions will drive some of that growth which leads me to question the overall profitability of the holiday season compared to the hype around online revenue growth.  The other stat the article doesn’t mention is that we are seeing a greater concentration of online sales coming from a smaller universe of ecommerce and multichannel merchants.  Expect that trend to continue.

Let me know what you think.



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4X Customers Put the “F” in RFM

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Posted by Rob Coon, President of Dydacomp

Rob Coon, Dydacomp PresidentEvery retailer, especially in an economy as challenging as ours, is seeking opportunities to maximize not only spend per order but repeat customers as well.  I came across an article this week in Retail Info Systems News that asserted that multichannel shoppers spend 4 times as much as those shopping through only one channel.  These 4X shoppers are the cornerstone of a successful multichannel retail business.

In this article, Chris Ladd, the top ecommerce executive for Crocs, shares 10 tips to attract and engage 4X shoppers that really echo our core beliefs here at Dydacomp, particularly that selling through multiple channels with a strong ecommerce core is the key to retail success.  Check out the RIS News article here.

I’d like to hear from you as well – what are you doing in your business to maximize multichannel and ecommerce opportunities?  Are there any strategies that you feel work particularly well for a small business?  I look forward to seeing your comments and ideas.

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