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How to Stay on Top of Omnichannel Orders

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

how to stay on top of omnichannel orders

Your customers are everywhere, and with your experience in omnichannel selling, this is not exactly news. But, what you may not know is how this little morsel of information can send your business into a frenzy if you are not properly equipped.

Creating an omnichannel experience for your customer requires a bit more than just giving them multiple channel options. When not managed properly, adding sales channels can create bottlenecks and cause for customer concern in your processes.

“Consumers value speed, simplicity, quick responses to questions and reliable delivery, rather than worrying about whether they shop online or in-store.” – Economist Insights

To be successful in an omnichannel environment, you need to be able to efficiently monitor sales and fulfill orders from all channels. Logging in and and manually updating multiple orders from several sales channels can be daunting.

With optional features, you can manage as many as 50 different companies in one system. You can quickly switch from one company to another with just a few of clicks of your mouse or choose to share inventory across companies. All of this can be done with a full range of features.

Some popular ones include:

Import/Export Functionality:

This advanced import/export module lets you connect your OMS to outside web stores for optimal efficiency.

Multi-Company Functionality:

Multi-business software enables you to run an unlimited number of eCommerce stores, catalog fulfillment or cross channel companies using one single OMS.

Interactive Credit Card Authorization System:

Completely automate credit card authorizations and transactions direct to your bank or credit card network.

These along with a multitude of other features are sometimes necessary, depending on your specific business needs.

Find out if your OMS is missing the 5 critical capabilities in the eBook below

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How to Manage Omnichannel Orders

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

omnichannel orders
With 95 percent of shoppers using more than one channel for purchases, retailers need to focus on omnichannel customer experience initiatives, as they become the clear differentiators in the industry.

“Most retailers (two-thirds) still look at simple sales volumes to measure performance rather than longer-term indicators, such as length of customer engagement (only 27% of retailers).”
-Economist Insights

Looking at the integrations between your eCommerce store and supporting systems is one place to start. These integrations may connect your store to payment processing, as well as order, inventory and customer management systems.

EDI Solutions for eCommerce can be the quickest way to turn around payments effectively, avoid stock outs, reduce shipping errors and much more. Check out the infographic below to see how EDI can benefit your business, and start making omnichannel orders work for you.

edi solutions for ecommerce infographic
To find out how EDI can help your business in the long run, check out the integration video here.

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The Ultimate Guide to Omnichannel Orders & Selling

Friday, August 28th, 2015

the ultimate guide to multichannel orders-

Omnichannel orders and selling is the way of the world for all retailers. As eCommerce purchasing grows, immediacy becomes more of a necessity. Consumers will continue to crave faster results as eCommerce tools become more accessible.

2015 e-commerce sales (Q2) increased by 14.1% from the second quarter of 2014, while total retail sales increased 1% in the same period.

U.S. Census Bureau

While eCommerce represented 7.2% of total sales for the second quarter (2015), it contributed to half the growth.

In order to capitalize on these ever-growing numbers, retailers must fully embrace omnichannel orders and learn how to take advantage of selling in the most efficient way. To take full advantage of multichannel retail sales opportunities, there are a few solutions to address your order and inventory management needs, starting with multichannel orders.

Get Your Product Listings in Order

Managing your product listings can differentiate you from the rest. It’s vital for omnichannel sellers of all sizes to compete with the big box firms. Some ways to ensure you have searchable, detailed and relevant product listings throughout your eCommerce website is by turning to platform providers like Magento.

Magento is an ideal choice for eCommerce and a leading provider for many years, offering affordable yet highly efficient platforms, scalability and more.

Other eCommerce platforms are available, but Magento continues to outshine the competition with affordability and their open source platforms and features.

multichannel orders and magento platform

Use Product Returns to Your Advantage

Product returns can be detrimental to your sales goals and your consumer ratings. So, in order to keep your customers happy and keep sales on track, it can be beneficial to implement a quick but effective product return management system.

Learning how to properly manage your product returns for flexibility and resilience is just one click away.

Get the Right Support for Your SMB

With managing multichannel sales, comes finding the best way to sell your products and on what sales channels. Giving customers the support and functionality they need to purchase products is key.

get the right technical support

Efficient Inventory Management

Another way to efficiently manage your inventory is to utilize EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). EDI for multichannel orders will help you take advantage of eCommerce B2B opportunities while giving you improved analytics, increased margins, fast turnaround time on payments and more. You will also never have to worry about re-keying data when processing orders again!

Look into a Reliable OMS

Managing your orders throughout the payment stages is just as important as managing them through the fulfillment points. Whether you are using drop shipping or shipping from a warehouse, offering free shipping or standard shipping, you need to have a reliable order and inventory management system to keep up with multichannel orders. Reducing the inventory management burden allows your business to be more responsive to customers and therefore prosper faster, giving you the opportunities to grow your brand.

With a centralized order management system (OMS), you can expect to:

  • Experience More Accurate Tracking Capabilities Across Sales Channels
  • Gain Control of Ecommerce Kits & Bundles
  • Never Re-Key Orders Again
  • Better Manage Drop Ship Orders
  • Improve Picking & Packing Accuracy with Barcode Scanning

Are you reaping all of the benefits an order management system can provide? Find out what 5 critical capabilities your OMS may be missing in the free eBook below.

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