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Avoiding Unnecessary Backend Manipulation

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Posted by Ryan Galicia, Mail Order Manager XL Support Supervisor

Ryan Galicia, M.O.M. XL Team Leader

A long time M.O.M. user specializing in selling automotive parts recently wrote into our support mailbox with the following question: “We have thousands of quotes in our database and we would like to be able to bulk cancel most of them (i.e.: quotes entered before 2009).  Does M.O.M. support this or will I have to do it through SQL using a stored procedure?”

While the request was simple enough, a common practice often found by the M.O.M. user community is to look for operations that can be accomplished through backend manipulation.  For the above email, I wrote back to the user explaining that a backend stored procedure is not necessary for what he was looking to accomplish and he simply needed to use the Database Purge Module’s option to Purge Quotations prior to a certain date.

M.O.M. quote purge 

The cited email was just a small example of how some of our more long time and advanced users look immediately for a backend procedure to accomplish a goal.  As seen, a lot of these cases do not require the backend manipulation that they originally think is needed. 

The Mail Order Manager system is designed as a relational database system (meaning the data within the tables are linked together) and any type of manipulation on one table can have adverse effects on other tables in the database design if not they are not updated properly.  Additionally, unsupervised backend data manipulation not conducted by Mail Order Manager Technical Support is not covered under a user’s Support contract and the technical support team will not be able to assist with any unforeseen errors that a user encounters. 

On a case by case basis, some issues do require manipulation of the backend data to reach a resolution; however, it should not be attempted or conducted without consulting M.O.M. Technical Support.  Examples of these issues can vary and range from an incorrect inventory value on a report or screen to a field containing a value so high it reaches the maximum size of that field and produces what’s called an ‘overflow’ error. 

As many of our M.O.M. users can attest to, the recent including of web based support services (available only to our Resolution Support or Business Operations Support tiers) allows a M.O.M. tech to conduct a remote session on a user’s machine and run any necessary backend modifications to a client’s system.  This is the proper procedure to follow when backend data modifications need to be made as a technician will cover all necessary areas and tables to make sure the data that has been modified reports corrected in the front-end of M.O.M.

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A Growth Idea That Pays for Itself in a Month?

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Posted by John Healy, Dydacomp CEO

John Healy, Dydacomp CEOWhen you are looking for ways to grow the number of transactions you generate for your business, a very big and inexpensive idea is to be on the latest version of your technology provider’s solution.  If you need any more proof, here is the performance as measured in transactions of merchants on an old (version 6 or less) vs. new the release of Mail Order Manager (version 7) and SiteLINK (SL6) through April:

retail transaction growth by technology 

This actually makes perfect sense when you realize that all the enhancements Dydacomp makes to our Mail Order Manager and SiteLINK software come from our clients who every day are trying to figure out how to grow transactions.  Dydacomp meets with as well as surveys our clients (including you) to enhance Mail Order Manager and SiteLINK with your growth generating ideas.  The only other enhancements Dydacomp comes up with are regulatory (like PCI Compliance) and changes that Microsoft makes to the base code of the tools we use.

It’s easy to see that being on the latest version of Mail Order Manager and SiteLINK, on average is worth 5.75% in transaction growth from the chart above, but let’s go through an example of what it could mean to your business. 

Your company is doing $900,000 a year in sales, averaging $100/transaction for a total of 9,000 transactions a year.  You also have 5 seats of an older version of Mail Order Manager and SiteLINK and your list price to upgrade to Version 7 of Mail Order Manager is $5,000.  That also includes a free upgrade to the next version of SiteLINK.  If you had upgraded on January 1, your April year to date sales would be $300,000 and 3,000 transactions.  Being on the latest version of Mail Order Manager and SiteLINK would have improved the number of transactions you processed by 5.75% or an additional 172 transactions through April.  At an average order size of $100, the increase in transactions would have been worth a total of $17,250 as compared to the $5,000 it cost to upgrade at list price.  This means that your payback for upgrading to Dydacomp’s latest technology as measured in months would have been just a little over a month!

If you are trying to save money by not moving to the latest Mail Order Manager upgrade, it is going to cost you more in overall business lost than the short term savings generated in deferring the purchase.  I know it sounds totally self serving and I accept that, but I can’t think of anything I could recommend to you that would have such a positive effect on your business with that fast of an ROI.  Dydacomp’s core purpose is to make it easier for you to profitably run and grow your business and our technology enhancements play a huge role in delivering on that promise to you.

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Saving with the Dydacomp Bundled Gateway

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Posted by Soha Boustani, Dydacomp Payment Processing Specialist

Soha Boustani, Dydacomp Payment Processing SpecialistA Dydacomp client in called in recently with a question about payment gateways that integrate with Mail Order Manager.  He is in the gift industry and processes a large volume of credit cards with an average ticket of $50 and over 90,000 transactions per year.

I explained all their options and they were interested in the First Data Global Gateway and Merchant Services Bundle Package especially because we can negotiate better rates and, in some cases, be able to secure a free global gateway on their behalf.  In addition, the First Data Global Gateway and Merchant Services Bundle Package integrate perfectly with M.O.M. 7, our PCI compliant version of M.O.M.

The client then addressed another concern, asking “What if we sell cigars and alcohol or adult material? Would we still be approved?” I let him know that with our First Data Global Gateway and Merchant Services Bundle Package we can approve all merchants as long they provide certain financial documents and meet website requirements such as including disclosure of privacy and return policies.  One of the reasons we recommend that our clients use SiteLINK as their ecommerce platform is that the SiteLINK team is very familiar with these requirements and will make sure that the client site meets them.

Needless to say, that my client ended up sending me 3 recent merchant statements to analyze and in return I negotiated lower rates through First Data on their behalf as well as a Free Global Gateway.  The client’s Gateway savings alone were over $9000.  The client is very pleased with not only the savings but the level of service they are receiving.

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Common Myths about PCI Compliance

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Michael Chichester, Dydacomp Payment Processing

Posted by Michael Chichester, Payment Processing Team Leader

I was speaking with a Dydacomp client who is the owner of an automotive supply parts company this week about PCI compliance.  He was informing me that he did not think that PCI compliance applied to them because they are a “very small company” and “do not process credit cards on the internet.”  They have 2 Mail Order Manager workstations and average 70 credit card transactions per month.  Their average ticket is $100, so their average sales per month are $7,000.  All orders are taken over the phone.  It took some convincing, but he finally came around to realizing that PCI compliance does, in fact, apply to his business every bit as much as it applies to a giant like Walmart. 

Unfortunately, I have had many conversations just like this one over the years.  The simple fact of the matter is that even if a company only processes 1 credit card transaction per year, the PCI compliance regulations apply.  Please remember, if you are not using M.O.M. 7, you ARE NOT PCI COMPLIANT!  As John Healy wrote last week, the 7/1/10 deadline is fast approaching, so if you have not upgraded to M.O.M. 7 yet, you are quickly running out of time. 

The PCI Security Standards Council has provided a great Top Ten Myths of PCI Compliance list that I think everyone should check out here:

This list should clear up a lot of the misconceptions that you had before you started reading this blog entry.  I’ve been preaching for years that PCI Compliance is mainly common sense.  It is really not that hard to become compliant, and we, along with Coalfire, will help you get through the process.

If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding M.O.M. and PCI Compliance, feel free to give me a call at 1-800-858-3666, x 326 or email me at

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Deadline Looms: 7.1.10

Friday, April 16th, 2010

One of the biggest complaints I am recently getting at Dydacomp is around the confusion of the PCI Deadline.  For those not completely familiar with the term PCI, it stands for Payment Card Industry that is an organization that is backed by all the major credit card issuers who through this Council, have a stated goal of eliminating credit card fraud globally.

PCI Security Standards Council

Pretty lofty goal, but the Council is well on its way.  The UK reported credit card-not-present fraud is down for the first time ever in 2009.  The deadline everyone wants to know about is actually for your vendors, not you as a merchant.  Merchants were already supposed to be PCI compliant a while back, but that is pretty hard to do when your vendors have a different deadline.  Anyway on 7.1.10 your vendors whose technology deals with credit cards (storing, processing, etc.) have to be PCI compliant.  The good news is that Mail Order Manager has been PCI compliant for a while now.  So clients can meet almost all of the requirements of PCI by simply upgrading to M.O.M. Version 7.

The other deadline is for your merchant bank.  For them, they have to ensure that all of their new clients that they take on are PCI compliant.  The merchant bank in essence, has become the PCI police.  If your database is compromised, you will not be fined by PCI, Visa, AMEX, etc., but your merchant bank will and they will pass the fine on to you right out of your settlement account, possibly with notice but not permission.  Remember where your merchant bank sits in the whole payments landscape:

Mail Order Manager Settlement Process

So I have been saying it for a while, but merchants need to be pro active.  We have heard through the grapevine that things will really heat up in terms of fines after the vendor deadline.  So  the first thing you need to do is talk to your bank about PCI.  They are going to tell you that you need to be compliant.  The easiest way to do that is to upgrade to Mail Order Manager v7.  It’s up to you to find out more on this one… fast!

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Saving Money with the Dydacomp Bundled Package

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Michael Chichester, Dydacomp Payment Processing

Posted by Michael Chichester, Payment Processing Team Leader

Recently I have been working with a large sporting equipment supply company to help them save money on their credit card processing and become PCI Compliant. This merchant has 12 different companies (or DBAs) running in M.O.M. on 65 workstations. They sell multi-channel – Mail Order, Phone Order, Internet Order through SiteLINK eCommerce, as well as Retail Card Swipes through the Point Of Purchase module.

The owner wanted to find a way to significantly reduce the fees they are paying each month for credit card processing. The owner also wanted to ensure that the solution supported their efforts to become PCI Compliant by the July 2010 deadline. Starting in July, all merchant banks must ensure that their customers are PCI Compliant, especially their new ones (hey, that sounds like a great topic for my next blog!). Anyway, this company did their due diligence, securing several quotes from local merchant service providers before calling me to discuss the issue. Since we get our bundled packages through First Data Corporation, which is one of the leaders in the PCI Compliance movement, I immediately thought they would be a good fit. I informed them of our bundled package option which is compatible with MOM 6.2 (and higher).

I asked that they send me the last 3 months of merchant account statements as well as the quotes they received from the various merchant service providers in an attempt to get them an even better offer from First Data. I performed a full cost analysis and side-by-side comparison of the offers. Then I called our rep at First Data to see what they can offer this merchant in an attempt to help them reduce their costs and support their PCI Compliance efforts. They offered a greatly reduced Gateway fee for all 12 of their companies on top of offering the best price for the merchant accounts. Needless to say, it was the highlight of my week to be able to help this customer save over $1000 per month right off their bottom line.

The end result is that this company is now paying significantly lower fees for their 12 merchant accounts as well as paying virtually nothing for the 12 Gateways. In addition, they are now with a merchant service provider who is a leader in the PCI Compliance movement. The cash saved on Credit Card Processing fees will come in handy when budgeting for future projects, hiring a few extra employees, or to upgrade equipment in the office. For anyone out there looking to put cash back in their pocket, I strongly recommend exploring the Dydacomp Bundled Package.

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A Message from John V. Healy, Dydacomp CEO

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Yesterday, I celebrated my second anniversary as CEO of Dydacomp. It has been a rewarding experience and one that I wouldn’t trade for anything. My favorite part of the job is meeting our clients and to date I am guessing I have met close to 200 in person on one of my various visits to cities across the US and the UK. The feedback I get on why clients like Mail Order Manager and SiteLINK and what could be better is the foundation of our product development and process improvement initiatives.

Also, clients are always asking me what are the best of the best doing? So I have been studying that and have found some pretty significant results. Overall, we find that the clients that are on the latest version of Mail Order Manager and SiteLINK, using all the new features in those products are actually growing in a down economy! Take a look:

M.O.M. Clients Growing in a Down Economy!

And some other numbers that I will share with you on another post also show that if you go to training and also are on Support, you grow at a higher rate than those clients that don’t participate in Support and training. This makes sense too because as business has gotten more complicated our product has become more sophisticated and you really need help in getting the most out of it.

I like to think of myself as a business peer of yours and as one, between using the new features in M.O.M. 7 and SiteLINK and the impending deadline on being PCI compliant, now is a great time to invest in the technology portion of your business to drive sales and also be compliant from a regulatory perspective.


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Exciting News from Mail Order Manager

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Business pain is inevitable but we like to think suffering is optional. As that relates to PCI Data Security Standards, many of the changes you need to make to be compliant are already done for you in the Mail Order Manager 7i, which will greatly reduce the pain of implementing this mandatory program from the major credit card issuers.

But we didn’t stop there! Version 7i includes 15+ significant enhancements to Version 6 (which it is built on) including but not limited to:

  • Graphical and text on demand reporting (all customized by you)
  • Advanced Drop Shipping Module with EDI
  • Gift Cards
  • Detailed data transfer into QuickBooks
  • Mobile access from your iPhone, iPod Touch or other PDA
  • All of these enhancements were designed to help you more easily sell more and spend less running your business so that you get the maximum return on your Mail Order Manager investment.

    Get PCI compliant today with Version 7i and enjoy additional features like on demand reporting, advanced drop shipping, EDI, gift cards, more detailed data transferred to QuickBooks and access to Mail Order Manager from your iPhone.

    To show you some of these features in action, I’d like to invite you to a Mail Order Manager 7i Webinar. To see the available dates and times and to register, just visit your personal URL accessible from the Support page or call (800) 858-3666 and ask for Sales.

    We look forward to seeing you there and check out our general press release for Mail Order Manager 7i .

    John V. Healy

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