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Must Have eCommerce Features: Week 2

Friday, March 4th, 2011

Posted by: Al Pascale,  Manager of Ecommerce Services at Dydacomp

As promised, check out this week’s must-have ecommerce shopping cart features:

  • Easy Product and Department Maintenance:

Your ecommerce solution should allow you to easily manage and maintain the various products on your site,  add inventory items or edit current ones without effecting the integrity of your store, and offer inventory management capabilities such as setting minimum quantities and identifying back-ordered items. These features will help make it easier to manage your ecommerce store – adding a new product to your site shouldn’t cause unnecessary headaches and grief.  SiteLINK’s easy maintenance avoids the stress associated with difficult-to-use ecommerce platforms.

  • Product Reviews:

According to Comscore, “product reviews have proved as persuasive and ultimately as effective a sales tool as more costly display and television advertising.” This feature is highly effective as buyers are more likely to trust other customers who have  purchased the product. Even sites with  negative reviews have shown a higher sales compared to sites without the customer review feature . Our clients requested this feature so often we decided to include it as a standard feature for SiteLINK eCommerce.

  • Wishlist and Gift Registries

Survey data from The Knot Inc.  shows that “43% of engaged couples created a gift registry online in 2010 up from 33% in 2009,” with this number expected to grow in 2011. A larger percentage of couples, 79%,  used only the Internet to manage their registries, which means that couples are frequently checking ecommerce sites to monitor purchases or add and delete products. The added benefit of gift registries is that it drives traffic from consumers who might not normally visit your site to make registry purchases.  This not only introduces them to your business but also allows you to add them to your email marketing database as a customer. Wish lists are another important feature that enable customers to save favorite products for future purchase. Wishlist item “reminder” emails are a great way to encourage return visits.  Dydacomp’s SiteLINK eCommerce solution allows your users to easily create and manage both wish lists and registries.

Does your current shopping cart offer these key features? Have any other important ecommerce features you’d like to see us add to the list? Feel free to comment below and share your experiences.

Stay tuned for more critical features next week.

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3 M.O.M. Accounting Tips You Need to Know

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Posted by: Rocio Smid, Technical Support Team Leader

With tax season and  Dydacomp Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) and SiteLINK training right around the corner, I thought it would be helpful to share with you the top 3 VITAL accounting tips in M.O.M. These are just a snippet of the valuable information clients here at Dydacomp are able to take away from the training session.

1. MAKE A BACKUP: Always make a backup of your M.O.M. system before you post to your accounting package.  This is the only way you will be able to recover your accounting information after your post is complete. If an error occurs during the posting process, flags are enabled on the tables and you will NOT be able to resend the information again. Making a backup will allow you to recover the information.  The backup process only takes a few minutes, but will end up saving you hours, even days, of time and stress if an error arises.

2. Print Sales Receipt Report and Journal Activity Report prior to posting to your accounting package.  These reports can be printed on command, but will offer a reference point to check the integrity of your accounting information.

3. Depending on your accounting package setup, the General Ledger Journal Entry Report (if available) will only be generated once so printing it the first time around is the only option. You will not be able to recreate the exact same report.

If you found these accounting tips helpful, you should consider signing up for our Dydacomp training with M.O.M. and SiteLINK experts.

Join us for the next M.O.M. & SiteLINK training seminars being held by Dydacomp  on April 6 – April 8, 2011.  These training sessions offer insight into the latest M.O.M. features, and the classes are a must for any business looking to capitalize on their M.O.M investment, learn more about M.O.M. Version 7.0’s newest enhancements, and master SiteLINK. These training seminars have proven to be beneficial for our clients, especially those who only recently started using M.O.M.

If you are new to M.O.M., you will be able to learn all the various ways you can use M.O.M. and SiteLINK effectively to improve your business efficiency. Clients who attended training saw a significant decrease in the number of basic support tickets (how to questions) they opened and found they contacted Support only with more complex questions.

To Register, check out the registration form here, contact your sales representative or call Dydacomp sales at (800) 858 3666. I look forward to seeing you there!

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SiteLINK Clients Hit Record Highs in 2010

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Posted By:  Lisa Gittleman, Marketing Specialist at DydacompLisa Gittleman, Dydacomp Marketing Specialist

TOTOWA, N.J., February 25, 2011 – Dydacomp, a leading provider of business technology platforms for ecommerce and multichannel merchants, announced today that SiteLINK Ecommerce clients experienced the highest total revenue since the launch of the platform in 1997. In 2010 SiteLINK merchants saw total revenues of over $350 million; an increase of 13% over 2009. In addition, 2010 broke SiteLINK client records for total visitors with over 450 million visitors. This is a represents 14% boost over 2009.

“Our SiteLINK Ecommerce solution provides our clients with not only flexible and intuitive design options, but also search engine optimization and selling tools that are proven to help merchants drive traffic to their sites and increase conversion rates,” said Al Pascale, Dydacomp Manager of eCommerce Services.

…to read more click here

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Value of an Integrated Ecommerce Solution

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Posted by:  Joesph Fantozzi, Dydacomp eCommerce Solution Specialist

Online shopping cart packages are a good way to get your eCommerce business off the ground, but if you wish to expand your business and sales you should consider investing in a complete eCommerce solution, such as Dydacomp’s SiteLINK.


  • A standalone shopping cart usually offers a simple solution to kick start your business in the eCommerce industry, but a growing business requires more advanced features that are not offered by most online shopping carts. Features that are a must: include customizable design layouts, easy site management, and back-end integration. These features are necessary as you improve your website to become a more competitive player in your niche.
  • Looking ahead for eCommerce growth will help you anticipate the needs of your business and allow you to plan accordingly. You need a solution that will offer you room for growth and that can help you grow, not a solution you can quickly outgrow. Without a complete eCommerce solution, your business will quickly outgrow the online shopping cart platforms and may require time and money to reinvest in another solution. According to the Top 100 for 2011(a Whitepaper from Networld Alliance and Retailer Customer, multichannel integration is number 2 on the list of top trends for 2011, up from number 54 in 2009. Multichannel behavior provides retailers the opportunities to increase revenue according to the study “Today’s customers, empowered by easy access to information, are increasingly ‘channel agnostic,’ leveraging multiple channels for each buying cycle — whether they know it or not.” SiteLINK’s integration with M.O.M. is able to provide you a complete ecommerce solution that is suitable for a small business, and will be a valuable investment as your business expands.
  • Back-end integration for your eCommerce site allows you to streamline the communications between your ecommerce cart and the other systems required to fulfill online orders.  Without this integration, your employees will have to take the time  to manually transfer orders entered on your ecommerce store into your inventory management system, then into your accounting system, and again in your shipping system. Implementing an integrated ecommerce solution avoids tedious manual work for each order, as well as issues caused by mistakes made while transferring information.

The reality is that a complete eCommerce solution is the best option for an expanding business. Choosing an ecommerce solution with back-end integration allows for all of your systems to communicate and share information to make your business paradigm more efficient.  Dydacomp’s SiteLINK  Solution is offers clients the top ecommerce shopping cart  features, as well as seamless integration into M.O.M. to streamline your ecommerce business.

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Web Analytics and Your eCommerce Store

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Posted by: Al Pascale, Manager of Ecommerce Services

There is no denying the value of web analytics for your eCommerce store. It provides vital information to gauge the effectiveness of your site and improve your conversion rate. Because we understand how vital this data is to the success of your eCommerce or multichannel business, SiteLINK and M.O.M. not only offer web analytics reporting but also integrate with Google Analytics.

To monitor your SiteLINK store through your Google Analytics account you must first enable the eCommerce reporting for your website’s profile:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Click Edit next to the profile you’d like to enable.
  3. On the Profile Settings page, click Edit next to Main Website Profile Information.
  4. Change the eCommerce Website radio button from No to Yes.

Once you have enabled Google Analytics for your SiteLINK store it is important to monitor the activity on your site to help improve the overall customer experience and improve traffic.

Two helpful metrics are time visitors spend on your site and the average number of pages they view. These numbers will help you determine how users interact with your site and whether they found what they were looking for when they got there. If you find that many of your visitors are arriving at a page and quickly leaving, you might reconsider design elements, site navigation or the copy on the landing page. The longer a customer spends on your site the more likely they are to make a purchase, so these metrics can help you determine when a redesign is in order to help improve your conversion rate.

Google Analytics also allows you to track how visitors find your website including what search engine and keywords they use. You can improve your search engine rankings by using this data to improve keyword density, Meta data and content development as well as PPC allocations.

SiteLINK’s built-in analytics allow you to track referring traffic on the administration page your site using the Referral by URL report, located under Store Activity Reports.  This report allows you to view a list of sites that are linked to your site and the number of potential shoppers that they refer. Seeing where your referrals are coming from can not only help you create relevant content on your home page, but also help you target other sites as a part of a link building campaign to increase traffic.

Another way to track internet referrals to your site is through the Email Campaigns Report. Here you are able to track the various Source Keys you created in M.O.M. and the sites you attached to those keys. This is done in M.O.M. under the Source Key information screen you are able to attach a source key to a referrer by entering the link in the Internet URL Referrer field. Once you enter a link in there, anyone that comes from that link will have that source key automatically applied to their order.  Check out the blog later this week for further information about optimizing your use of source keys.

No matter how you keep track of the visits to your site, the most important thing is to recognize the value that can be found in web analytics for your site.

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Another Online Sales Tax Win!

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Posted by: Albert Realuyo, VP of Product Management at Dydacomp

The State of North Carolina has announced it will not to seek personal information related to consumers’ online purchases. Before this ruling was passed, North Carolina wanted online retailers to provide customer information concerning online sales so the revenue department could determine how much sales tax the state was owed for online purchases.

This ruling was made after a court case in which filed a lawsuit against the North Carolina Department of Revenue claiming it was a violation of customer privacy.  The North Carolina revenue department still insists that the state had never intended to use the product information to tie customer information to products they purchased and was simply using the information to help enforce sales and use tax collection. This is a huge win for online retailers as the collection of sales tax by the state would have directly impacted online revenue and business for online retailers. However, residents are still required by law to pay taxes on items purchased online when an online retailer doesn’t charge sales tax, but few residents actually do.

This ruling comes within weeks of the DMA’s win that resulted in an injunction that now prevents the state of Colorado from acquiring customer order information from online retailers to collect sales tax. is currently pulling business from the state of Texas as they were unable to reach an agreement with state officials to avoid collecting sales tax on purchases made by Texas residents. It will be interesting to see how this issue plays out in Texas, especially with the two recent wins for retailers in both Colorado and North Carolina.

Here at Dydacomp, we will continue keep you updated on all important sales tax information as it happens to help keep your business running smoothly and in compliance with the various sales tax laws by state.  You can also click the links for more information on  the Texas and North Carolina rulings.

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Save time: Use Dydacomp Online Ticketing

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Posted by: Christopher Lang, Christopher Lang, SiteLINK Support SupervisorSiteLINK Support Supervisor

As most of you know by now, Dydacomp support is now tracking and closing tickets better than ever by using a new ticket logging system that we have implemented several months back. I speak to clients every single day, and I have come to find that most people using MOM and SiteLINK support are still not aware of our online ticketing system that allows you as our customer to open, close and track your open support issues. The video below is a tutorial on what our online ticketing system offers and how to use it.

Let us know if there is a video you would like to see!

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Come Learn from the Experts: M.O.M. and SiteLINK Training

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Posted by: Christine Amodio, Dydacomp Technical Writer/ TrainerChristine Amodio, Dydacomp Technical Writer

Do you wish you had the opportunity to sit down with M.O.M. experts and learn the details that will help you optimize your use of Multichannel Order Manager?  Well you are in luck as we are quickly filling seats for the two and half days of M.O.M. training plus an additional half day SiteLINK training as well! “The Getting the Most from M.O.M” training is quickly approaching on January 19 – 21 and the deadline for registration is even closer on January 7th. The training sessions will be held at our offices in Totowa, NJ and we provide you with coffee and breakfast to start off the morning right and lunch in the afternoon each day.

Our staff has designed the training to include in-depth topics ranging from simple customer entry to more complicated accounting and order processing tips. Our goal is to provide you with hands-on training with the software that will then enable you to capitalize on your investment and get the most from all of M.O.M.’s useful features. The training is especially beneficial to those who have only recently started using M.O.M.  If you are new to M.O.M., you can learn effective business practices to start running your business more efficiently.

Even if you have been using M.O.M for some time, you will definitely be surprised to see what new tips and tricks you can learn from our experts.  It has been proven that the Dydacomp customers that attended at least one Dydacomp training event are conducting 18% more business than those that have not.

The ½ day SiteLINK Training Seminar on January 21 is perfect for any level M.O.M. user who is looking to develop the skills necessary to build and maintain a SiteLINK powered store online. SiteLINK staff will be on hand to help you with any questions or advice you need!

Don’t just take our word for the benefits of training. Adam Wolter, from, attended the M.O.M training in June and was willing to share his experience:

“We had been working with M.O.M. here at PJ Tool & Supply for about 6 months before attending their customer training. Within those 6 months we had learned enough on our own to get by. We decided to try the training in hope of clearing up a few issues that we were having with the program. We ended up clearing up all those issues plus it opened our eyes to all the capabilities that M.O.M. has to offer. The training carefully combs through every facet of M.O.M. In doing so it helped us use M.O.M. more efficiently with shortcuts, clean up product listings and learn how to adjust inventory properly to get more accurate reporting. M.O.M. has become the backbone of our business and attending their training class was a great investment for us. I recommend it to anyone using the program.”

The training follows a schedule of topics to cover, but there is plenty of time for you to ask questions throughout the training. We encourage all training attendees to bring personal questions as our staff will be available to work with you  to answer those questions during breaks or even after the training is over each day.

If you are interested in attending the M.O.M. and SiteLINK training on January 19-21, please contact your sales representative or call Dydacomp sales at (800) 858 3666. I look forward to seeing you there!

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Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Posted by: Michael Nardini, VP of Customer Satisfaction

From all of us here at Dydacomp we hope you had a  successful holiday season, and we wish you  happy holidays with an even better New Year in 2011.

Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, the holidays are coming to a close as the year slowly winds down in the final 2 weeks of the December.  The holiday rush has proved successful this year with the ComScore reporting that consumers have spent $27.46 billion since November 1st, a 12% increase over holiday sales last year. Have you seen similar results for this holiday season?

I also wanted to take this opportunity to share our holiday hours:

Wednesday, December 22 – Dydacomp will close at 4pm ET for a company meeting. A limited number of Support staff will be available to handle system down and critical issue calls.

Friday, December 24 – Dydacomp will be open for a half day on Christmas Eve from 9am to 12pm ET.

Monday, December 27 and Monday, January 3 – Dydacomp will be closed in observance of Christmas and New Year’s, however; limited staff will be available to board tickets from 10am to 4:30pm ET.

System down tickets will be responded to within the hour; however, non-critical and “how-to” issues will be deferred to the next business day. As always, in the event of a site down when the office is closed, SiteLINK Support is available at (973) 641-090. This is an emergency line for site down issues only. All non-critical issues will be handled by SiteLINK Support on the next business day.

Good luck in the last 2 weeks of 2010 and we look forward to working with you all to share a successful 2011!

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Dydacomp Clients Break Cyber Monday Shopper and Sales Record

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

TOTOWA, N.J., November 30, 2010 — Dydacomp, a leading provider of business technology platforms for ecommerce and multichannel merchants announced today that their cloud hosted SiteLINK ecommerce shopping cart clients collectively registered almost 1.6 million shoppers on Cyber Monday which translated to a 21% increase over last year on a per store basis.

“It is really good to see our SiteLINK clients growing the number of shoppers visiting their stores on Cyber Monday 2010 at a double digit rate,” said John Healy CEO of Dydacomp.  Healy went on to say, “SiteLINK clients have taken advantage of all of the conversion and upsell features we have put into our cloud hosted solution for them and it is paying off.”

Additionally, total revenue per store using Dydacomp’s SiteLINK SaaS ecommerce solution grew 15.7% this Cyber Monday compared to 2009, while conversion improved to 1.9% from 1.8%.  While Cyber Monday transactions were up 21% per SiteLINK store, average order size was down slightly from a year ago suggesting shoppers found what they were looking for and purchased products at a price that was competitive.

Rick Bednarik, Dydacomp VP of Technology  added, “our software and infrastructure worked exactly as designed allowing our SiteLINK clients 100% uptime on Cyber Monday.”  Bednarik added, “In fact, our most active clients generated close to 100,000 visitors alone on Cyber Monday without any latency issues.”

Dydacomp launched one of the first online shopping carts in the late 90’s and drew from its rich order management system heritage to build cloud hosted SiteLINK.  Rob Coon, President of Dydacomp closed by saying, “Clients have a choice in partners for both their order management and shopping cart needs and they are seeing the value in having those systems synchronized and provided by one company that continues to invest in technology to ensure their future success on Cyber Monday as well as the other 364 days of the year.”

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