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Come Learn from the Experts: M.O.M. and SiteLINK Training

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Posted by: Christine Amodio, Dydacomp Technical Writer/ TrainerChristine Amodio, Dydacomp Technical Writer

Do you wish you had the opportunity to sit down with M.O.M. experts and learn the details that will help you optimize your use of Multichannel Order Manager?  Well you are in luck as we are quickly filling seats for the two and half days of M.O.M. training plus an additional half day SiteLINK training as well! “The Getting the Most from M.O.M” training is quickly approaching on January 19 – 21 and the deadline for registration is even closer on January 7th. The training sessions will be held at our offices in Totowa, NJ and we provide you with coffee and breakfast to start off the morning right and lunch in the afternoon each day.

Our staff has designed the training to include in-depth topics ranging from simple customer entry to more complicated accounting and order processing tips. Our goal is to provide you with hands-on training with the software that will then enable you to capitalize on your investment and get the most from all of M.O.M.’s useful features. The training is especially beneficial to those who have only recently started using M.O.M.  If you are new to M.O.M., you can learn effective business practices to start running your business more efficiently.

Even if you have been using M.O.M for some time, you will definitely be surprised to see what new tips and tricks you can learn from our experts.  It has been proven that the Dydacomp customers that attended at least one Dydacomp training event are conducting 18% more business than those that have not.

The ½ day SiteLINK Training Seminar on January 21 is perfect for any level M.O.M. user who is looking to develop the skills necessary to build and maintain a SiteLINK powered store online. SiteLINK staff will be on hand to help you with any questions or advice you need!

Don’t just take our word for the benefits of training. Adam Wolter, from, attended the M.O.M training in June and was willing to share his experience:

“We had been working with M.O.M. here at PJ Tool & Supply for about 6 months before attending their customer training. Within those 6 months we had learned enough on our own to get by. We decided to try the training in hope of clearing up a few issues that we were having with the program. We ended up clearing up all those issues plus it opened our eyes to all the capabilities that M.O.M. has to offer. The training carefully combs through every facet of M.O.M. In doing so it helped us use M.O.M. more efficiently with shortcuts, clean up product listings and learn how to adjust inventory properly to get more accurate reporting. M.O.M. has become the backbone of our business and attending their training class was a great investment for us. I recommend it to anyone using the program.”

The training follows a schedule of topics to cover, but there is plenty of time for you to ask questions throughout the training. We encourage all training attendees to bring personal questions as our staff will be available to work with you  to answer those questions during breaks or even after the training is over each day.

If you are interested in attending the M.O.M. and SiteLINK training on January 19-21, please contact your sales representative or call Dydacomp sales at (800) 858 3666. I look forward to seeing you there!

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The Advantages of Dedicated Hosting

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Posted by Larry Barber, Senior Technician, StoreFront Support

Larry Barber, StoreFront SupportSo your business is growing.  Your website has seen a steady increase in traffic.  Things are starting to get better for your company webstore.  However, your hosting bill has started receiving frequent overage charges and although the increased traffic is wonderful for business you’ve noticed the performance of your site is starting to slow down.  You’re still trying to save some money on hosting, have reduced the space you’re using as much as possible, but you just need room for your website to grow further.  Maybe it’s time to consider a dedicated hosting solution.

Whether you are a growing business deciding whether or not to add a few more websites to your account, or a business that is already too large to use a shared hosting plan, the following are a few informational points as to why a dedicated hosting solution might be right for you:

  • As for cost-effectiveness, dedicated hosting is cost-effective in many ways. You have to take into consideration that having a strong online presence will increase your profits. If you have 100% uptime, are able to host a large amount of space on the Internet, and can frequently update your website, then you are going to see a considerable amount of increased traffic. In many cases you’ll see the difference almost immediately and that is what is important. Your dedicated hosting will pay for itself.
  • Other websites will not have the potential negative impact on your website, as your account would not be sharing resources with a large amount of other sites as you would while using shared hosting.
  • In a shared environment you cannot have us install components on the server such as third party components as it would impact other sites.  On a dedicated server we can install components for you as directed by request.

These are just a few points to help you in making a well-informed decision.  StoreFront Dedicated hosting may not be right for all websites, but please just consider the possibility that it could be right for you. If it is affordable for your business, nothing runs smoother for our clients than being in their own hardware environment. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog entry.  Some of our best feedback comes from readers just like you.  If you have feedback for us, suggestions, or just want to learn more, please take a moment to send us your comments.  If you liked my post or know someone who might, we encourage and appreciate you sharing us with your friends and colleagues.

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Dydacomp End-to-End Business Solutions

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Posted by Larry Barber, Senior Technician, StoreFront Support
Larry Barber, StoreFront Support

Recently I was working with a client that sells high performance leather protective gear around the country using inside customer service reps as well as resellers. He was telling me about how many times he has found his web pages had Javascript added to them advertising his competition.

Although their webhost was willing to make changes, it was quickly clear they did not understand security practices such as removing FrontPage Extensions for a site and how to password protect files. I was able to help the client understand the security practices StoreFront Support has in place for all our hosted sites and that constantly removing code from their web pages at their old host would eventually lead to bigger StoreFront Support problems down the road.

I was able to convince the client that not only moving to StoreFront’s hosted solution was the right choice, but that upgrading the site to our latest version would greatly enhance their search engine rankings as well as provide an overall better experience with the enhanced functionality that is provided within the latest version. They are also no longer unwittingly advertising their competition. I found this to be a very rewarding experience. Helping our clients understand and grow their business is key in growing our business relationships as well.


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Support Enhancement Update

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Posted by Michael Nardini, Vice President of Customer Satisfaction
Michael Nardini, Dydacomp VP of Customer Satisfaction

For the last 16 months, we’ve been making some changes to Dydacomp Support and I think we’re getting there…

Last year, we built a solid foundation when we changed the system Mail Order Manager Support uses to track tickets, which has given us more visibility into how we handle the issues you are reporting. Over the past 6 months, our tracking has shown us that we’re now fully resolving over 60% of issues on the same day they are reported. Those that remain unresolved are typically those reported after 3PM EST. We’ve also changed the phone system to ensure proper skill-based routing so that you get through to the agent properly trained to handle your specific issue in the most timely fashion.

Because these new tools and procedures allow us to manage the staff more efficiently, we’re now able to offer new Mail Order Manager Support options, some of which include 24/7 emergency M.O.M. Support and expanded hours for all other issues until midnight EST. What’s more, we’ve known for some time that clients that come to Training use M.O.M. more efficiently and effectively since they discover features they may not have taken advantage of before, so we’ve added free and discounted seats for Training in Dydacomp’s NJ offices to two of these Support packages.

Our main focus at this point is to improve by resolving more reported tickets the same day with this expanded Mail Order Manager Support coverage. We are always cross-training our reps to ensure that all reps are building their knowledge to be able to handle more issues. We are also building out our online Knowledge Base which has grown to over 5,000 articles on various topics to help both your team and ours.

We’re not there yet and understand we have more work to do, but we are working diligently to offer you the best possible M.O.M. Support to help you grow your business and use your software with ease.

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