The Advantages of Dedicated Hosting

Posted by Larry Barber, Senior Technician, StoreFront Support

Larry Barber, StoreFront SupportSo your business is growing.  Your website has seen a steady increase in traffic.  Things are starting to get better for your company webstore.  However, your hosting bill has started receiving frequent overage charges and although the increased traffic is wonderful for business you’ve noticed the performance of your site is starting to slow down.  You’re still trying to save some money on hosting, have reduced the space you’re using as much as possible, but you just need room for your website to grow further.  Maybe it’s time to consider a dedicated hosting solution.

Whether you are a growing business deciding whether or not to add a few more websites to your account, or a business that is already too large to use a shared hosting plan, the following are a few informational points as to why a dedicated hosting solution might be right for you:

  • As for cost-effectiveness, dedicated hosting is cost-effective in many ways. You have to take into consideration that having a strong online presence will increase your profits. If you have 100% uptime, are able to host a large amount of space on the Internet, and can frequently update your website, then you are going to see a considerable amount of increased traffic. In many cases you’ll see the difference almost immediately and that is what is important. Your dedicated hosting will pay for itself.
  • Other websites will not have the potential negative impact on your website, as your account would not be sharing resources with a large amount of other sites as you would while using shared hosting.
  • In a shared environment you cannot have us install components on the server such as third party components as it would impact other sites.  On a dedicated server we can install components for you as directed by request.

These are just a few points to help you in making a well-informed decision.  StoreFront Dedicated hosting may not be right for all websites, but please just consider the possibility that it could be right for you. If it is affordable for your business, nothing runs smoother for our clients than being in their own hardware environment. 

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