The Holidays Are Over… Now What?

Posted by Laura Hills, VP of Marketing, Dydacomp

What a difference a year makes… comScore just reported the numbers relative to online spending this holiday season and they report that spending has increased by 14% versus last year. In addition, comScore reported that the second week in December “achieved record-setting levels of online spending, eclipsing $7 billion in sales for the first time ever.” Online merchants were expecting a better holiday season, but no one predicted such strong numbers. Of course, there’s always room for improvement and that’s what business owners have to start thinking about after the holidays wind down.

Here are a couple of steps you can take to continue growing in the new year:

Shopping Channel Syndication – online shoppers are more savvy than ever and always looking for the best price. They turn to price comparison sites such as to find the lowest price for the product they want. This means you have to syndicate your products across multiple shopping channels to compete, which can be easily accomplished using a tool such as GoDataFeed.

Offer Enticing Promotions – one of the biggest offers that drives people to make an online purchase is free shipping. If you place a minimum purchase amount to receive free shipping, you’re more likely to drive up the average order size. You can also offer coupon codes for percentage off discounts. These should be promoted on all the coupon sites to drive up visits and purchases.

Make It Easier to Buy – simple design steps can be taken to clean up your web pages and make it easier for someone to complete a purchase. Many orders are also lost when shipping and handling charges are added during the checkout process. You can target the potential customers who abandoned their shopping cart by sending them an email with a discount code if they finalize their order.

These are just a few tips to help make 2013 the best yet. For more tips, please contact us at

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