Three Tips to Help Increase Your Online Sales

Posted by Laura Hills, VP of Marketing, Dydacomp

At Dydacomp, we’re always helping small to medium-sized businesses implement strategies to increase sales. Below are three quick tips that we highly recommend:

  1. Experience and research confirms that offering your products through multiple sales channels, such as Amazon Marketplace or eBay, is key to expanding your online business. Businesses of any size have the ability to reach a market of millions if you can take advantage of all available channels to expand your sales and market presence.�In a multichannel environment, put technology to work for you to capture, integrate and utilize data across the entire operation.  In this way, you can better understand and respond to consumer demands. 
  2. A second tip is to have a backup plan to react to changing demand. If sales are down, a new promotion can give you the boost that you need. For example, maybe your free shipping offer is under-performing, but if you add a 10% discount on top of that for purchases over a certain amount, you can drive new sales.
  3. Finally, when you do offer coupons and discount codes, consumers need to be able to find them. There are so many third party sites that promote these codes so you need to establish a relationship with them to make the information available.

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