Ticket Response Times – We’re Closing Them Faster Than You Think!

Posted by Michael Nardini, VP of Client Satisfaction

Michael Nardini, Dydacomp VP of Client SatisfactionYou saw my post earlier this week regarding rising customer satisfaction scores.  One of the biggest factors impacting customer satisfaction ratings  is our ability to resolve system down or other critical issues quickly and effectively.  As you can see from the graphic below, we are happy to report that the all critical “system down” issues are being resolved faster.

Since March 2010, we’ve fully resolved nearly 80% of all issues within 2 hours of being reported.  60% of them are actually fully resolved under one hour!  Other categories are getting better including errors and basic categories.  Overall, we’re seeing that our average ticket close time went from 20 hours to about 5 hours to get an issue fully resolved.  The time is a bit higher than we would like because some “basic” issues and “how to” questions are handled by scheduling a call at the customer’s convenience, which may not be until later in the day or the following business day, resulting in a longer “ticket open time.”  Ultimately, we’re happy and hope you are too knowing that we’re here to help when you need us.  System down issues have been handled appropriately and consistently for about 5 months.   The graphic below shows that that any client reporting a system critical down issue will receive a response within 5-15 minutes of reporting the issue and will generally have a full resolution  within 2 hours.

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